Stuff I thought of today LOL

Hi y’all! Hope everybody had a good day. Mine was alright, but way better now that I’m off work because I’m off for six days!!! Yay Me! I will probably sit here in my woman cave and write. I have a book that’s gonna have five different sexual stories in it that I’ve started on, It will be quite long, a lot longer per story than anything else I’ve wrote. I really don’t know where this stuff comes from but I’m full of it haha. I used to dream of writing children’s books because that’s what I heard everybody else is writing. Y’all know I don’t belong anywhere writing kid books lol. BUT I actually have a kids book wrote that I done a few years ago though. It’s about a little boy and two dogs-obviously because I love dogs haha. Anywho, I am gonna write out here just some short little scenes that ran through my head while I was working. I was trying to not forget them because I couldn’t write em down.

But first I want those people who hurt on a daily basis to go read the blog ebook I published. If I can write down those horrible and disgusting things to share with you to help you. I believe you can let that shit off your chest too and be able to go on with your life. I really am concerned about you because I know first hand all about it. My situation was Really bad. And every time I get on here and just mention it, it helps me. I’ve been better for along time about it but this helps me even more. I know it will with others. It doesn’t have to be exactly my situation, its whatever you went through. Let it out and let it go, be happy and move on with your life. I love ya and I do care even though I don’t know ya. I may seem mean or bitchy but my heart is huge. Especially for those that’s been through hell.

On with the shit I think up hahaha! I’m just gonna use ‘hims’ and ‘hers’ and ‘they’ so I don’t gotta come up with a bunch of names lol.

*They were on a carnival ride, the ferris wheel. It’s a first date and they are really attracted to each other. They kissed and stayed close. They were getting hotter by the second. They got on the ferris wheel. Still kissing and touching while riding the ride. He slips his hand up her shorts and begins fingering her. The harder he finger fucked her the more noises she started making. He just went as fast and hard as he could and she started cummimg and screaming while going around on the ride. People could hear her and were watching from below. They get off the ride and people are staring and snickering. As they walked off one lady turned to her man and said “Your doing that to me, Right?” Hahaha

*It’s new year eve. They were at a crowed party in a club. Drinking and dancing and having a blast. They get to dancing all dirty and really close. She’s wearing a skirt with no panties for her man. There is so many people, they are literally back to back dancing. Her man is kissing on her and rubbing her breasts and rubbing himself up against her. Then she feels another hand and she knows it doesn’t belong to her man.That hand went up her skirt and was rubbing her ass. She kinda freaked out on the inside but didn’t show it. She allowed that hand to keep touching her. All the time her man is still dancing and rubbing up on her and kissing her. Then that hand gently rubs on her pussy. She has no idea who it is. Then she feels fingers slide inside her wet pussy her man caused. Those fingers went in and out slow then a little faster. She’s feeling all good and her man thinks he’s doing a hell of a job. Then this hand goes fast and she starts cumming but she can’t moan or move which made it feel even better. After she was done. The fingers slipped out. She looked around but had no idea who it was. She was dripping.

*Campsite. She was camping with her family, husband and kids. She needed to pee and it was late. There were no lights in the bathrooms so she had to feel her way around and use the moonlight coming through the windows. She heard someone walk in and the girl said is anyone in here? She answered yes. The other girl said okay, just making sure I’m in the girls bathroom haha. She was like ‘okay’ to herself and tried to hurry up. She came out of the stall and the other girl was standing there. Kinda scared her but then the other girl says I’m not going to hurt you. Then she leans in to kiss her all of a sudden. She freaked out and said look I’m not gay, I have a husband and kids waiting on me. She said you don’t have to be gay to let me play. She thought ‘what’ to herself. Then the other girl leaned in and kissed her neck and she let her and thought to herself what the hell am I doing? But she couldn’t walk off lol. That girl leaned in to kiss her again and she kissed back. She thought to herself, well no one will know and it might be fun. They were kissing and touching and the other girl puts her hand down her pants and then just pulls them down. She starts fingering her while kissing her, then gets on her knees and kisses her pussy. She was smiling and thinking this is fun hmmm. I’ve never been with a girl and this feels good. Then she felt the other girls tongue flicking on her pussy while being fingered. She was leaned up against the wall with her head back, eyes closed, enjoying the moment. After a few minutes, the other girl stands up and kisses her again and says thanks for letting me taste you, you are delicious. They kissed a bit more then the other girl says I gotta go before they come looking for me lol. I hope we hook up again before either of us leave….and they did.

Hope y’all enjoyed that lol. I think this stuff up all the time. I need to start making books out of this shit. Hope everyone has a good night. Love ya!

Love, Lori





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