Good Night(fed up)

It’s been one hell of a day! I’m laying down because I’m exhausted but I’m so fed up I’m having trouble falling asleep. Figured I’d write now instead of in the morning because me and my oldest have a project to do tomorrow and he’s going to record it all. I hope I can do it anyway. It’s more of a mans job but hell that never slowed me down before from doing anything. 

I reallllllly have to say this….I’m sick of being lied to and stabbed in the back. If you cannot be honest with me and do me right….stay the fuck out of my business and my life. And yes I’m putting that on here because your haters keep up with you more than anybody. So if you feel the heat when you read this or feel guilty…..must be you I’m talking about, you know who the hell you are. Leave me alone and go the hell on. 

I would LOVE to be nothing but positive on here, really I would! But who the fuck do I have to talk too? Who’s got my back? It’s always always me getting screwed over. Sick of it! How am I supposed to be happy when I’m constantly being shit on? Lied too, done wrong, stabbed in the back, etc.? The worst feeling in the world is having to deal with everything alone. Every struggle, every lying mother fucker, blah blah blah and so on. 

Whatever, anyway. I’m attempting to make a pad tomorrow to go under my dogs kennel and fix my water hose sprayer end, well replace it. I don’t know if I can do any of it but I’m gonna give it a hell of a try lol. 

Next week I gotta work on my truck. All these man jobs ugh. Well y’all that’s really all I have to say. I’m pretty upset and fed up with a bunch of people. Ya thought I felt alone before…I really do now. Oh well nothing I can do about that, can’t make assholes like you or have them as friends. They all stab you in the back. 

Sleep tight! 

P.S. Luv ya gf πŸ’œ 


Hopefully a better day?

I’m so not into getting up and getting with it this morning. I’m fed up and done with my full time job so bad it makes my stomach hurt every day I have to go in. I’d rather stay home today but I can’t. So sick of working with immature assholes. 

No I’m not cranky lol, I just don’t wanna go today. I’d rather go fishing! Anything but there! I hate plant rumors and how fast they can spread lies and gossip. It makes me sick. You think people are kind of your friend, but you let some shit go down and see how they act, true with any situation really. Really sick of not being able to trust, it’s really annoying. I try but people keep showing me why I shouldn’t believe them. Really sucks. 

Blah, done talking about that shit. 

I had these thoughts since yesterday that when I get off work tonight to just keep driving. I don’t know where to but I’m so sick of everything and almost everybody. But I can’t because I ain’t done working on my truck, she probably wouldn’t make it far. I’m working second job this weekend so I’m hoping I’ll make good since it’s going to be really nice saturday and sunday, then I could fix and replace some more stuff on my truck. If it don’t run I don’t work…then I’ll be really screwed. I think I have to replace shocks too at least in the front. I’ve been rough on it haha,well I’m rough on anything I drive really lol. Too much stress so I drive like a race car driver in an old pickup. πŸ˜‚ It’s not old old but it’s an 03′. 

5am and I’m in the tub lol. I’m up so why not? Feels kinda nice since my body hurts from yesterday. I just hope it’s a little easier on me today at work. 

I’m going to have to sit down tonight after work and get on that computer and figure out how to monetize our YouTube channel and setup websites for that and my blog. I hate doing that stuff cause it takes foreverrr. But hey ya never know just how fast it could take off. So many youtubers never make it because it gets a little hard but I ain’t giving up. I want it! And when the money is right and hopefully that is soon…that full time job will be the first thing I get rid of with pride!!! I already decided that my last day I will show up like normal. But I’ll be outta there in less than an hour. I gotta tell my haters bye hahaha. I’m joking, but I am gonna walk up and toss my shit down on bosses desk and say I quit. Ahhhhh can’t wait for that😍😍😍!!! I’ll be singing ‘Take this job and shove it’!!! 😁😜

I’ll quit the other one too but that boss is good to me so I’ll train others to take my place and stuff before I leave that one. You get what you put in, and people get what they deserve. 

I’ve done a little more on my current story but I’m not done yet. You see if I was already at home making money I could’ve done wrote a bunch of them. But I’m not so it takes me longer. In our YouTube video, me and Cory stopped by the rv place in town and looked at those rv van ones. I can drive those without changing my license. And that’s all I’ll need for me to travel by myself but there’s still enough room for the kids if they wanna go here and there with me sometimes. I can’t wait, I will make it happen! ❀️

I want one something like the one below in the picture. And yes this dodge girl is going to buy a ford hahaha!!

