Sex Bucket List Ideas & Squirting AdviceπŸ’¦

Hello people! I done some researching looking for new stuff to list. I found some things I thought y’all might find of interest. And I wrote some info for women that want to know how to squirt. I did have to go look up the technical names lol. 


Here’s the sex bucket list ideas:

1. Be the Dom 

2. Be the Sub *

3. Get all tied up *

4. Act out partners sexual fantasy 

5. Shower sex-bring lube *

6. Receive a Rim Job *

7. Give a Rim Job *(google it if you don’t know what it is)

8.  Swallow *on him/her(make her squirt and eat it up)

9. Learn to give yourself multiple orgasms *

10. Use whipped cream

11. Use ice *

12. Have all day sex

13. Give him icy oral

14. Kiss a girl *(for girls)

15. Give him a sensual massage with oil

16. Tie your man up or blindfold him & give him a mixture of a blowjob and handjob with oil.

17. Share fantasies 

18. Butt play, finger her butt *

19. Sex against a wall *

20. Fuck her face

21. Make self squirt * & record it

22. Give him/her golden shower πŸ€”πŸ˜³

23. Go out in public with something inserted inside of pussy *

I’ve not done all of these, I put an asterisk on the ones I have. When I find more I’ll update this post and reshare it so you can read it. 

Ok on to squirting….for me I need to feel sexy I can’t just squirt if I’m in need of a shower or look like hell, idk why I’m that way but it is what it is lol. I’m posting below a private pic of how I gotta feel & look. For me it makes masturbating or sex so much better. 

First of all you have to relax and make yourself comfortable. You need to slowly arouse yourself and get in the mood. Read hot stories or watch porn. Use a sex toy. And fantasize. 

You or your man can make you squirt. The g-spot is the main reason you squirt. It needs stimulated. Once aroused it will become larger, you can feel it with your fingertips. The gland that allows you to squirt is the Skene’s gland. It’s located just above your g-spot inside you. You cannot stimulate it indirectly which is why you need to focus on your g-spot. 

Finger you self using the ‘hook’ 

Gently massage and press on the g-spot. Use a beckoning motion with middle finger.You decide how  much pressure is needed. Continue playing, you will feel the pressure building up the more aroused you become. It will feel like you need to pee. Your Skene gland is close to your bladder, so that’s why. The Skene gland empties through the urethra (same place you pee from). It will feel like your peeing when you squirt, just go with it, it’ll be worth it. Some women  can have it flow naturally, other women push hard for it until they ejaculate. Afterwards you will see that the smell & texture are different from pee. If there’s anything I’ve left confusing , message me and I will try to explain better. You basically have to play around and get familiar with it, it will happen. 

Love you all, Lori ❀️



How are y’all today? I’m good, I’m enjoying my day off being lazy lol. Hope y’all are having a good day. The couch is my buddy when I’m off work. And of course I watch the movie channels all day, I’m a movie nut haha. Pigging out and chilling all day! Now I’m not completely lazy lol, I take care of my dogs and go pee every now and thenπŸ˜‚. 

I’ve felt good all day today, pretty happy about that. I had a great morningπŸ˜‰, and my youngest son has hung out with me almost all day. He cracks me up, he’s just like me! Crazy as hell πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. 

I’m looking for ideas of some stuff to write, not just short stories. Like some lists of cool stuff to make up, I’m looking at maybe an add on to my bucket list or some silly facts and stuff. Idk yet but y’all will see them when I post them. 

I know some people are reading my posts that don’t agree with what I write or my lifestyle and that’s ok, not everybody will like me. But please don’t be judgmental because you don’t agree, you don’t have to read. Thanks

I’m really hoping I will moving soon and I can’t wait. After I get everything settled down and took care of I will be able to afford to make my blog big and generate money from it. And also I’ll be able to get the camera equipment for my vlogging, which in the near future will generate money as well. I’m still on fire to be successful and I’m fighting every day to succeed. I WILL Succeed! 😊

Also…I’ll be able to afford to start on my ‘Purple Room’ !!!!! Yay! It’s gonna be so hot & sexy!❀️😈. Boy at the stories that will come from there! 

Ok bye y’all for now. I’m gonna go find something cool to write about..lists and stuff. May be back on here to post them tonight idk yet lol. 

Love, Lori πŸ’‹

& I love my besties & all of y’all! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Missing my lil puppy

Good early morning. I slept a few hours. Can’t wait until this work day is over with! I’m going to try and get up early tomorrow to go find another job or two, I’ve never been so done with a job before in my life and the people. So much stupidity and immaturity that it makes me sick to go in. 

