Dressing Room Affair

Hope you all enjoy! 😀


Drew was a mom of two and a wife to a successful business man. She has everything she ever wanted, kids, a husband, and money. Except one thing was missing. Romance in the bedroom. After a few years had gone by the passion and romance was gone. They basically hardly ever touched anymore, rarely even a hug. Drew craved the passion and excitement she used to feel with her husband. He was hardly ever home. Always coming in late and talking about his day. But Drew could not get his attention on her. She would literally stand there butt naked and he didn’t seem to notice her.

When the kids were at school, Drew had nothing to do but either sleep or go shopping. She decided today that she would go check out this new local clothing store that had just opened up. It wasn’t a fancy rich store like she was used to shopping at. It was like the ones she grew up shopping  with her family at. She was poor until she got married.So it kinda brings back home to shop at regular stores. She went and had some coffee and breakfast waiting on that clothing store to open.

When she arrived there was already a bunch of people there because it was the stores first day of opening. She was excited really, its something new and new people to meet. Drew walked in and was greeted by a very sweet little old lady. Drew noticed that it smelled heavenly in there and it was so neat and clean. There wasn’t any richy kinda atmosphere at all to the place. It felt so homey, she loved it. Drew was checking out the clothes and was so excited because the clothes were awesome. They actually had some taste to them instead ugly clothes with an ugly price tag. She noticed how all the employees were so nice. Drew quickly before she realized it, had her arm loaded down with clothes to try on. She giggled to herself and headed towards the dressing rooms.

She was in awe at how comfy and pretty the ladies dressing room was. It was like none she’d ever seen, not even in the rich expensive stores. She was led by a very handsome man to her dressing room which she thought was odd because he’s a guy but then she thought eh I like this place. He held the curtain back for her and walked in behind her and reached for her armload of clothes and Drew just watched him as he laid them on a table. He turned to her and said if you need anything just let me know. She smiled at him and thanked him. He smiled back and held a stare with her for a few seconds then walked out and was taking a long time to adjust that curtain. Drew thought to herself, what is he doing?. Finally he walked away. Drew kicked her shoes off and took her skirt off and her top because she had a lot to try on. She picked up a pair of blue jeans and as she was putting her second foot into the jeans, that handsome guy pulls the curtain open enough to walk in.He acted all shocked and Drew kinda squealed a little and he apologized for walking in on her. He said he didn’t think she had started changing yet and just wanted to know if she’d like some coffee. Drew finished pulling those jeans up and he was somewhat turning his head and saying I’m sorry. She told him yes I’d like some coffee if you don’t mind. He left and she sat down and was like okay this is weird. Before she could get a top on he was back. He says I’m sorry and laughed and handed her the coffee. She grabbed a top and threw it on real quick. He kept standing there. He started to speak the same time she did and they laughed. She let him say what he wanted first. And she was not expecting those words to come out of that pretty mans mouth. He told her she was gorgeous and said he noticed her the moment she walked through the door. Drew thanked him and said well I appreciate it but I’m married and no man has seen me in my underwear except my husband so I’m a little uncomfortable. He apologizes again and starts to leave. He looked at her and said well if you need me hollar at me.

Drew shook her head but she couldn’t get his smile out of her head. She was all bubbly. Drew thought what the hell is wrong with me, I’m married. Drew had tried on a dress and the zipper would not zip. She thought well he did say if I needed help to hollar, so I hollared. He came to the curtain and asked what could he do for her. She told him the zipper was stuck can you help. He immediately walked in and up behind her. He tugged at it and couldn’t get it to zip. He grabs the bottom of the dress and starts pulling it up and tells her lets take this off and I’ll get you another one. Drew gasped as he pulls it over head. Standing there in her under garments was very awkward but she couldn’t help notice that it was kinda exciting. She reaches to grab at least a shirt to put on and she felt his hand on her arm. She jumped a little and he said I’m sorry to spook you I just want to tell you again that you are so pretty. She was loving the attention. His hand still on her arm and he gently started to rub her arm a little and she froze. The next thing she noticed was he was closer up behind her. He spoke in her ear in a softer voice and said I don’t care that your married, if you were happy I wouldn’t still be standing here this close to you. She didn’t know what to say. She turned to him a little and he stroked her cheek. She about fell in the floor because she hadn’t been touched in so long she didn’t know how to react. He said I will leave you alone and let you continue. He stroked her face one more time and looked into her eyes and she suddenly was so confused with all them there feelings. Drew finally was done changing and walked out of her little room with arms loaded with clothes. He quickly came up to her and took what she didn’t want and went to put them back on the racks. As she walked toward the cashier he said psst…will you ever come back here? She smiled and said of course and walked away.

