Good Morning!

Hey y’all, how are you? I haven’t sat down & wrote a sexy story yet…I will soon though. I have something to write about for sure.

It looks like its gonna rain all day here in north Georgia, yuck. I want sun & warmth for crying out loud lol.

If you go & watch my YouTube video I uploaded last (search Life With Lori), you can hear where I talked about the wonderful thing that happened to me yesterday. I am thankful I have come to this point in my life right now, so freeing!

But…..also I cannot help but to say stay away from men & women who come with a warning. Lesson learned, I can’t express enough just how much I should’ve listened in the very beginning. It would’ve saved me a shit ton of time & heartache. Seeing & knowing that the next person will more than likely experience the same ordeal in due time is heart breaking. They almost always never change, very rare.

Anyway, I decided to not write the book about my ex boyfriend. I just woke up the other day & felt disgusted with the book & I trashed it. I will not write & build up someone that deliberately tore me down with no care at all. Its not right & its not fair to myself to relive that pain over & over. However I am going to write a new book about well, hot ass sex like no other between two people that end up learning they have the same complete interests in the bedroom & have never acted on them. (No its not reflected on last relationship, I decided to write the book after watching the last 50 shades movie, I have all intentions of my book causing people to have to have sex after watching it). Sex like no other. I won’t give any details but I get hot & bothered thinking about the book, yummy. My plan is to make it one of the hottest, sexiest, sexually intensifying books out there. I believe in myself & I have a very strong passion for writing these stories. I’m putting my everything in it to show my full potential in writing sexy stories, it will be better than the short stories you read in my blog.

I hope everyone has a great day & I’m off to exercise then work.




You know what’s beautiful? You!

It looks like its gonna be a pretty day in North Georgia today. Sun is shining & warmer! I cannot wait til the cold junk is gone. As promised I will have another sexy story posted soon. I haven’t been writing then much lately, been mind boggled with other stuff in my life. But day two of being back to exercising & it feels great, sore but great! I think everyone should give it a try or at least make it a daily date with yourself to take a 30 minute to an hour walk. It really makes you feel better plus there’s a high you get from exercising that’s better than a drug high. can get addicted! Hahaha! I’m not a doctor but for myself personally after lots of reading about water I’ve found what works for me. If I drink three 20oz bottles of water a day I feel sooooo much better. Less headaches, more energy, skin looks better, makes you eat better (for me=I eat more, I need weight on me lol).

With all the chaos we all have on us it’s good to take a few steps to better ourselves. Don’t even start out full force neither because you will burn out quick & slip right back into doing nothing again. Just do what you’re comfortable with, your body will tell you then slowly here & there challenge yourself but don’t over do it.

While I’m sitting here in the garage writing this there is a bird singing its heart out to me lol. Its beautiful too! Its really close & loud like its singing just for me, I love it. Making me smile.

I want you all to know, men & women that you’re beautiful no matter what some asshole/stuff/ailment/etc, causes you to think of yourself. We’re individually wrapped in beauty of our own kind. Don’t be someone else….Be You! No one can be the awesome person that you are nor can anyone take it away, remember that.

First step above anything else is you have got to fall in love with yourself.

Speak to yourself, speak to whatever you don’t like about yourself as if you do like it, like…..’I love my chubby belly’, or ‘nice legs bitch-you go girl’. Speak until you believe it, you’re not lying to yourself, you’ll fall in love with yourself. And when you love yourself it will show & others absolutely will not stay out of your inbox hahaha!! People can notice it & they become interested in as to why your so happy.

I’m off to another glorious day of being single & enjoying the hell out of it! Never thought I would but I do!


Good Morning

Well it’s morning alright lol. I’m sitting here trying to wake up but it’s a slow process this morning.

I reread posts that I wrote about my ex because I was told they sounded mean…um no they don’t. Everything I’ve said is truth from my perspective & signs & proof. The things I said, the way I reacted are nothing but signs that I cared, loved, & was hurt. If I didn’t act out then that would’ve meant I didn’t have feelings. I’m not psycho, I’m not crazy, I’m not overreacting, I’m not mean because I’m hurting, sorry but the non innocent ones always say you’re crazy because they’re not reacting….They’re not reacting because they don’t care/love you & never did. I do not apologize because there’s nothing for me to apologize for. I was the one who got screwed over, not him. The ‘real‘ good people always get the raw end of the deal in the beginning, others will receive their deal later. That’s just how it works.