My little pitbull puppy died yesterday. I’m not at all happy about it. I don’t know what happened either. I found him laying like he laid down to sleep all cuddled up but he wasn’t alive. No marks no sickness. Sucks, my first pitbull I’ve ever had & he died on me. 😐

So does this mean that shit is gonna continue for me this year too??? I really think I’ve been through enough last year to do me for a long damn time! Already, one of my dogs is gone, job is getting worse, financially gonna go under again, did I mention the job sucks? Being miserable at your job makes everything suck. No I’m not that happy this morning. 

I done something yesterday just to see how it would go.Needless to say I don’t cross people’s minds.Oh well, all I’m gonna say. Fuck it. 

It’s really quite without my noisy pitbull, too quite. I don’t like it. I’ve surrounded myself with noise to drown out the silence. Damn this sucks he’s gone. I miss him already. 

Even with all this bullshit going on. I’m being hopeful that a door will be opening for me soon. One that will change my life financially. I’ll be able to breathe for the first time since I’ve been single. Can’t wait. 

Well since I’m up I guess I’m gonna clean up the house before getting ready for work. All I do, my life is pretty boring lol. Work, clean, sleep…repeat. No excitement in the middle nowhere. Blah Blah Blah. I need excitement tho! What am I gonna write about if it stays boring haha?? 

Have a good day everyone! Ttyl.

Love, Lori 💔💔💔

I’m a messπŸ™ƒΒ 

Hello everybody. It’s been a long day for me at work. I really can’t wait til I find something else. I’m over working 12 hour shifts without a doubt, I’ve been doing it going on 4 years now. 

I am a messπŸ˜‚. I’m not kidding. It’s hard being a female dammit or hard to be me haha. One day I’ll want this n that, then the next day it completely changes…crazy. I was talking to my friend earlier and I told her I kinda want a man but I kinda like being alone. Like I want all the stuff that comes from having a man but I don’t want him around hahaha. Like cuddling, & massages, sex whenever I WANT it & making me feel all loved & shit & the list goes on lol. Being single is growing on me tho, finally. I’m liking the fact that I do what I want haha. And I don’t want to give that up but if I get with somebody I lose that. 

I do wish there was someone there at night and in the mornings tho lol, I know crazy. To hold me and let me know I can do this, that I can make it on my own and to feel safe, & do all those things under the covers πŸ˜‰. To feel  safe tho-that’s a big one, sometimes I get scared and all I can do is woman-up and deal. It’s really sad y’all to go home and nothing….complete silence…. I turn on the tv, the fan, and listen to dogs play but it’s aggravating tho. I wonder if people would come do chores at my house just so I could have conversations 😁😁😁 and give me massages lol. I’m kidding! 

I’m bored siting here at work waiting on time to go home. Idk what to say really but nobody’s talking to me, messenger is quite… I figured I’d write lol. I’m sitting in the floor leaned up against one of my machines cause it puts out heat, I’m freezing to death lol. Lalalalalala 🀣.

I’m wanting to go for a long drive, just drive. Don’t wanna go in nowhere or nothing. Gotta break the monotony, it’s driving me nuts. 

Haha ok I’m out of things to say! Bye bye😜

Love, Lori πŸ’š

Late night post-Still awake😳

I’m still awake, sucks. I have to work this morning too. It’s 3 am now, gonna be a long day lol. 

I’ve been in a pretty fairly good mood for a couple of days. And just want to say that I feel better. I think it was this past sunday or monday one I was in one of those sad moods, I think I may have even wrote about it not sure. I don’t go back and re-read what I’ve wrote most of the time lol. But anyway, it’s the worst feeling ever. Being that sad and there’s nothing or no one that can snap me out if it. Totally emotionless. I did notice that it’s not happening on it’s own, stuff or people trigger it. And it just free falls from there. Idk but I’m ok though for the most part. It’s just learning how to cope with my new life and adjusting. I used to get on here and whine about wanting a man here but now I’m getting to where I’m adapting to being alone and being free and really starting to love it. I go and come as I please, buy whatever, cook, get whatever, go wherever, watch whatever, crank the stereo up loud, and walk around half naked most of the time. I’m kinda getting accustomed to it 😜. Idk if I’ll let a man in the future live with me or not haha, he may have to sleep outside lol. 

