Girl Crush

Short fiction story

Hello everybody. How are you doing? Lori here. I’m new to blogging & I’m slowly trying to put my writings on here. I love to write about anything really but I’m drawn to sexual encounters. I really hope you enjoy them all. 

This post is a simple short story I wrote last night off the top of my head. If I think of just one scene, I gotta write it down & make something of it haha. I figure blogging would be a good way for me to share my thoughts & ideas. Please enjoy. Some posts may be too strong or offensive, I would apologize but I’m not because that would take away from me being myself.:)

Beth & Lisa are neighbors in a quite respectful neighborhood, lovely place. Lisa is a single woman with one child, & Beth is just recently divorced with two children. After Beth’s divorce, the two slowly became friends. 

Lisa is a lesbian, but Beth doesnt know it. Beth has never been with a woman & had no interest in it, until now. Beth couldnt help but notice Lisa doing small chores in her yard. Especially when Lisa was laying out in the sun. Beth thought she was gorgeous & realized she may be actually attracted to a woman. 

Time went by and Beth got some of Lisa’s mail in her mailbox, so she decided to take it to her. Nervously she walked up to the front door & knocked. Lisa opened the door, standing there in nothing but a thin white t-shirt & thong. Beth was speechless! She could not take her eyes off of Lisa’s breasts. Beth thought to herself, this is how men must feel.. Haha. 

With a smirky grin on her face, Beth handed Lisa her mail. Lisa said,  “Thank you, would you like to come in? ” “Ok, yea” Beth replied. Lisa told Beth to follow her to the kitchen, she was baking today. Beth following Lisa to the kitchen, she couldnt Help notice her ass bouncing all over the place. “Smells good”, said Beth as she was sniffing the air. Beth thought to herself, what am I doing? I dont like women, I have to get outta here. Just as Beth started to say bye, Lisa said come here, you have to try this chicken. Beth slowly walked over to her. Lisa placed her hand on Beth’s chin & fed her a bite with the other hand. Beth praised her on how good it was & started walking towards the door telling Lisa she had to go. Lisa sprinted over in front of her (jiggling again), she stared & smiled at Beth. Beth didn’t know what to do. Then told her to follow her to her bedroom. 

When Beth crossed the threshhold she stopped & said, “Holy Hell”! Lisa giggled & said, ” You Like ? “. Beth was in shock, she has never seen such gadgets & adult toys in her life… In one place! Beth stepped forward looking at the stuff. Lisa shut the door & dimmed the light. Lisa stood behind Beth & was stroking her hair, Beth damn near passed out. She was scared to death yet couldnt leave. Lisa gently ran her fingers down the backs of Beth’s arms & got a little closer & whispered in her ear, dont be nervous, then kissed her neck.

Beth’s heart was pounding. Beth could feel Lisa’s breasts on her back, she liked it. Beth turned around & they made eye contact, then fell into a kiss. There was lots of kissing & touching. Beth couldnt stop, she realllly liked it. Just then Lisa dropped to her knees, lifted Beth’s skirt & pulled her panties down. Beth was so nervous & thought why is she taking so long?  Is she staring at me? Then Beth felt Lisa’s breath on her pussy. Lisa lightly touched her mouth to Beth’s pussy. Then her warm, wet toungue slid all the way up her pussy. Beth was in complete numbness but was loving it. Lisa licked & sucked just for a few moments, then stood back up. Lisa hugged Beth, smiled, then walked out of the bedroom back into the kitchen. 

Beth was speechless. Standing there with her panties still down at her thighs. She pulled them up & walked toward the kitchen & told Lisa she was leaving. Lisa met her at the door. Hugged her & whispered in her ear, thanks for letting me taste you, you are delicious. Then Lisa kissed her cheek. Beth walked home completely in awe & confused & very wet. Those little moments happened quite often after that. They became great buddies from then on. ☺

You know what would really be nice?…. Is for stuff like this to happen in real life, alot! But if it dont, I have a big imagination to at least make it up & write about it haha!!! 

Lori 💙


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