Anyway enough of that. Enough of trying to prove myself because there ain’t nothing I have to prove, I’m innocent & I was heartbroken…period. Once the hurt stops, I’m done…for good…gone.

The faithful one needs time to heal while the other one was already in another relationship.

Last night at work I realized it has been weeks since I exercised or tanned or anything. So after work I stopped by the gym to tan. And this morning I’m going to start back exercising & I guess I’ll have to do the gym thing after work. It’s really the only spare time I have anymore. Taking care of yourself & looking great makes You feel better & I need all the better I can get.

Also I noticed I have no real patience for stupidity & no filter for my mouth, hahaha. It’s gonna get my ass kicked one of these days! Oh well…bring it baby hehe.

I’m in a mood y’all where I feel like I’m invisible, weird I know but I’m serious. I go about my day but it’s like I’m not noticed anymore. I have withdrew from people because of obvious reasons but I don’t know its just a weird feeling. I know most people have a bunch of friends but I don’t & that’s my choice because…fk that being screwed over. I think I’m really walking alone now. I was after it & here it is lol. Now just to figure out what to do with it, hmm.

Wow ya know my life is crazy lol. Just sitting here writing this & thinking about everything & everyone I’ve encountered. I will get through this & succeed but sometimes I look at what I have survived like…damn! There are days when I don’t know if I should hide or climb, I choose climbing of course lol.

I’m not gonna lie, some days it looks like I’m not gonna make it nor have the strength to fight that day. But I do anyway & so should you.

I wonder sometimes what some people really think of me & then I’m afraid to know lol. I don’t let how anyone feels rule me but I just wonder. I know my ex & probably ex friends think I’m crazy & that’s fine. The ones that don’t react are the ones that never cared to start with. The ones that sit in silence & watch you are just your fans….dont sweat it haha! BUT lol I’m not crazy, just lil ole Lori here trying to survive…alone.

Well I’ve wrote nothing but random thoughts here so I’m gonna hush & go exercise now. Gotta get back at it! Have a great day!


To Live Is Rare

The majority of people just exist. A big percentage of the world never enjoys life. They do the work thing, spend a few minutes at home with the family then off to bed. Everyday repeats itself for them. Most never truly enjoy life. Life is hard without a doubt.

What does it mean to live? To truly live? Well I found this & I love it. I’m not sure who the author is, I don’t claim it: ‘Being truly alive and awake to life and not asleep in life’s waiting room’.

The statement everyone says, live life to the fullest…well what the hell does that really mean lol? It means to go out there & face fears to do the things you want or go after the things you desire. Do something you enjoy everyday. Be grateful for what you do have & if you want more, go after it!

Yes! Do you think any kind of opportunity is open for someone like me? Nope! I started from scratch pieces of wood lying around & I began building my own damn door. Soon I’ll open that door to a life I’m busting ass to enjoy. In the meantime I’m enjoying what I have now while I cuss & work on the door project trying to build it just right for me!

Put more effort into the hobbies you love. Help someone everyday whether its just opening a door or buying them a car, do something. Put the love out there. Slow down & notice nature, it’s all around you…take in its beauty.

Do something nice for yourself everyday. Exercise, take a walk to ease your mind, hell take a nap! Most of us never get enough sleep as it is. Educate yourself on what you want to do or be. Age don’t matter, it’s your life not someone else’s.

Travel…..this is my #1 dream. I want this sooooo bad & I’m gonna get to a point to where I can lord willing. I don’t want to visit other countries or fly around from place to place or go on cruises. I want to drive & visit places to explore. I wanna climb, hike, camp, get dirty, etc. I want to put my feet on the ground & touch every place I visit, not look at it through a window or on some website. Learn what I can about anything, take pictures & videos to share & of course write about it all! And I want to do it by myself because no one truly understands me anyway & no one cares what I want, like, & desire so I’ll just do it by myself. I am important & full of life, maybe I’ll meet someone like me out there.

Whatever you do, do it with passion & with everything you got in you or it ain’t worth doing. Everything will turn out better by adding a touch of your passion to it.

You people know some of my story & if this woman can do it, so can you! I promise.


What do you really want? Need?

I’ve wrote similar posts about this.


I mean what do any of us really want? Have you ever just sat down & really gave some thoughts about it? As far as I know & as far back as I can read about people, it has always been the same… Get of age, start working, get married, have a family, die. We all live the same basic ways. Is there anything out there out of the norm that you or I want or need? Sure there is but few do anything about it.

