Hi everyone. I don’t have a story but I have scenes of somewhat being dominated. 😎

Now just remember for those of you that don’t agree with my writing…I’m not holding you at gun point to read it, so don’t. And I will not keep warning or apologizing for it either. It’s what I love so it is what it is. 😊

{ Man comes home from work. Wife is just inside the door. She didn’t reel the water hose back up like he’s told her to do. He walks in the door and closes it. He stares at her and she stares back. He tossed his bag to the side. Unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Pulled out his dick. Continuing to stare at her. No smiles,straight faces. Snaps his fingers at her. She hit her knees in front of him. He told her to suck until he says stop…}

{ Same man & wife were watching tv. Wife had made chip dip. Man said this is cold dear, you know I like it warm. She apologized. He said you have to pay. He sat a bar stool in front of the sofa near the tv. He stripped her, handcuffed her, blindfolded her, and bent her over the bar stool. Told her one move, one whimper, your spanked. He sat on the sofa and continued watching tv and now staring at her sweet ass bent over too. She lasted about 10 minutes before she simply sniffles. He sat down his food and walked into the bedroom and got his paddle. Walked up behind her and positioned himself. He told her to count. He spanked and she counted to 5 hard licks. He tossed the paddle and undressed while admiring the view. He slipped a finger inside her and she was dripping. He told her to not make a sound, don’t even breathe hard while I fuck you or I will take the ass. While he pounded, she tried to be quite but she let out one little breath. He immediately put himself in her ass and fucked her harder with her still bent over the bar stool. No way to hold herself. She had to trust him to control it…}

{ Girl has dominated her guy. Every time he messes up he has to suck her clit for a full minute. So far it’s only been at home or in private. They were at a mall shopping for clothes. Another girl walks by them and smiles at the guy and he smiled back just being nice. His girl had a smirky grin on her face and said really, ok. They were standing in a cramped clothing store so the racks were close but there was still people coming and going. She held her hand at her side. Snapped her fingers and pointed at her pussy. He said we can’t do that here, there’s no way. She told him to do it or he walks home from the mall. He looks around nervously. Drops to his knees. Raises her skirt. Slid her panties to the side. And began sucking on her clit. She timed him. Tapped his shoulder when his minute was up. Wiping his mouth and looking around. They laughed but wasn’t seen except maybe by a camera…}

{ Wife’s parents are visiting. Husband is feeling frisky. Wife is in the kitchen cooking up supper. Parents are sitting in the dining room talking. Husband walks into kitchen. Leans up against the island. Stands there and waits for wife to turn around. When she does she sees that look. She laughed and said we can’t right now. He pulls his dick out. She freaks out and tells him to stop. He looks at her with a serious face. He pointed down for her to get on her knees. She hesitated but she did. She sucked for a few minutes and tried to stop but he wouldn’t let her. He pulled her head towards him and pushed himself in her mouth a little deeper. Told her not to stop until he’s cums..}

Wasn’t a lot but I hope y’all liked it😁😁😁. 

Love, Lori 😜


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