Can’t wait dammit!!!!

Y’all have a great day! Love ya’s!


Goodnight & Good Morning πŸ˜

I’m gonna go ahead and write tonight because I know I’ll be too sleepy in the morning because my crazy butt forgot to do laundry today and I have nothing to wear to work lol. So I gotta wait…..😴😴

I’m so tired. My oldest Cory wore my butt out today doing our video and then he wanted us to play at a park and do another one. To say the least when I got home from that I passed out for awhile lol. It’s nice to spend time with my boys. They are my world and my everything, I love them so much! I don’t know how moms or dads or as I call them ‘Sperm Donors’, those that don’t want nothing to do with their kids….they suck!

Every time I get on the interstate I imagine that I’m already to the point in my life where I get to travel whenever I want. It’s a sweet few minutes. Really it is! And I think I’m a perfect example somewhat for others to hear what I say but yet look at my life and see there’s no way she can do that. I know it looks like all odds are against me…and they are right now. But I don’t give up, I’ve already shown that several times. I lived in my truck and dreamed of getting my own place even though I was flat broke…BUT I did and I have tv and Internet as well. So it looked impossible but I was determined and I’m a fighter. The same goes for what I’m after now. I will make it with blogging and vlogging, just wait and see. I’m a dreamer but I’m a dreamer who busts her ass to make them come true all by herself. 

Life is short. A familiar phrase we hear all the time. But I take it seriously. I don’t want to be working in yarn mills til my retirement age, that’s nonsense. I’m above that and better than that. Is it hard work? Hell yeah it is! If it was easy everybody would be doing it. But making dreams come true are for those who will not settle for a mediocre life. I want more out of life  and I will do everything I possible can to get there. I don’t get mad or jealous when I hear or see other people getting to go places and do stuff, nope, I just whisper to myself…One Day Lori One Day Soon! 

I gotta talk a lil bit about something πŸ˜‰. When you don’t even do a whole lot before, during or after sex but the passion is still there…that’s nice! Eyes still rolling in the back of your head kinda sex even if it’s briefly, it’s just that good! 😍😈 

It’s almost 11pm and I still gotta wait for washer to get done before I can go to sleep ugh! It’s my own fault lol. Oh well at least I get to write some. 

Ya know what tho? As I’m laying here waiting impatiently lol. I miss all the hot, fun, passionate, kinky sex with my guy. I really do. I felt alive and definitely relieved from all stressors! I’ve wrote quite a bit about us. But one that stands out is when I was a smartass about something one day and he had come over. He had me on my stomach, head up against the wall, and took my ass then leaned up behind my head and whispered ‘this is what you get for having an attitude’…..y’all! Hot dammmit that was so sexy!!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆ Had to re-share that. 

Ok I’m going to bed now LOL😴😴😴😴😴


Morning β˜€οΈ

Morning y’all! I’m up early again. I hope we all have a good day today. And I hope it don’t rain, my yard is looking like hell. Can’t even hardly walk to the dogs without sinking…yuck. Can’t keep my truck clean neither lol. 

Well I’m on round 3 of trying to put purple in my hair. It’s starting to get on my nerves. The first try I tried that kool aid thing….I got GREEN! I only did it on a test strip underneath but it was clearly green, that was a fail. Second time last night I used actual dye and it was so light I couldn’t even hardly see it. So this this morning I did it again and I’m gonna leave it on a little longer, we’ll see in a bit I guess. If it don’t take this time I give up…maybe haha. 

It’s video day for me and oldest to record for YouTube channel. Hope my hair gets purple for the video dang it lol. I’m wearing my boots and I’m gonna try to look nice instead of just slouchy like I’m good for hehe. 

I didn’t do much of nothing yesterday. I purposely just sat around and took a break. It’s hard for me to sit still so I’m always tired. But when I do that all I do is think. I evaluate myself and my life and my future and so on. I don’t feel like that great of an awesome person but I’m not a horrible person either. I tend to get a little bitchy and can become a smartass in like 2 seconds depending on situation and people haha. But still I ain’t that bad. And I’m not living in a nice ass house anymore nor do I have much money but at least I’m not living in my truck ya know. And I don’t have a shit ton of food but I have food an I’m not going hungry anymore which is awesome! Y’all just don’t know how bad it sucked to live in my truck and make one bag of chips, a loaf of bread and a small jar of peanut butter last a week. No breakfast no lunch no snacks. It sucked ass! But I’m past that and so glad. 

