Good morning everyone. Its back to work for me today, just two days though. I’m so glad.

I tried like 5 times yesterday to do a video for my vlog & I deleted all of them. I couldn’t say the right words for nothing to explain anything lol. So I gave up.

Some of it was just about how I’m dealing with people that don’t really care about me. You can tell who really does or don’t. And who just likes drama, damn drama queens. Anyway, I basically just stopped giving them the time of day. I see & hear their childishness but I pay it no mind. They’re fading away. I’ve been trying to focus on myself which is helping some but in order to break from the nonsense, it’s a constant reminding to myself…. They ain’t worth it. Simply because I see & hear it so much. Once my trust is broke, you’re pretty much dead to me. I mean I may speak to you again but I’ll never trust you for nothing ever again, not even with what I’m having for lunch.

We all have our hells. Some worse than others but we all have them.

You ever meet someone that just takes away your problems momentarily? Like you can’t even think of your problems while they’re around? They can literally make your soul smile? Well, its nice, it really is. Its pretty fucking awesome. I hope it never ends. 

Any who lol, If I can while I’m at work I’m going to work on sex talk round 3. You can call me Dr. Lori… Hahaha I’m just kidding!

You know I’m looked down on everything I do. The way I write, the way I live, even the house I live in, the way I dress, etc. Idk why but it pisses me off. Why is it that everything about me pisses people off??? I don’t get it… Really I don’t. I’ve never done a damn thing to anyone I associate with.

People need to understand that this is my life not theirs. I’m not going to quit & just live like others say I should live. That’s damn stupid. Why would I do that? Why do people think they know me & know what’s best for me? I don’t see not one of them paying my rent….

I’ve been through a lot & I continue to struggle but guess what… I’m still standing.

Well hopefully I can get a post done later today. Y’all have a great day!!!!

Love, Lori

My Woman Cave

My place, my home, is just that…my woman cave. Where I’m learning who I truly am. Where I can be my true self. All of my feelings, happiness, sadness, crying & heartaches are only known by these walls. They hold the true me that no one else knows. No one other than these walls have heard how much pain I cry with. No human knows the pain I carry on a daily basis. And I guess that’s ok because most humans don’t truly care anyways, but in my cave I can release the pains & fears. 

I will continue to love being alone until I actually do love it. I will never chase, beg, or plead for someone to love me & share a cave together. If I’m wanted or loved, they’ll have to come to me & show me, I shouldn’t have to chase it. I’d rather be with someone, but with someone that actually loves me back. Until that beautiful moment I will continue to love myself & enjoy my time alone in my woman cave. 

I’m not like normal single women. I don’t sleep around with whatever will have me. I take sex to seriously. There’s only one me & I feel I’m valuable. Important. And should be treated as such. I don’t want my body wore out or diseased up for whoever is my forever. I can take care of myself sexually, these walls see all. 

Even though you read so much sexual posts on my blog, doesn’t mean I’m anything-a whore. It’s like a passion & I only want to share it with one. I’m no doctor nor do I claim to be on sex, I just talk about what I’ve learned. 

At the end of every day I come home alone. It’s bitter sweet really. The bitter part is I know that no one is there that’s going to hug me up & love on me. The sweet part is that there is no one there that’s gonna attack & accuse me & bitch. The sweet part kinda overrules the bitter part though. It sucks but I’m handling it. It being my cave means I don’t have to deal with the nonsense. Freedom. 

Being alone will make you stronger. At first it felt like I was weaker but then I realized I was getting tougher. You truly learn what your made of that’s for sure. I have endured some serious pain, heartache, burdens, & troubles. A lot of women couldn’t handle it without a doubt in my mind. I’ve had to be strong all my life. Little did I realize I was already prepared to deal with today. 

And having my own woman cave has changed my life. Making a better, & even stronger me. 


Sex Talk-Round Two


Hey hey hey!! Haha I’m back. Y’all know I got more & there was no way I was done talking lol!! I was just sleepy last night.

Ok so here goes… Do you and your partner masterbate together? Or is it a no no? I think I’d love it. Or just me watching I think would be sexy.