Drew got home and carried the new clothes to her bedroom and to her surprise her husband was home. She asked him what he was doing there so early. All he said was he spilled something on himself and needed to change. He left again for work and Drew noticed that the bed was a mess and she picked up his shirt and there was nothing on it. She was puzzled and confused. She ran out the door to question him but he done pulled out of the driveway. She went back to the bedroom and stared at the bed. She thought did he take a nap? Drew spotted something shiny in the floor and picked it up, it was an earring. It was not her earring. She became furious. That’s why they didn’t have a sex life. He was having sex with someone else in their home in their bed. Instead of doing anything she figured well I’m taking this hurt and I will do what I need to do and get what I need from a man even if it ain’t my husband.

The next morning as Drew was getting their kids ready for school. She had laid the earring next to his coffee cup on the counter. He reached for his coffee as he was fixing to leave and he paused, she didn’t turn around but heard him pick it up. He didn’t say a word, just walked out the door. She turned around and the earring was gone. After Drew got her kids off to school. She went to the store again to ‘return’ an item. He was there staring at her from the back of the store. She turned her head to look at him and he smiled. She walked around and he walked up with a dress and said you should try this on it would look so amazing on you. She took it out of his hand and said okay. They walked toward the dressing room and he guided her to a room. He asked if she needed his assistance and she smiled and said yes. She knew her marriage was over and just didn’t really care anymore. She wanted to feel wanted. The guy said lets get these clothes off and see if this dress fits. She stood there looking at him like he was crazy. He smiled and said do you want me to leave? Drew said no, I want you to stay. He reached for the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over head. He was intently staring at her breasts. And she liked it! He said this dress has a built in bra while he was reaching behind her to undo her bra. She was so nervous. She just let him do it though. He slowly popped her bra and slowly pulled the straps off her shoulders til the bra fell in the floor. She wasn’t a large breasted girl but he was in awe of her. Her nipples hard, him staring at them. He undo’s her pants and starts pulling them down but leaves her panties on. He sat down on the bench and just looked at her. She turned towards him and said what are you doing? He said admiring. He asked her to sit next to him, so she did.

He motioned for her to lay down on the bench. She asked why and he said you look like you could use a massage. Drew quickly laid down lol. She laid on her belly. The guy started rubbing her back and worked his way to her ass. Just as he started touching her ass, one of the other employees called his name..Sam where are you? He ran out of the room and she stood up and got dressed and left the store. It startled her enough to where she thought I can’t be doing this. She went home and a week went by. And Sam was on her mind all the time. She decided to go back one more time. So she did. She was walking around but didn’t see him. She grabbed just anything to pretend she was trying it on. But Sam wasn’t at the dressing rooms either. She walked into the room where they were the last time and sat down on the bench. Suddenly Sam walks through the curtain and she was surprised. He said I was in the back and I saw you on the camera screen. I’m glad you came back girl. He sat next to her and put his hand on her leg and rubbed very close to her pussy. He turned and pulled her shirt up and started to kiss her chest and then someone opened the curtain and they all jumped in shock. The person at the curtain says I’m sorry I didn’t think anyone was in there. Sam says its okay I was helping my girl out. They giggled and he continued with what he was doing. He leaned in to kiss her and she kissed back. He pulled her shirt off and then her bra. He kissed everywhere. He sucked on her breasts so gently. She was getting so hot and turned on by him. He picked her up and sat her on the table and he spread her legs wide open real fast like he was mad. He roughly grabbed her thighs and pulled her ass to the edge of the table.