I wish I could get as lucky as some people and just fall into money haha! I’m so tired and so tired of working my ass off. Maybe someday who knows?πŸ€”

I know I haven’t got that story I’m working on here yet. I make it up as I go and I done went and complicated it so I have to keep working on it to make it work. It’s not nothing all great it’s just trying to piece it together right. 

I gotta go tend to my hair….again! 😜 It better work this time or I may just cut it all off and look like a boy and dye it blue and look all crazy and ugly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. 

Love ya guys!


Good Morning😊

      It’s monday but it’s my off monday 😜. Sorry to those of you having to work hehe. Had to get up early but it’s all good, got some stuff to take care of this morning. Then I’ll probably go back to bed for a bit lol. 

My shoulders are sore as hell, not sure if it’s from working or the gym. Hard to tell cause my job kinda sucks lifting that heavy yarn all day. 

There’s something I want to tell y’all but I can’t just yet. It has to be took care of starting this morning so when it all blows over I will. It’s just I can’t put it on social media right now, probably being watched. That and I don’t know what the outcome will be either. 

I did not dye my hair yet. I was so tired last night I just couldn’t. But I’m going to try and do it today. I love purple being in my hair. BUT I’m not going to put as much as that hair dresser did, she didn’t do what I wanted. I wanted there to still be a lot of blondeish color and she almost had my whole head purple. Whenever I get it done you know there will be selfies hahaπŸ˜‚. 

Not sure what I’ll get into today, may just take it easy and rest. I’m pretty tired. My job takes a lot out of me and then stress on top of that makes it worse, ain’t no wonder I can’t wake up early to get to the gym lol. 

Oh yea these kids-my youngest and his wife, are gonna freeze me to death. They put my window ac in the kitchen and I went to pee this morning and damn near went outside to pee LOL, it’s warmer out there! πŸ˜„ I get cold real easy. But I love them it’s all good❀️. I’ll just have to dress like an eskimo this summer while I’m in the house haha!! 

Well I gotta go, gotta be somewhere this morning. Y’all have a great day!!


Good Morning People

I am so not in the mood to get out of bed this morning. I’m so tired and sleepy but gotta make that money. I’m still having trouble waking up when I’m supposed to so I can get to the gym. So upset at myself for that. I’m just so tired. I’m barley making it to work. 

I posted on Facebook last night about pretty much being proud of myself for everything I’ve done, doing, and dealing with in my life. No one says too me ‘Hey good job, proud of ya or nothing’, but oh well, I am proud of my own self though I really am. I struggle everyday to manage and cope. But I am also tired, very tired, emotionally mostly. I wish I could get brave and get some shit off my chest it’s killing me…really it is, but once again oh well. It’s not like it would want to be heard anyway by some. 

I have to remind myself everyday all day long that I’m gonna make it, that this AIN’T the end. That I will be successful. And I’m working hard at it too. It is a slow go process but having two paying jobs then the two jobs online I’m not getting paid for yet is exhausting. Plus trying to find time to sleep and eat and do normal stuff here and there. The paying jobs are the ones I’ve got to get rid of and will. The other two is what I want to do for a living and will!…my blog and vlog. I’m sure people look at me like I’m crazy but if you want something bad enough you will spend all your time making it happen. And I don’t have to prove to anyone that I can do it, only to myself. 

I’m going to start stepping it up a bit on my blog to where I’m writing once or twice a day instead of every 2-4 days. It’s harder than you think people. Not that I’m complaining, just saying that’s why I’m not getting out a lot of writings. With work and daily life it’s a little difficult. 

It’s 6am and I need to be getting ready for work but I can’t get up lol. I’m so sleepy it’s crazy. And my body hurts so bad from head to toe, there’s pain with something everywhere. So sick of it. I just want a day where I’m babied for a change and can sleep and rest all day. I need it so bad. But there ain’t no one that can nor wants to do that for me. Whatever. 😊

Ok well I gotta go get ready or I’ll be late…again lol. I’m gonna try my best to write later at work when I can, it may take me all day but I can write a few minutes here and there until I get it done. Have a great day!!

Love y’all!