How many of you like rimming? Ever done it to someone or had it done to you? Hehe😝 Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

I don’t know about other women, but if I’m in the mood while showering I like taking a big bunch of soap in my hand and soaping up pussy to play. Something about it being all slippery… Mmmmm. What about soapy shower sex?? Yummy!

This is not something I’ve done, I read it… Having resistant sex (kinda like role play in a way), one is completely dominant while the other is totally acting out like they’re being.. well being took advantage of or raped like (but not really lol). I don’t know just thought I’d share that lol.

Peeing on each other??? Haha I’m just kidding! πŸ˜‚ This one was in the same post I was reading. I reckon whatever you’re into is cool as long as your partner is game. But I do believe some take it way too unsanitary though, gross. Ok enough weird stuff.

Making a video of you and your partner having sex is great. You not only get turned on by watching it, you can learn just from watching yourself perform if you think you can do it better next time or get ideas.

Dancing…… Dancing slow and sexual is a good way to get things heated up.

Although I don’t do it because I don’t want to freak out a guy, they have a P-Spot. It’s between scrotum and anus. It’s sensitive and can drive them wild by pressing on that area gently or by kissing and licking it. If he don’t want your tongue going any further cause he don’t like being rimmed… Don’t slip haha.

Let’s see… I’m drawing blanks again lol. Probably be a part 3 & 4 😁.

Well I’ll be back I’m sure.

Talk to ya later!

Love, Lori

Good Morning!!

Hi there everyone. Wow thanks for all the reads on my last post. I can see what y’all like to read lol… Me too😁.

After I went to bed I started thinking of more to ask, oh well lol.

Well it’s a new day! I’m not very chipper this morning. Sitting here trying to wake up & trying to figure out what to start on first in my house, paint or build a bathroom shelf. I have to keep busy or I’ll go crazy.

Thinking how glad I am I didn’t speak & open my heart up. I seen a post this morning on facebook that said ‘The things you hide in your heart will eat you alive’… Well in this case I’d rather it eat me alive than for me to make a fool of myself. Sometimes, I think you should just keep ya mouth shut on stuff that will hurt you more. Just my logic anyway, I don’t like looking like a fool.

I shared a post about people’s true colors showing. Boy have I been seeing some lately and they’re quite damn ugly. Makes the whole person ugly. Ugly hearts make an ugly face, I don’t care how good you look, your attitude makes or breaks you.

Everytime I start wishing for a man that’s just mine I’m reminded why I chose to be single. I have no tolerance for the bullshit that comes with it. I come home and no one is here bitching at me and I don’t have to wonder if he’s a cheater… Kinda sweet.

Well I got a raise at work but it wasn’t much and our boss is retiring soon, so I have to find something else. I’m not working for the ones they’re replacing him with. That company is just aweful. I’m only holding out for my $500 bonus and hopefully I’ll be out of there. I so very badly want a job where I can start at 4am-noon or one. I want a completely different hour set up, so sick of 12 hour shifts and feeling like I live there. 8am-8pm will make it feel like you have no life.

I cannot wait until writing short books, blogging, and vlogging is what I do for a living. It’s coming, I’m not giving up on it, I’m too damn stubborn. Did you know that from blogging alone you can make $100 to thousands a month? Of course you gotta love to write and have something to write about. It can be about absolutely anything. Your business, your life, a product, etc. It’s pretty cool. But you don’t have to know how to write, it’s your blog, you write what or however you want too. You are the publisher unless you’re hired to write for someone, then you cause yourself to be limited.

I’m chatting on facebook while I’m writing this post lol. Confusing myself haha.

Whatever I get accomplished in the next few days, may get a lot done today idk, I’ll put my pics on my next post.

Have a good day y’all!!

Love, Lori

Sex Talk-Round One

Ok so I have decided I’m tired, alone, & figured I’d write dirty shit until I fall asleep.

I’m not writing a story lol just talk about stuff ok.

Sooooo… What is your favorite sex toy ladies??? Small? Big? Vibrate? How many do you have lol? Well I have a few & my favorite is the double dildo that vibrates, that thing is awesome! Constant pleasure, y’all should get one lol! Of course you have to like anal in order to reap that kind of pleasure.

Men…. Do y’all have any toys? Just curious. Men don’t talk as much about it as women do, that’s why I’m asking lol.

