Sex Bucket List Ideas & Squirting Advice💦

Hello people! I done some researching looking for new stuff to list. I found some things I thought y’all might find of interest. And I wrote some info for women that want to know how to squirt. I did have to go look up the technical names lol. 


Here’s the sex bucket list ideas:

1. Be the Dom 

2. Be the Sub *

3. Get all tied up *

4. Act out partners sexual fantasy 

5. Shower sex-bring lube *

6. Receive a Rim Job *

7. Give a Rim Job *(google it if you don’t know what it is)

8.  Swallow *on him/her(make her squirt and eat it up)

9. Learn to give yourself multiple orgasms *

10. Use whipped cream

11. Use ice *

12. Have all day sex

13. Give him icy oral

14. Kiss a girl *(for girls)

15. Give him a sensual massage with oil

16. Tie your man up or blindfold him & give him a mixture of a blowjob and handjob with oil.

17. Share fantasies 

18. Butt play, finger her butt *

19. Sex against a wall *

20. Fuck her face

21. Make self squirt * & record it

22. Give him/her golden shower 🤔😳

23. Go out in public with something inserted inside of pussy *

I’ve not done all of these, I put an asterisk on the ones I have. When I find more I’ll update this post and reshare it so you can read it. 

Ok on to squirting….for me I need to feel sexy I can’t just squirt if I’m in need of a shower or look like hell, idk why I’m that way but it is what it is lol. I’m posting below a private pic of how I gotta feel & look. For me it makes masturbating or sex so much better. 

First of all you have to relax and make yourself comfortable. You need to slowly arouse yourself and get in the mood. Read hot stories or watch porn. Use a sex toy. And fantasize. 

You or your man can make you squirt. The g-spot is the main reason you squirt. It needs stimulated. Once aroused it will become larger, you can feel it with your fingertips. The gland that allows you to squirt is the Skene’s gland. It’s located just above your g-spot inside you. You cannot stimulate it indirectly which is why you need to focus on your g-spot. 

Finger you self using the ‘hook’ 

Gently massage and press on the g-spot. Use a beckoning motion with middle finger.You decide how  much pressure is needed. Continue playing, you will feel the pressure building up the more aroused you become. It will feel like you need to pee. Your Skene gland is close to your bladder, so that’s why. The Skene gland empties through the urethra (same place you pee from). It will feel like your peeing when you squirt, just go with it, it’ll be worth it. Some women  can have it flow naturally, other women push hard for it until they ejaculate. Afterwards you will see that the smell & texture are different from pee. If there’s anything I’ve left confusing , message me and I will try to explain better. You basically have to play around and get familiar with it, it will happen. 

Love you all, Lori ❤️


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