Playful In The BathtubΒ 

Extremely Dirty!! 18+Only

I just wanted a long hot bath after a long day at work. I couldn’t wait to get home. I grabbed something to eat on my way home and scarfed it down. I finally get home and I throw down my bags and keys. Kicking off my shoes and pulling down my hair on my way to the bathroom. I turned on the water and set it just right. I grab some towels and then I take all my clothes off and step into my tub. I slowly sat down in the tub, the water was hot but felt so good. I laid back and scooted down and watched as the water got higher and up to my neck. I turned the water off with my feet lol. I spread my legs and I love how the very warm water rushes up on and in my pussy, men will never understand that feeling πŸ˜‰. 

I slowly slide down to wet all of my hair. And then I lay there with my eyes closed relaxing. The water feels so good. So good that it puts me slightly in the mood. I’m rubbing my thighs and then my belly. I move up to my breasts and twisting my nipples and rubbing them. Then I move my hand back down to my pussy and with my middle finger I rub up and down the center of my pussy. Rubbing a little harder on the clit doing circular movements. I’m feeling pretty good now. With my eyes closed and touching myself I start dreaming……….

Friend #1 came in and knelt down beside my tub. He stroked my hair and then my face. He leaned in to kiss me and I kissed back. He started touching my belly while kissing me then quickly started fingering me. It felt so good. Even though I was in the water you could tell I was getting wet. He finger fucked me deep and fast. Then he reached in and put his hand under my ass and raised me up to eat me out. After he was done licking me up, he stood up and took all of his clothes off and got into the tub on top of me. He continued kissing me and put his dick in my pussy and slowly entered me. We let some of the water out for a less messy water mess. He started pounding my pussy hard until we both came. It was quick but great. He kissed me and got out and got dressed. 

Before he could leave the bathroom friend #2 came in and walks towards me telling me how sexy I am. He leaned over and kissed the top of my head and said you are beautiful. Friend #1 left the bathroom while  friend #2 was getting undressed. He pulled me up to sit sideways in center of the tub facing him. He knelt down to kiss me and kissed me for like forever it seemed, but it was nice. He got on his knees and pulled me forward to suck on him. And oh how nice and large he was! As I started sucking he placed both of his hands on the back of my head and he started moving pretty fast. He took it kinda easy on me but I was loving pleasing him. Before he came he pulled it out of my mouth and cummed on my face and down my chest and belly. It was so hot. He kept kissing and talking sweet to me until he was ready for round two. He ordered me to get on my knees and he got behind me and slowly put his dick in my ass. He started moving slow then to a full on pounding in my ass. It felt so good and I cummed so hard. He cleaned up and got out. He kissed the top of my head again and said thank you beautiful and he got dressed and left. I cleaned myself up and ran fresh water because I thought I was done but to my surprise…..

A girl I didn’t know walked in and introduced herself as friend #1’s friend. I thought to myself wow this is awesome if she is going to want some of me too. She knelt down beside the tub and talked a little bit. Then she touched my knee and started rubbing down my thigh then to my inner thigh. She leaned in and kissed me and then started playing with my pussy. I wrapped both my hands around the sides of her head and kissed her back. She kissed my neck on both sides then kissed me more on the lips while sliding her fingers inside of me. Then she kissed and sucked and nibbled on my breasts and I immediately raised her shirt and done the same. Her breasts felt so good in my mouth. I pulled her shirt off and she took the rest of her clothes off. She got in the tub and laid beside me all cuddled up to me kissing and touching each other. She was so wet. I was sucking on her breasts and fingering her and she was squirming and moaning. I moved down to the end of the tub and raised her up and cupped her pussy with my mouth. Damn she tasted good. She had to pull me up because I couldn’t get enough. She guided me to sit on the side of the tub facing her and she licked on my pussy for awhile. She reached into her purse she brought in and pulled out a double dildo. We sat opposite each other in the tub and put it in both our pussies. It wasn’t stiff so we were able to somewhat lean up and kiss while we were grinding. I grabbed her thighs and she grabbed mine and we fucked the shit out of that toy. We both came really hard and it was erotic. We kissed then she got dressed and left. I laid there in complete satisfaction with my pussy and ass so sore and throbbing but it was sooooo worth it. 

Now I ask all of you. Was this real? Or did I just dream?  Either way it was hot and sexy wasn’t it? 😘


Good Morning πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Oh it’s soooo early lol. I should be asleep but I’m not due to a nightmare waking me up…shish, I hate those things! I was playing and wrestling with my pup Sadie earlier, she won lol. 