I’m sharing this because it could help. Lately,  I’d say probably the last couple of months I’ve had problems with getting motivated about anything. I still do somewhat. But I’m getting better with it slowly, but one thing I’ve noticed is if I make myself hop in shower and get all dolled up even if I’m not doing nothing but staying home….I feel so much better about myself. Fixing my hair, putting on make up and making it look good. I’ll either wear my jeans and a t-shirt or wear hardly anything but make it sexy because it makes me feel good about myself. It really makes a difference in your overall attitude. And just puts you in a better mood to deal with the day. I don’t care that I’m basically wasting make up sometimes because my mental health is way more important. And also if I’m gonna be alone all day on a day off I’ll set up a time for my supper with a movie, just date myself 😜. Got a lot to do with loving yourself first before someone else can fall in love with you❀️. 

I posted a small post on my blog page about basically being yourself and not worrying what others think and being with whoever makes you happy and doing what makes you happy. Life is short…very short. Why do things or be with someone if your not happy with it or them at all? Why be miserable? I understand we have to work to survive but find something to do you can tolerate and be happier with, I’m hunting for something for myself job wise. I’m not happy there so that job has to go period. Some don’t mind it but it don’t work for me no more. If your daily routine is driving you insane, change it. If your love or ‘not in’ love life isn’t making you happy…change it. It’s your life! You live your life for you not someone else’s idea of how you should live. I know marriages or living together or whatever is sometimes hard to get out of, I understand that. But if you really want to be happy you’ll find a way, the same thing as with a job. If you’ve been working somewhere 10-20 years and it’s all you know but your miserable, find a way to better yourself and find a different company or a completely different career. I’m not just somebody sitting here talking out my ass, I’ve been through shit I know it’s hard and scary to make big changes. BUT are you happy? If not, start working at it no matter what’s making you miserable, a job, a relationship, a routine, your bills, your lifestyle even, maybe it’s drugs or alcohol and your sick of living that way….change it, change it all. It’s not impossible it IS doable! I promise! 

One thing I stopped doing recently like over the past month is I quit trying to have conversations or get to know everybody that messages me(those of you I am friends with don’t freak out, I’m not talking about you😊, y’all know who are). I’m too nice and I’ve tried so hard not to be rude to anyone. But it was driving me insane. I tried to talk to everybody but I couldn’t do it anymore. I felt like I was leading people on to what they thought might be a hopeful relationship or a hookup. But it was not making me happy, so I stopped. 

I got irritated with paying bills, driving around to do it so now I pay online or it’s bank drafted, all of them except two. Wasn’t happy driving around so I changed it. Even the smallest things to the biggest things can be changed. If I can do it y’all can do it. There’s too many options and opportunities for us to settle and be unhappy. 

I know this post is long but I’m awake and everybody is offline lol. I figured I would write to free and clear my mind. My youngest son is here spending the night, and him and his fiancΓ© have been here two days in a row, really nice to have company. It helps to not feel so lonely. 

Oh something else, y’all gonna have to get a cup of coffee, I ain’t done yet hahahaha.😁. I was scrolling through some page somewhere and it was about being yourself and not wearing a mask in front of others. “Take off the mask when you are speaking to me”, I love that. I don’t like fake people and I can’t be fake if I try lol. My facial expressions will not let me haha. “Why should I fear the dark when the masks people wear in the sun are far more terrifying ?” That’s very true. We all have people around us that we think we know, but really don’t. I’d rather you just tell me the truth than lie to me and be yourself with me. There’s a lot I don’t even tell my best friends because some stuff ain’t important 

Ok I’m stopping now, y’all have a good day!

 Love, LoriπŸ’‹


Hi everyone. I don’t have a story but I have scenes of somewhat being dominated. 😎

Now just remember for those of you that don’t agree with my writing…I’m not holding you at gun point to read it, so don’t. And I will not keep warning or apologizing for it either. It’s what I love so it is what it is. 😊

{ Man comes home from work. Wife is just inside the door. She didn’t reel the water hose back up like he’s told her to do. He walks in the door and closes it. He stares at her and she stares back. He tossed his bag to the side. Unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Pulled out his dick. Continuing to stare at her. No smiles,straight faces. Snaps his fingers at her. She hit her knees in front of him. He told her to suck until he says stop…}

{ Same man & wife were watching tv. Wife had made chip dip. Man said this is cold dear, you know I like it warm. She apologized. He said you have to pay. He sat a bar stool in front of the sofa near the tv. He stripped her, handcuffed her, blindfolded her, and bent her over the bar stool. Told her one move, one whimper, your spanked. He sat on the sofa and continued watching tv and now staring at her sweet ass bent over too. She lasted about 10 minutes before she simply sniffles. He sat down his food and walked into the bedroom and got his paddle. Walked up behind her and positioned himself. He told her to count. He spanked and she counted to 5 hard licks. He tossed the paddle and undressed while admiring the view. He slipped a finger inside her and she was dripping. He told her to not make a sound, don’t even breathe hard while I fuck you or I will take the ass. While he pounded, she tried to be quite but she let out one little breath. He immediately put himself in her ass and fucked her harder with her still bent over the bar stool. No way to hold herself. She had to trust him to control it…}