Us women will talk and talk in detail hahahaha! Can’t help ourselves really, it’s a girl thing. If we talk to guys they just start staring at ya funny or think you’re a slut lol. But women can talk with each other knowing their friend isn’t thinking ‘I’m fucking her’. 😁JS

What’s your preference, indoor or outdoor? Y’all know from previous posts idggggaf where haha!

Now listen up, if you’re reading this far down… I’m not asking for sex nor do I need a man, it’s just talking ok. Me being curious of what others are up to & I’m bored lol.

Where’s the craziest place you ever had sex? Me.. On a jet ski on the water heehee.

Um let me think…….

What about the most romantic place you’ve ever had sex? Me.. It’s not where you’d think …. In the bed inside of strong arms that make me feel beautiful & feel like a somebody.

Oh I know, how often do you masterbate??? Hmmm? Haha. Me.. Not answering lol.

Women, what turns you on the most when you and your man are just getting started? Me.. Kisses & being fingered to start it off.

I still want to know if the hype about fucking in the rain is fun or not. In my head it sounds fun as long as there’s no lightening lol.

Recently I have been exploring I guess you could say. Same ole thing gets boring after awhile. Honestly been putting myself to new levels. Hard to explain really lol. I read a lot and just doing different things to bring me up a few levels. Not saying what haha just doing it for myself.

Oh well I’m out of questions lol. Goodnight people!

Love, Lori

Mending My Heart

Hey everyone! Hope y’all are having a good day. I’m stuck at work but I’m ok, having an alright day. Mostly because I refuse to allow myself to sit & ponder on things I can’t control anyway. Every time I start I just make myself go do something or I’ll start singing & get a song stuck in my head lol.

I am also quitting on hating my house lol. I’ve been fixing stuff up & enjoying & being thankful I have a home. I was so proud when I first got it but I let everything get to me & I started hating. It’s not a very pretty house but it’s my house & I done it by myself. Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I don’t see anyone putting me up so opinions don’t damn matter.

Right here on this paragraph…. I just got back on here to work on this post on my break. It’s funny how a ‘little’ something tells a ‘big’ story, I’ve been pissed off the past hour & I kept myself busy working until I somewhat calmed down. I now develop this fuck it attitude towards things I don’t understand or know the whole story to. I ain’t got time to waste on people that ……………………….πŸ‘ˆ A bunch of cuss words there.

I’m not saying I don’t still get pissed the hell off, I just try to deal with things a little different because I don’t want to stroke out over people that don’t give two fucks about me. They ain’t worth it.

BUT that ‘little’ something just kept me from making a complete fool of myself, kinda thankful for it.

This started out to be a happier post haha dammit… Lol. Oh well, I tried I swear I did. Just makes the title have more meaning & power behind it because I really now have to pay extra attention to my heart. I had my heart set on doing something & now I can’t do it. I just can’t.

On the bright side I intend to continue painting in my kitchen tonight. It helps me somehow to keep my mind focused on something else.

I guess this will be an all day post because I have to get back to work again lol. Hopefully I’ll calm down even more before I get back on here.

I’m back lol… Ok I’m a little calmer but only because I’m keeping to myself. Just trying to get this work day over with so I can go hide in my woman cave. Only place I can truly be myself & hide from idiots or the people that seem to think I’m an idiot. I got two more hours of work left then I’m hauling ass home. I’ll be back later lol….

I’m back hehe. Ok I’m even calmer now mostly because I only got 30 more minutes left of the work day… Yay!!

The stuff I got upset about is just that.. Stuff. Only my diary can hear the details lol.

Annnnywaaay… Lol. I’m also going to build a shelf for my bathroom. A chop saw would be nice to have. I’m having to build everything ‘boxy’ because I can’t cut angles.

Well I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow! πŸ™‚

Love ya’s, Lori

P. S. Mending my heart doesn’t just mean with people, it’s everything.

Letter From A Friend

So sweet!