I’m having trouble getting used to somebody living with me. I forget I have to wear clothes, shut the bathroom door, be quite at night lol, and no no to any bedroom noises hahahaha!! I went to the kitchen a few minutes ago and was gonna fry some sausage and eggs then remembered it’s after 2am and I gotta be quite…so I had cereal lol. It’s alright I’ll get used to it. Oh and I have to cut out on sitting in tub for two hours unless I’m home alone hehe. 

Isn’t it strange how emotional a person can be? I mean like with me, I have the same needs and wants and problems everyday but one day I can handle it like a champ and the next I’m a mess. I think I’m just so messed up that it only takes a few negative words or a bad attitude to bring me down in a matter of seconds. And it can ruin me for days especially from anyone I care about. I really wish this would go away but I guess it’s a stage of everything I’ve been through emotionally. 

And relationship wise, well I think I should stay single a little while longer, maybe a while longer. I noticed I can’t handle seeing or hearing the shit couples go through. It scares the hell outta me. All the fighting and bickering over petty shit and of course the lying and deceiving to one another. I just want to be happy but if I can’t get happy being single I’ll just be miserable with somebody. 

I gotta work my part time job today and I’m getting sleepy again so I guess I’ll get off here and sleep some more lol. 

Love you people!

Lori πŸ’œ

My only day off…πŸ˜”

Hey y’all! Having a good day I hope? I’m in bed and refuse to get out of it! Lol. I’m so tired, being single is exhausting especially when you got two jobs. I worked 2 days then off 2, then worked 4 days, off today, then I work 4 more, then off 1 and so on…. I passed out last night, didn’t even wake up to pee or nothing. I’m fixing to take a nap then a long hot bath I hope lol. 

I’m pretty proud of myself right now, I’m actually able to get some things my truck has to have like oil change, filters, exhaust pipe hangers, and majorly needed new tie rod ends, and then a front end alignment. I have to have a ride so it has to be a priority period. 

With my son and his wife being here with me has helped some. I didn’t cry myself to sleep for the last 3 nights so far. I mean I’m still lonely and shit but they keep me somewhat occupied. I like the new friends I’ve made here lately but it still don’t solve my issues or take away any pain. 

Ever just stop and think about yourself or look at yourself in the mirror like who would want you? Well I do. I can’t help it. I guess I’ll eventually get past it or over it but it may take someone being real with me and actually caring about me to prove it to me. That loneliness…..Damn it sucks! Idc who you are it sucks! It will try and eat you alive. I’d love to be cuddling up right now to take my nap but I can’t. Sucks. 

It really sucks when you know the truth about something or someone and you know it’s changed and probably going to end or change or has already and your just the last one to know or realize it. πŸ˜ͺ

Yea I’m kinda sad today, I don’t know why really, I just am. Ok I’m lying I do know why I just won’t talk about it to nobody. I just deal with it on my own. Even with all the stuff I share on here about me, there are still a bunch of things I don’t share. Stuff that eats at me or hurts me or belittles me or being made to feel useless or unattractive….those kinds of things I don’t like talking about. It hurts too much. 

Well I’m off toy nap lol😴😴😴

Love ya’s 


Naughty Girl…(very dirty)

…..At the office….

Trace was working hard on a project. Sitting on his couch in his office for a little bit of comfort instead of his chair. He calls for his secretary to come and assist him. Dee, his secretary comes in the office and pulls up a chair in front of him. Dee always dressed sexy..maybe a little too sexy. None of the office guys didn’t mind at all, hell some of the women didn’t either. Dee sat down in the chair and crossed her long sexy legs. Trace noticed. They were discussing and sharing paperwork back and forth. 

Trace was noticing Dee was just really sexy today. The way she moved and spoke, and dressed. Dee dropped a piece of paper in the floor and uncrossed her sexy legs to pick it up. Right then Trace noticed the see-through panties. He thought to himself how fucking sexy! Such a gorgeous woman. His concentration was gone from the work and all on her. Dee asked him if wanted to stop and continue the next day, he said no we can finish up today.


Trace half way leaned back into the couch staring at her legs and letting his eyes skim over her entire body. His eyes landed staring at her thighs trying so hard to see her pussy again. All he could imagine was his mouth on her pussy with her so wet and moaning as he sucked on her pussy. Pussy juice all over his face…..And Dee interrupts him, Trace are you listening? He snaps out of it and says yes repeat that please. 

