A lil something something 

How’s everyone’s day going? Mine was great then went to hell real quick. But hey it is what it is. It’s out of my control. Anywaaaayyy….

Y’all obviously know I’m sex crazed 😜. But sometimes a girl needs a lil  something something more. Well this girl does anyway. I’m sitting here watching tv and thought if I had the money I’d pay somebody for a full body massage and lots of pampering, I ain’t kidding dammit. Being single you just don’t get nothing like that much. People don’t realize that single people don’t get that stuff anymore. What they take for granted, we think it’s a big deal! Lol. What kind of pampering-well I have no idea but suprise me😁 is what I say. Haha just dreaming, nothing else to do today. 

Trying to keep from losing my mind or stroking out. I think I’m gonna take another shower and get out all my junk and have myself a little spa night and iron my hair. Yes I’m bored…pretty much always am. Can’t massage myself, well maybe I can one part 😂😂😂! But can’t do what someone else can with massaging the whole body, can’t reach! Just wanna feel special damn😜. All girls do. 

Hey you know what? I write a lot of personal shit about myself on here, it’s true haha. But there’s so much more to me and about me that no one knows, not even my boys, no one. Said that because I seen a post that said keep your shit personal the world don’t need to know…lol. The world only knows what I allow it to know, get me? Quote from titanic-A woman’s heart is like an ocean full of secrets-its a very true statement! Not that I’m a bad person or nothing. Just that I’m saying I don’t tell y’all everything, why would I do that lol? And it’s not necessarily ‘secrets’, it’s likes, dislikes, past, future, etc. Just ain’t found no one I trust with ALL of me if you understand. 

Can’t get massage out of my head lol. Probably cause every muscle I have Hurts!  But no really…I really want one 🤗. No sex well not at first haha, maybe a slip of the finger ever now and then wouldn’t hurt during. 🖖🏼🤙🏼 LOL

Ok gotta go tend to my fricking toothache. Hate having a toothache, I’m gonna get these bitches all pulled out one day. Then a guy will REALLY like oral then HAHAHA😜😜!!!! I’m JK! 

Bye guys! 

Love youins! Lori💋


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