Baby, I’m writing you because I want to tell you girl that you’re just spinning out of control. Slow down. Take a deep breath & remember why you chose this life. Stop letting things get to you like you do & stop letting those jerks destroy your pretty little heart. I don’t know who they are & I don’t care to, you have to put a stop to it. Get rid of them for good. They’re childish & cruel for treating you like they do. You deserve so much better than that. They’re idiots for not realizing the beautiful person that you are. When you have the strength to just let go of them & the things bothering you, you will be free my dear. Free from the aggravation & heartache. So just let go. Girl you are so beautiful inside & out, don’t let this cruel world & the heartless people make you believe anything other than that. Some people just don’t know what to do with a woman like you. You’re pure & loving just like your mom. Other women are jealous. You have so much to offer that it makes them sick I bet. The men are lucky, for the ones that have had your arms wrapped around their neck to feel your love but too stupid to keep you there. That’s their loss baby not yours, they’re dumb asses. I’m sure they already regret it. You should never allow anyone I mean not anyone, bosses, family, friends, guys, or even strangers treat you less than what you deserve. Start taking that attitude of yours & kick some ass! Baby if you have to be alone until the right man comes along & the right friends as well, so be it. Don’t you accept less just to have someone in your life. I know you, you don’t sleep around anymore, and you’ve never done people wrong like they do you, don’t give in just to be able to feel something girl. Don’t give into loneliness. When you do baby it’s just lust. It’s just the loneliness in you wanting someone so bad that you would do anything to just feel. I’m glad you’re still ignoring messages from men, it will only cause you aggravation trying to talk to everyone. I know you are nice but I’m glad you put your foot down on the messaging. It’s ok to be alone girl, it’s ok to not have friends, it’s ok you’re no longer part of a big family. It’s ok your boys are grown. It’s ok that it’s just you baby. Keep fighting & don’t stop. Keep pushing yourself until you get to where you want to be. Do not give up Lori! Remember you are a fighter, you’re a very strong woman. Nothing has been just handed to you, you have busted your ass for everything. Don’t listen to the cruel words your hearing & those ugly messages. They just don’t understand how a woman can be so strong & stand on her own like you do. You better not let them or the junk you deal with knock you down, that’s not the Lori I know. Lori I’ve told you a hundred times if I was available to take care of you I would. But I know we don’t view each other as nothing but friends & that’s awesome. I’m happy to have such a good friend like you & I’m worried about you. Get up & dry those eyes. Don’t stroke out girl from the stress. Smoke you a big one & say to hell with it. Get up the next day & try again. And eat something! You’re losing weight again baby. Eat! You still going to the gym? If so you need to eat normal to gain muscles, you know that. Just keep holding on Lori, you are going to be alright. I believe right along with you that those blogs will take off soon. I know you hate those mills so I do believe you’ll get to where you want to be, just don’t give up you hear me? Don’t! Sorry it’s been so long since we’ve talked. Take care baby, have a great day & shine with that beautiful smile of yours!!!

P.S. Remember who you are not what people make you out to be. Thanks for being a good friend Lori.

Had to share, I got permission lol. Made me cry.

Things You Should Never Do!Β 

I wrote a post not just an hour ago and it deleted itself because I forgot to turn the wifi back on and it couldn’t save it…uggghh! 

I have so many post ideas to write about for both blogs I’m going to have to start jotting them down before I forget lol. But hey at least I’m thinking again! 

So as the title says ‘Things you should never do’. I’ve learned a lot over the past year to year n a 1/2. Sad I had to go through hell and heartaches to understand but that’s where we learn from right?? 

So here are some things I am feeling strongly about lately. My focus and mindset have changed. 

  • Don’t fall for just anybody 
  • Don’t tell just ‘anyone’ your secrets 
  • Don’t let people walk all over you
  • Stay away from those that irritate you rather than just trying to tolerate them
  • Don’t believe everything you hear
  • If you sense you’re around bad people, just remove yourself from the equation 
  • Don’t!…fall in love with someone who wants everyone 
  • Make sure you have your own back
  • No matter how bad you want to post a meme about something, just don’t, at least try not to lol
  • Never trust people who make you question them everyday 
  • Remove negative, hurtful, rude, backstabbing, two faced, liars & cheaters from your life 
  • YOU can’t change no one
  • Focus on yourself 
  • When something feels off…IT IS
  • SILENCE says A LOT! 

