Sexual Desires Part 2

Hey everybody! How are all y’all doing? As promised, here it is…..Sexual Desires Part 2! I hope it’s as hot or hotter than Part 1. I apologize for it taking me so long to get back on here. Working a full time job takes everything out of me. Again, I hope you enjoy!

I’m going to write this one with it’s different scenes & names instead of running it together. These are not me & my guy using any bondage though,just hot ass sex! I know I make it detailed but why not? It’s what we all are into ain’t it? And this stuff I ain’t making it up…it’s real & I LOVE IT!!! We did a few outings to keep it from getting boring in the bedroom, so here it goes.


Mountains: We met up at this mountain & it was dark & quite. No one else around. I brought a blanket with me to lay on the ground. We walked around for a few minutes & scoped the place out & ended up finding a bench. We were kissing & touching & then I took my shorts off & he ate me out with me laying on the bench & him at the end of it. It was awesome as I could see the stars while getting my pussy licked on, he was doing his magic on my pussy! We eventually moved to the ground on the blanket. He slides inside of me & I forget we’re even in the mountains lol. It was exciting to be outside having sex, we knew we were gonna do it again. Kissing me & pounding me there on the ground, I didn’t want it to stop! Every time I moaned that was the only sound I could hear,was myself, & I also couldn’t help but wonder if we were being watched…;)

Park: Once again I brought us a blanket to lay on the ground. We were in an open field. He kisses all over me & gets down & kisses & eats my pussy. Then pounds me for a few minutes & he noticed he done fucked me right off that blanket into the grass. Then he starts tearing me up doggy style! I’m clinching the grass because I’m in heaven with pleasure. I don’t care how he fucks me, any position feels so good! This outing didn’t last as long but omg did it feel good. Sometimes a quicky feels just as good!

Building: We parked behind a business that was closed for the night. It was good & dark & no one around. We start kissing & fooling around in the vehicle in the front seat. He lays me down in seat so he can have his dinner…Me. I cannot get enough of his mouth on me, & he don’t just do it real quick with a lick or two just to say he did. He does it for a good while & I wonder if he enjoys giving more than I do receiving sometimes. When you eat a piece of food & you moan like omg that is so good, well that’s how he eats my pussy & I love it. I only sucked on him for a few minutes before he done laid me back done in the seat & slid that big dick up inside of me. Pounding me, my head hitting the door but I didn’t care. It was getting hot in there, had to roll down the windows. He sat up in his seat & I climbed on top of him. Slow to start & then I start grinding on him so hard. I love hearing him making sounds & moaning, makes me want to fuck him harder! We got out of the vehicle & he puts me on tailgate & pounds me like hell until we finish! But right before we did, there was a car going by that was kinda pointed right at us lol. There’s no way they didn’t see us, I wonder what they thought haha, but it didn’t slow us down,we didn’t stop!


Mornings: Love having him for breakfast! One particular morning. He comes in with actual breakfast & we eat. Then it begins, you know, that kissing & touching & rubbing & clothes disappearing stuff. We fucked twice that morning & done some cuddling. It was hot & sexy. We were both sweating & fucking each other hard. So intense. How many women get their pussy ate in the morning like you was actual breakfast? I do! I love how he makes me feel like I’m the best tasting thing he’s ever put in his mouth. Yummy. Sucking on the clit like a piece of fruit, omg, I can’t express it good enough with words!!! The man knows what the hell he’s doing down there!!!!!!!!!


Anal Punishment: Well this one was a very sexy hot one for me! I got punished because I got an attitude with him on the phone a few days prior. I’m a female, I’m a bitch, it’s gonna happen & probably gonna happen again haha. But after what I got I seriously thought about just purposely getting an attitude so I could get punished again! He kisses me & hugs & rubs like normal then after we get going he flips me over on the bed. My head is against the wall & he slides his big dick in my ass & was not very easy about it. Then when he’s all the way in, he leans up to my head & whispers “This is for having an attitude”. I damn near passed out with pleasure, that was so fucking hot!! I’m for anal, don’t mind it but I want it easy-ish lol. That’s what made it hot because he was in control & I got punished! He pounded my ass hard & I loved every minute of it, actually I cummed pretty damn hard too!! Damn he fucks me good!!

Our Spot: We have discovered a new spot to play around in. We’re hidden & we like it. All the excitement of being outdoors is such a turn on. It makes it feel better & you get lost in pleasure. One of the times we were there, it was amazing. He ate my pussy, I sucked on him which I love doing because one I just do & two because he enjoys it so much. Then he fucked me in the seat then I fucked him right back. I was on top of him while he was sitting upright. I swear I cummed so much & so hard, I don’t think I’ve ever been that wet before, it was awesome! Then he puts me on the tailgate & fucks the shit outta me! It was kinda cool out but what I was getting from him I could’ve cared less. I’m a lucky gal. I’m getting so much pleasure it almost feels like I’m stealing it.


Like I said before I cannot get enough of him! How many people do you meet that you actually get a spark with or have such passion with, with each other. I mean so intense, so intimate that you could pass out lol. It’s rare. Lots of people have one night stands but if you don’t feel all that passion & pleasure whats the point in continuing with that stranger, just get up & leave hahaha. I think when you do have sex with someone it should feel like it does for me with my guy. You can tell after a minute if it’s a dud or not lol. Only let ones like my guy in your world & in your pussy!

I’m sure there will be a Part 3. I don’t see us being done with each other anytime soon. We’re having too much fun to quit. I hope this one was hot for you all, it sure as hell was for me & there wasn’t even any toys involved in these adventures!

Love y’all, Lori





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