One of my needs right now is something no one I’ve ever known except one knows what that is. It’s a need that can’t be fulfilled by just anyone. ~I have tasted it & I want it.~ I could write a book here but few would somewhat understand what I would be trying to say. So I’m not.

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror & really studied yourself? I have, it scared me. Scared me because of the things I want & desire from this life. Scared of what I’m capable of…on a never going after anything capability… now that I’m fully capable & willing. Confused? I don’t blame you for being confused. It’s very difficult to write what I sense & feel in a way you’d understand. I wish someone understood me, I really do.

Have you ever laid in the grass & watched the clouds? Just laying there ignoring the world & becoming lost in the moment of beauty & peace? Well that’s me all the time especially when I write. Nowadays I tend to look at things a whole lot deeper than I used to.

I’ve had people look at me like I’m completely crazy because I see & feel things they don’t ever give a thought to or about.

Sometimes like today I feel like I don’t know what I want when I’m all upset & confused about people or situations. I’ve been hurt so deeply by a man that I’m not sure if I’ll ever overcome it.

And that is something I think about but I’m absolutely terrified of….a man. I sit & dream of having a man that I’m attracted to, that would love me, & would never pay attention to another woman. I mean not even have them on his social media. A man that would please me in the ways I need him to. Someone that would understand & love everything about me instead of ridiculing me & trying to change me into someone I’m not. After what I’ve been through, I’m not sure he exists. No one understands me truly & that really hurts.

When I write whether its a fiction sex story or its just me rambling about my problems, it helps me to escape. To escape the pain & craziness that goes on in my life. I feel really trapped right now with current situations. I have to write. I’m thankful I came across blogging & with WordPress. Soon I’ll have my own site & app to bring together my blog, vlog, & facebook page. All are intertwined with me, Life With Lori.

I don’t have anyone that believes in me or is cheering me on, or standing behind/beside me for support. I’m solely & completely on my own with my life & Life With Lori. So when you see me blow up or get quite, bare with me, I’ll be back. Social media is the thing these days & I strive for Life With Lori to become huge.

I want to be important to someone, to matter other than to my kids which is wonderful but I no longer have anyone not my blood at all especially a man. It gets kinda lonely.

I’m nothing special at all. I don’t have a college degree nor am I rich. I deliver pizzas for a living right now. I currently don’t even have my own place & I lost teeth on the bottom which makes me feel so ugly. I just like to write, vlog & be myself & I want someone to share that with me that truly enjoys me for me & loves me.

Music is another place I escape to, not hear but escape. I literally have to have music or I go crazy lol.

Of course a lot of wants involve money which I do not have like getting my teeth fixed or getting another ride. Helping my sons out. But in time it’ll all work out I hope.

Even when you’re your own cheerleader & hero, you must keep going!



I cannot help myself today. I’ve deleted 2 posts already, I’m keeping this one. I am just sick at my stomach because another woman is gonna end up hurt. I’m sorry but it’s the damn truth. She doesn’t know, she just doesn’t know. It’s the charm talking & she fell for it just like everyone else has. Friend or not, it’s wrong. Yea I am the ex girlfriend…well not really, I was just a side piece for him, I was nothing important to him. I wasn’t even good enough that he would spend time with me other than the amount of time it took to have sex with me then vroom out my door he ran. It’s all fake. When the new wears off he will have another chick on the side if he ain’t already. To hear him talk, he says I was acting crazy & making false accusations, hahaha, nope I was dead on it!

I’m still very pissed off at myself for ever meeting him. I was warned he was just a male whore in the beginning. Turns out well…. It really sucks for me because I was very into him & fell in love with him & wanted only him for the rest of my life. But now that I can see a little clearer, I was NOTHING to him. He cheated a lot of women including myself & I’m sorry cheaters never change. They may behave for a bit but that’s all. I’m worth so much more than the treatment I received from him. He’s not a good guy, maybe to customers & other men but not to women. I almost gave him my entire self, almost. I held back quite a bit because I was leary of him. He seemed quite shady on a lot of different instances. I’m glad I did hold back. He doesn’t deserve me or anything about me. I’m glad he never experienced the real me, he thinks he did but he didn’t. He calls himself my friend but barely contacts me, yea right.