{ Girl has dominated her guy. Every time he messes up he has to suck her clit for a full minute. So far it’s only been at home or in private. They were at a mall shopping for clothes. Another girl walks by them and smiles at the guy and he smiled back just being nice. His girl had a smirky grin on her face and said really, ok. They were standing in a cramped clothing store so the racks were close but there was still people coming and going. She held her hand at her side. Snapped her fingers and pointed at her pussy. He said we can’t do that here, there’s no way. She told him to do it or he walks home from the mall. He looks around nervously. Drops to his knees. Raises her skirt. Slid her panties to the side. And began sucking on her clit. She timed him. Tapped his shoulder when his minute was up. Wiping his mouth and looking around. They laughed but wasn’t seen except maybe by a camera…}

{ Wife’s parents are visiting. Husband is feeling frisky. Wife is in the kitchen cooking up supper. Parents are sitting in the dining room talking. Husband walks into kitchen. Leans up against the island. Stands there and waits for wife to turn around. When she does she sees that look. She laughed and said we can’t right now. He pulls his dick out. She freaks out and tells him to stop. He looks at her with a serious face. He pointed down for her to get on her knees. She hesitated but she did. She sucked for a few minutes and tried to stop but he wouldn’t let her. He pulled her head towards him and pushed himself in her mouth a little deeper. Told her not to stop until he’s cums..}

Wasn’t a lot but I hope y’all liked it😁😁😁. 

Love, Lori 😜

Hey y’all!

Another day of taking forever to get motivated haha. Hope everyone is having a more productive day than me. I need to do house chores and go job hunting. I physically can’t take much more of my job. It’s killing me lol. Here it is noon already and I’m just sitting here like whatever 😏. I used to be so fricking active it wasn’t even funny. Now I can’t muster the energy to go pee. Hate being like this but how do you get out of it? Shish! 

I think I need to harden my heart as well. I care too damn much for people sometimes and I know I don’t hardly cross their minds. I’m a sucker for it or stupid for it I guess. I’ve always been that way since I was way younger. I guess it’s good to care about people but I always get walked on or hurt in the end. Always..Always me. I would literally give my last meal to somebody and they would be rude as hell to me the next day, that’s how it goes for me. I need to just be a bitch…period, and stop allowing myself to give a damn. The world is cruel and full of cruel cold hearted asses. No I’m not mad at anyone it’s just I’m done with the old me, allowing others to walk on me and not having the guts to say something or put a stop to it.

 I know if your living right your supposed to help others but I’m done with putting too much into everything and everybody. Most only want what you can give them materialistic wise anyway. Your heart knows when someone really needs you because your heart will be led to them by God, and that’s the only way I will help from now on simply because I’m sick of being used. And your heart also knows who don’t need or want you except when they just want something from you but don’t care about your heart. All of the above is why I don’t have a ton of friends, I can see right through the lies and bullshit. Hardening my heart is for new people trying to enter my life, don’t want no more heartaches. Your heart being jerked around completely screws your life up. It sucks that I’ve been through so much that I can sit here and help others but at the same time I’m glad I can help others if that makes sense? Maybe that’s how I’m meant to help others?…by writing. 

Anyway, sorry I just speak what I feel and that’s how I’m able to write. Actually I’m not sorry, I’m not apologizing. It’s truth and life and I’m just not afraid to speak it. Y’all have witnessed through my posts of my feelings and my life going up & down like a rollar coaster. It’s true, it’s really that way for me. Major life changes will screw you up. And trying to learn how to deal is really hard. And with me I’m all over the place anymore. Honestly I don’t understand why everything has happened to me or why people choose to use me, I don’t get it. I’m not a horrible person but apparently I’m not seeing what they see. Maybe I ain’t that great of a person like I think I am or maybe that’s just them causing me to feel that way, I don’t know. But I do know I’m done with a lot. And I will continue to be me regardless of what others think. One day someone special will appreciate me and realize that losing me is not something they wanna do. And will make it known they actually want me, all of me and only me. 

I have no idea where ALL of this is coming from I swear! Lol. Some days I just wake up feeling like this. I guess partly because I wake up alone, maybe 😁. Being alone makes you think a lot and omg at how much you notice about people and stuff because you have nothing else to do haha. You realize your worth as well and become picky as hell too. Lol.

Ok I got stuff to do, I gotta get off here 😜. Y’all have a good day!!!!

Love, Lori