I’m getting real good at not wanting to say anything about myself anymore to anyone. It’s kinda sad that I feel this way now but maybe it’ll leave room for better posts instead of alllowing just anyone in on my life. I used to like to post foods I’ve cooked on Facebook and now I don’t even want to share that. Could be I’m just fed up or putting my walls back up but whatever the reason I’m ok with it. 

I used to be very private about my life before but I wanted to express myself and share it with the world. Now?…Nope, not happening! Some will miss me and regret not keeping me close, oh well. The two most important people in my life are my two sons. They know everything and anything about me, my life, my future, etc. they’re my best friends. They’re the only ones that need to know. 

If a man wants to get to know me for real…cool, but let’s just say it’s gonna be a long road for them before I trust enough for someone too. 

I used to be fairly open talking to people but now I’m using different phrases to avoid my personal life. 

Sound mean? Sorry. At some point, life and people just try to overtake you and make you out to be something your not and drag you down with them. That’s where me being strong kicks in and kicks ass. 

I still enjoy the fiction love and sex stories. I know it’s been awhile lol. They’re not so quick to write like these regular posts. If it isn’t wrote correctly it’s garbage. Check out my new blog too…’Porch Tales 101′, it’s still me just without cussing and sex talk so that all ages can read safely. 

Well goodnight, it’s 1:30 am right now & I’m  dozing off lol. Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate it! Have a great day today! 

Love, Lori

What makes a woman sexy?

Hi friends!!!!

How are y’all doing today? Good I hope. Me..well, blah lol. Wanted to say a few words before I start on the reason I’m writing this post. First off, no I did not find the snake! It’s driving me nuts but at the same time I’ve been through so much, I look at it like ‘well it is what it is’, guess I have a snake now hahaha. Second, I’ve come to a point to where I’m not really sure what my next step is. Being single you have to figure everything out by yourself & this one sucks. I’m in between on making this decision. Hopefully after I get done writing this I can sit down & brain storm this here issue I have. 

Now getting to what I want to write about. 

‘What makes a woman sexy? 

*Well let me tell you, looks ain’t it! You may think so but truth is that no matter who it is your crazy about, they’ll look good to you in your eyes regardless. 

And portraying themselves as a whore isn’t sexy at all. Talking about who they sleep with & plan on sleeping with. 

The way some women carry themselves is flat out disgusting. I absolutely cannot stand to be around such women. Whether we like it or not, whores make us all look like whores in men’s eyes & so does the media. Like we’re all supposed to dress like sluts & bend over when a man wants you. 

*True sexiness is from within. You have to love yourself & it will show. It’s in the way you walk, the way you view your own self, taking care of yourself in all ways, & not sleeping around. 

Ok so if a man has two women to choose from. One is a good looking hoe, one is a good looking ‘not hoe’. Lol. Anyway, the man will choose the hoe because she’s easier with no questions asked, he doesn’t want to waste his time & money & effort to get the good stuff….which makes him not really a man, more like a boy. Real men will put in the effort because they know most likely you’ll be faithful & not ate up with a disease. It takes a real man to spot a real woman. Men who are losers will flirt & attempt to get a good woman & doing so by flirting with her like he would a hoe but ‘women’ will ignore them, little girls will not who are just seeking attention. 

Alright, enough bashing whores haha. Although they make it a little difficult to live in this world with, we ‘women’ must never stoop to their level, just be patient, there’s men who don’t play that shit either. 

*Confidence is a major, major sexiness that will have you look at your own self like Damn! When you have confidence in yourself, you’re unstoppable & beautiful. Walk with that head high but don’t walk on others because that’s stooping to a hoes level-competition. Being kind to others & respecting others is very tasteful. Even smile to the faces that can’t stand you. You’re not being two faced, you are simply not being like them all grouchy assed & miserable. Show them you’re happy & make them wonder. Confidence is not sexual but makes you very sexy. 

*Spend a little more time on pampering yourself. You must take of your body as well. Eat right, exercise, walk around with that face mask at night. It shows you care about yourself. Do it! 

*Don’t show off your assets with skimpy clothing. Looking good does not require you to dress like your fixing to stand on a corner somewhere to sell yourself. Real men will notice & like the look of a woman who respects herself, it makes you mysterious as well for those who actually want to take the time to get to know you first & not learn the feel of your sheets more than they know you. 