I have a lot of shit going on in my life but this is one of the most horrible things that’s ever happened to me. I wasted 16 months of my life for him & for what? To be used until he found another? How cold can someone be? That’s the most cold hearted shit I’ve ever encountered in my life. He held onto me until he found her & until he knew he wanted to be with her. It kills me I swear, I may never be able to forget about this let along forgive. He broke my heart & destroyed me & all I got was “But I have real feelings for her”….wtf? Wtf was I??? Oh I know, his side piece, not even thought of as a person or as a human. The way he treated me & his wife & other women will come back on him & I don’t feel sorry one damn bit. He deserves his karma. My life has been ripped apart because of him. I’ve never felt so used by someone as I do by him & he used the fuck outta me.

Like I said, I feel sorry for this girl or any others. Men that can’t keep their eyes on one ain’t worth a damn. (If they’re liking other girls pics, their interested, they ain’t his friends honey, that’s side pieces or he wants them, eye candy).

I’m sick to death with this pain, I hate myself for still having feelings because I’d never let him near me again. Men like him ain’t worth nothing & never will be. That charm will convince any woman into thinking he loves her so he can get what he wants. Keeping a wife just keeps them from being alone…period. I wonder if she knows about the chicks that’s still on his friends list yet, probably not, she was only worried about me but I’m not her enemy….he is.

After enduring the pain that I have because of him, I don’t quite give two fucks what he or anyone thinks anymore. I did not deserve to lay there for weeks up to a month in such pain that I wanted to die…literally die. I tried to run myself off in a ditch because it hurts so bad. Would he care? Nope! That’s why I didn’t continue to end my life…..he ain’t worth it. The pain is intense, he will never understand just how much I hurt nor will he ever give a damn about me because I was never important to him. He just wanted laid when he was near my town. I now don’t want a relationship with anyone. It makes me sick to even consider it, it ain’t happening. Because of him….I will never trust.

I woke up this morning with him on my mind for some reason & I’ve been pissed off all day because of it. I’m going to keep this post & publish it. If what I felt or what I thought we could’ve been was nothing then most of my posts wouldn’t exist. If I was on drugs or I was a whore, there wouldn’t be any posts wrote. I’m a good damn person & I didn’t deserve any of it. I used to want a real man but now I don’t want nothing, nothing at all. I just don’t care really. F’k it.


Dear Mom:Because Of You

Mom, I miss you so very badly. You were my rock & you always guided me to be the best at anything I do & I do. You never let me down not one time but I fear I have failed you sometimes. I hear your words, I feel you push me, I even smell your perfume from time to time. But mom, I screwed up. I have allowed myself to be damn near defeated by a man, friends, & finances. I fell in love with a person who never did & will never love, how do I un-love him? I put trust & confided in people I thought were my friends, they know more about me than they deserve. I also lost everything I busted my ass for…everything. But worst of all, I lost myself.

I think of you daily & miss you. I miss that you were the one & only person who truly had my back & you were the only one I truly trusted. It’s all crazy…my life that is. I went from being the strong woman you built to allowing people & life to screw me over & destroy me.

I think back when I was younger & life was so simple. I only worried about looking good for the boys & cleaning my room. Coming home from school to peace. You were my everything mom. All my troubles has me drawn to missing everything about you. It went by so fast.

I don’t know where I’m headed or what I’m really going to do about everything. But guess what mom, I’ve created Life With Lori. You knew my outlet was writing. I have been busting my ass to make this work & because of you I know it will….it will be huge. Because of you I know I will make it through everything life has thrown at me. Because of you I will find the strength to let that man go from my heart. Because of you & my lessons I am now very picky with whoever even speaks to me.

Because of you mom I’m still standing. Because of you I will never give up. I’ve stumbled & failed but with you in my heart I get back up off the floor & try again. I am alone & lonely at times but because of you I find ways to deal with it. I have withdrew from people & relationships in general. I don’t want another broken heart, I haven’t healed from the last one mom. When I was laying in the floor screaming & crying for weeks, I called out your name, I begged God to let me borrow you for a few minutes. It hurts like hell to know I loved but was used. You specifically warned me of the exact situation I was in & that it will end badly for me….it did, I lost, you were right again. Thats where I feel I failed you.

Mom, with everything in me & all that I have I’m determined to make something out of Life With Lori. Because of you I’m able to ignore the negatives & stay focused. I want this bad.

Because of you is why I’m writing this letter to you in my blog. You are a part of it, you helped create it by molding me into the woman I am today.

I miss you….I love you….

Linda Mae Billing. ’56-’12

Love your daughter, Lori