Trace suggested Dee remove her heels and that the couch was much more comfortable. She agreed. As she sat down on one leg, legs slightly spread facing him. Trace’s eyes were clearly looking at what she thought when she caught him staring. With Trace still staring, she smiled and thought she’d give him something to stare it. She spread her legs a little more which caused her skirt to slide up her legs. Then she just fell back on the couch and said I’m just so exhausted from all this paperwork. When she laid back she opened her legs a little more which was exposing her pussy through her see-through panties. Trace was damn near drooling. He looked up at her and she was staring back smiling at him. He realized she caught him and they laughed for a moment. 

Trace couldn’t even focus. Dee continued to lay there spreading her legs a little more. Trace was completely mesmerized by her. She asked him if he liked what he sees. He placed his hand on her knee and said yes, you are so sexy. Dee slowly ran her hand down her body to her panties and pulled her panties to one side and asked him if he liked the way her pussy looked as she spread her pussy lips apart. Trace’s cock was immediately hard as a rock. 

Trace pulled her bent leg straight and guided it behind him, opening her beautiful wings that cover her pretty pussy up. Dee started rubbing on her pussy and Trace started rubbing her thighs and joined her rubbing on her pussy. Trace bent over to softly kiss her pussy several times. He slid down on the couch to where he could bury his face in her. He kissed her pussy all over and the inside of her thighs. Trace then slid his tongue in between her pussy lips and swirled his tongue around her clit. Dee was slightly moving her hips and lightly moaning. He ran his tongue up and down her pussy and sucked light then hard on her clit. Then put his tongue inside of her pussy as far as he could get it in there. Enjoying the way she tasted and felt. He continued licking and sucking on her pussy for awhile, pushing her legs up and kissing and licking her ass as well. Rimming her ass. Dee was soaking wet now and so turned on. She had never been licked so good and never on her ass. She loved it. 

Trace used two fingers and started finger fucking her while sucking on her clit really hard. Dee grabbed his hair and started rubbing her pussy all over his face slow then fast until she cummed all over his face. 

Trace pulled her panties and skirt off while she removed her shirt and bra. He couldn’t believe how gorgeous she was and that how he was lucky to be intimate with her. He kissed her body all over. Sucking on her nipples and nibbling them. Kissing on her neck, her ears, and then kissed her with a sexy passionate very wet kiss. 

Trace raised up to remove his shirt and then unbutton his pants as he unzipped his pants, Dee sat up and pulled his pants down. Pulled his boxers down and lightly licked on his dick all over. Licked his balls and sucked one at time into her mouth. Then started sucking on his dick, deep throating him while he had his hands on her head and slightly fucking her mouth. Trace barely could stay on his knees in front of her it felt so good. He finished taking his pants off and slowly climbed on top of her. While kissing her, Trace rubbed his dick up and down on her wet juicy pussy.

He guided his dick inside of her pussy. Slowly entering until he was fully inside her. Slow deep thrusts to start then he thrusted her faster and faster and deeper and harder. Dee was squeezing and clawing his back the harder he thrusted her pussy. 

Trace flipped her over onto her knees with ass in the air, he cuffed her pussy with his mouth, sucking up her cum. Then slid his dick back into her pussy pounding her hard again until she was screaming. He slowed down and had both her ass cheeks in his hands and slipped a thumb into her ass while fucking her. He moved his thumb a little slower than he was going. She seemed to love it. 

They repositioned and she was straddling him on the couch. She sat down on his dick and rolled her hips while moving up and down. His hands all over her. Dee grabbed the back of the couch behind his head and started sliding on him fast until she cummed so hard. Trace threw his head back and was pulling on her hips helping her move even faster. Dee, cummed yet again. Then she slid her pussy off of his dick and guided his dick into her ass. Trace was feeling so good he could barely speak. Dee moved up and down until he was deep inside her ass then she bounced up and down pretty fast on him. They both were moaning and Trace was moving his hips and thrusting his dick in her hard while she was bouncing up and down. They reached an awesome climax together leaving them both shaking and sweating and just completely relaxed. 

They kissed and agreed that they would definitely be seeing each other again for sure. They got dressed and decided to call it a day. As they left his office there were still a couple of people still working in the office who heard it all. They just looked at Trace and Dee with big smiles on their face. They calmly and maturely walked out of the office into the elevator. They kissed all the way down to the parking garage floor. And parted to go to there vehicles. Both were still smiling and feeling great about what had just happened between them. Such passion and ecstasy with extreme pleasure.

The End

Lori πŸ’‹