He got on his knees and pulled her panties aside and went right into a sucking kinda kiss on her pussy. She was so wet already and he was licking it all up. Sliding his tongue in and out and working that tongue inside her like a caterpillar. She ain’t never been licked on like that before. She was breathing hard and trying not to make any noises. There was women coming and going. And the sounds he was making eating her pussy had to have been heard. Sam stood up and kissed her and slid his fingers inside her pussy and starts finger fucking her hard. Pussy was popping and she barely could keep quite. He took her off the table and bent her over and put her hands on the bench. Pulled her panties off and flung her skirt onto her back. Got on his knees again and slid his tongue inside her pussy. He sucked on it hard and flicked his tongue hard on her clit and ran his tongue all the way to her asshole. He kissed her ass cheeks and licked her asshole for a little bit and she was squirming. He stood up and put a couple of fingers on his left hand in her pussy and his thumb on his right hand in her ass. And he was working them pretty hard. He wouldn’t let up for a second, then all of sudden she came and she squirted and she was shaking all over with pleasure. He pulls his fingers out and puts her on her knees in front of him. Sam unzips his pants and starts to pull them down when he heard the bosses voice asking where is he? He quickly zipped back up and told her don’t move I’ll be right back. He slips out of the room and Drew thought he wasn’t coming back so she got up and started getting dressed. Sam walks back in the room and says what are you doing beautiful? Are you misbehaving me? Drew just looked at him and didn’t know what to say. He smiled and said you need punished. Drew liked where this was going. Sam put her back on her knees and unzipped and pulled his jeans down and she was loving his dick. He grabbed the back of her head with one hand and his dick with the other. Sam told Drew in a stern kinda sexy mean hot way while he hand a handful of hair, suck on my dick and suck it good. Drew started sucking and he starting pulling her head towards him, with just a little past the head of his dick, Sam started thrusting his dick in her mouth fast and with both his hands on her head. He didn’t go deep, just enough. Drew had never been roughed up before and she was so turned on by it that her pussy was dripping. The sheer excitement that anyone could walk through that curtain and bust them was exciting as hell. Sam had to run again, they called his name over the intercom.

He was gone a long time this time so Drew got dressed and went and put that dress back. She was looking through a rack of clothes when Sam walked up to her. He said what are you doing out here? Do you want fucked out here? Drew smiled and looked around and all of a sudden Sam had slid his fingers in her pussy from behind under her skirt. Her butt was up against the next clothes rack. She couldn’t hardly hold her composure and he laughed and said come on follow me. When they got back to the dressing rooms, they were all full and a few more standing in line. Sam had a tall table like desk he worked at so he put Drew in front of him and acted like he was showing her how to do stuff and no one was paying much attention to them. Sam leaned up over to one side of her and was talking work talk and then Drew felt her panties being pulled off her ass. Sam put the head of his dick in her pussy. There was three women not five foot from them. He was stroking her real slow and she was losing it. Drew bent over acting like she was writing something and Sam pushed his dick in a little farther and was doing long slow strokes.

After one of the rooms finally emptied they both walked in it and Sam bent her over the bench and puts his dick inside her pussy all the way and starts fucking her hard. Drew was breathing so hard now that somebody did hear them and they went and got the manager. Sam and Drew didn’t know they were heard and they kept fucking. Drew was bent over, feet apart, hands on the floor, and Sam was pounding her pussy. Sam pulled his dick out and gently started sliding his dick into her ass and slowly worked up to a full pounding in her ass. Drew had never cummed so much in her life or so hard. Right before they both reached their last orgasm the manager opened the curtain and his mouth was open but couldn’t believe what he was seeing and couldn’t say a word. Sam and Drew looked at him but Sam didn’t stop fucking Drew not even for a second, he kept going and she didn’t care. The manager and several women were watching them fuck, they fucked for another good 6-7 minutes, hard ass fucking. Drew was damn near screaming her head off and Sam was working it and moaning himself. But yet those people were still standing there watching and not talking, just watching them fuck. They were feeling to good to stop. They reached their finishing orgasm and it was fucking amazing! It was the best fucking either one had ever had before. Anybody that was watching didn’t say a word the entire time. Drew and Sam got dressed while those people still were watching them and then they walked out the door of the store. Sam knew he was fired so he left too. Drew went back to her husband and never returned to the store, Sam disappeared, but Drew often thinks about their little dressing room affair and misses the best passion and sex shes ever had in her life! Sad it only happened one good time but it made a life long hell of a memory she will never forget!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I did LOL. I made it up as I was writing and turned my own self on haha. Yes this one is fiction.



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