*A woman who has passion in everything she does is sexy. Men notice, don’t think they don’t. Even during actual sex, a woman will throw so much passion on you, you won’t be able to get enough of her. Difference between a woman & a hoe is, hoes may be good in bed but get ahold of some of that passion & erotic sex a woman can put on you & you’ll never go back to a hoe. When men find these women they don’t just let them go, they know they’ll lose them if they continue to fool around because women don’t play that game. People see how much passion you put into everything. A man that is really into you will want to listen to you talk about something that you love because he’s watching you melt with your passion for it & he melts just watching & listening. Be yourself. 

*A woman who motivates & wants others to do better as well is sexy. Sex does not make you sexy. It’s you, your attitude. 

*The way she loves you. How she shows you. That deep look into your eyes she gives you without saying a word. The way her body moves against yours. Don’t ignore it, you may lose it because if she feels you don’t appreciate her or love her back…she’s gone. 

I know I mentioned quite a bit about whores but it’s because that’s a major flaw to have. You’re no longer a woman if you’re sleeping with everything, you simply become an attention go getting whore. Is that an image you want people to view you as? Nope, didn’t think so & me neither! I don’t sleep around because I respect myself enough. I only date one at a time. But once I’m disrespected or cheated on-I’m gone. Got to respect yourself, it’s SEXY. 

And yes I view those that sleep around as boys or girls because that’s what alot of us did when we were teenagers–kids. Learning & wanting to have experiences. Men & women that have grown up & respect their self no longer continue that life. Sorry but that’s the truth. 

Have a great day people! And women, if you’re not feeling quite like you should, get up & make yourself take care of you. Look in that mirror & tell yourself you’re confident until it shows. You don’t need approval from others, just yourself. You are beautiful. You are the shit. You are better than whatever is ruining you. You are in control of your happiness. You, You, You. 

Love, Lori 

Good Morning

It’s not so good for me. I have another big snake in my house!!!!!!!! Sucks ass, real snakes, human snakes, I can’t get away from snakes! I woke up & went to pee this morning. I was sitting there & looked around & seen the snake sitting in my shower. I was actually scoping the bathroom out for spiders, seems to be one every damn morning. I had no problem getting the hell out of there!! I think I’m going to use the money that I was going to use to get rent caught up & just rent out some storage units, I can’t live here. I don’t have enough money to move on so that’s really all I can do. Maybe stay at cheap motels until I get the money up I guess. But at least I won’t lose my things. I’ll have to just sleep/shower here n there until I find a place.

I really don’t understand why I keep going through hell. It’s one thing after another. I swear I can’t catch a break! I need a sugar daddy that don’t want no sugar. πŸ˜‚

Do you ever just get tired of dealing with people? I mean, those that just cause more problems than good? Boy I am! I’m hunting like hell for another job & I refuse to even make one friend at any new jobs, I’ll keep the ones I do have. Keeping to myself keeps me out of trouble lol. Not saying all people are bad that I work with or know. Just saying I’m tired of drama & uncertainty. All that company drama is crazy, It causes too much shit. Good people seem to get caught up in the bad peoples webs, I refuse to be made a fool of by anyone & have people look at me the same way they view the bad. It makes me want to just leave town & start over lol. But…I won’t because I know the true me & those that matter do to, sobeit. Evil doesn’t win.

Even with everything going on right now for me, good or bad, I’m really close to having my blogs monetized. I already have the youtube accounts monetized now but haven’t been able to make videos. I said I’ll be successful, I wasn’t just saying it. I haven’t given up, knocked down here n there but not giving up.

I think from now on though I’m going to keep my heart to myself. It gets broken to easy & I’m tired of it. Heartache will destroy you all by itself. I’m telling y’all things but I’m no longer sharing my real personal feelings or things anymore. I don’t want to let people in anymore. I was like that for the longest, I should’ve stayed that way. I can’t trust anyone for nothing. Every time I try they show me or remind me why I should’nt or don’t.

I hope y’all have a good day. I hope I can find someone to get rid of this snake for me today. 😭

Love, Lori