In the works:Sexual Desires Part 2

Hello everybody! Just letting everyone know that I’m currently working on Sexual Desires Part 2. I don’t know what day exactly I will get it posted,but promise it will be this week. I had quite a few people tell me they loved part 1,so I will keep it going.

I’m also working on a book that will have several different sexy short stories instead of just one story in it. I do plan on making it an ebook, so it will be available on Amazon when it’s finished. I’ll keep you posted & let you know when it’s published.

I have to say that I love writing, I do however regret waiting so long to do anything about it. My mind stays full of stories all the time. I don’t only write about sexual stuff, but it is my favorite. And since my mind is racing with ideas, I’m going to work on that for now. I did start a book a long time ago that I laid down,it is about my life. Very few people know anything about it, & those that do, consider yourself important to me. I thought about finishing it up but I will wait until I get my current book I’m working on done & published first. The book about me…is well pretty sad & it is hard to write it. There’s a lot of nightmares & terrifying moments for me in it. But the reason for wanting to write my story was that it would hopefully help other women/men that have been in my shoes. I’m not saying my life was worse than someone else’s but my younger years were pretty bad. Enough about that,if I can finish that book, you all will be the first to know.

I think I’ve mentioned it before that I’ve started a youtube channel or was working on it. Anyway I did start it,there’s only 5 videos so far lol. It may take some time to get that channel built up but I’m not giving up on it. I plan on visiting somewhere this coming up weekend to actually do a first time traveling video. I don’t know where yet but if you go to youtube & subscribe to me you will know immediately every time I post a video.(LoriMCain). I do not know how to share the link to the channel only sharing videos. The youtube channel & these blogs & my blog/vlog page I added to my facebook account are so exciting to me because in the past I would sit & dream about doing it…now I am & I’m happy as hell! No I don’t have a whole lot following me or subscribed to me yet but it’s understandable being new. I’m having a blast doing it & that’s what matters. Come find me on facebook & youtube :).flower-roses-red-roses-bloom-large

I will post the Part 2 just as soon as I’m done with it!

Love you guys!









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