Handy Man On The Ranch

     Selina was a divorced woman now. And recently had inherited her grandfathers millions and his Ranch. Her kids were grown and married. She didn’t have any help to take care of the Ranch. So she decided to hire someone that was able to live on the property and help full time. Selina placed an ad in the newspaper and went through dozens of interviews. None of them so far seemed trustworthy to live on her property with her. She almost gave up when she saw a pickup truck coming up the driveway. A tall slender handsome man stepped out of the truck. He walked toward her house as she went down the steps off the porch. They shook hands and introduced themselves to each other. Selina asked if he was responding to the ad and he asked what ad? She told him and he said oh, well I was coming to see if Mr. Davis’s property had been sold to a new family and that he was needing work. Selina said, you used to work for my uncle? I’m the only relative he had left and I inherited everything, I’ve been interviewing trying to find someone to help but with no luck. The man, Ray, said well I would love to work for you. I’m already familiar with everything and all the animals are comfortable with me. Selina said, Your hired!!!! They shook hands and laughed at her excitement. 

Over the next few months they became really good friends. They worked the Ranch together, made supper together, watched tv, etc. It was more like just a friendship than boss and employee. They hugged and danced and even fished together. They became close. Very close, not to mention attracted to each other. Lots of flirting always going on. 

One night they fell asleep on the couch together. Ray woke up and started to go to his little guest house when he noticed Selina’s loose shorts were twisted to the side and she wasn’t wearing panties. Her pussy was exposed in clear view. Ray could not stop staring. He wanted to touch her so bad. He wanted to taste her even more. Ray just sat there next to her looking at her, at all her beauty. He knew he was crazy for her more than just being a friend. He couldn’t resist anymore. He got on his knees on the floor by the couch. He leaned in and gently kissed her pussy lips, and kissed again and again. Then he slowly slipped his tongue in between her lips. Ray ran his tongue up and down her pussy ever so lightly. He loved how she felt and how she tasted. Ray gently started sucking on her clit and then felt her hand on his head grabbing his hair pulling his head towards her. Ray sucked harder. He slid his tongue inside her pussy and then his fingers and finger fucked her for a few minutes. He went back to sucking and licking on her pussy for a few more minutes. Then Ray stood up and knealt down and kissed her forehead and said thanks for the midnight snack and went to his little house. Selina laid there in awe and completely soaked. She smiled and fell back asleep. 

The next morning. Selina woke up to the aroma of coffee and breakfast in the air. She made her way to the kitchen and there stood Ray all handsome wearing her apron and cooking. He turned to her and said good morning beautiful. Selina smiled and walked over to see what was on the stove. Ray moved her hair aside and kissed the back of her neck for a good minute. Then Selina looked at him and said thank you for last night, I really needed that. Ray smiled and said I know and so did I. 

After breakfast and her shower Selina was looking out the window to see where he was. She didn’t see him. She went out the door and headed to the barn to help. She was picking up some stuff when she heard Ray say, Selina come up here. She smiled and climbed the ladder to the top of the barn. Ray had blankets laying over top of hay. She was still smiling and now her heart was pounding. She walked slowly over to him. He reached out and grabbed her waist and pulled Selina to him. They started kissing and touching. Ray was gently biting her bottom lip and sucking on it. 

Selina dropped to her knees and unbuckled his pants. Pulled his dick out and placed it in her mouth. As she started sucking, Ray was slowly mouth fucking her with his hands on her head but ever so gently. They got each other completely undressed and laid down on the blanket. Ray laid beside her kissing her neck, her breasts and then down her stomach until he reached her pussy. Ray sucked on each pussy lip and her clit and then slid his tongue in and out of her pussy slowly. Selina was in heaven. Ray kissed his way back up to her mouth and kissed her with that sloppy wet kissing, and the taste of her pussy was in their mouths. Selina ran her fingers through his hair and rubbed his back. Ray slowly rub his dick up and down her pussy then slid just the tip inside her pussy. Selina was grabbing his arms and squeezing, he felt so good. Ray slowly slid his dick all the way inside her and she had her head slung back, eyes closed, mouth opened with light little moans. From slow to pounding Ray and Selina both were loudly moaning and kissing hard and she was scratching his back now. They flipped and Selina was on top. She rode him and grinded on him so good and fast, he has never had a woman that good. Selina rode him until he cummed, they were both moaning and he had his hand on her head and pulled her head to his shoulder. They laid like that for a little while rubbing on each other and lightly kissing until they fell asleep. 

They had fell in love with each other and nothing else mattered. They had many many hot sexy moments around that Ranch. They became a couple, madly in love and were best friends. There’s not too much of anywhere on that Ranch they didn’t fuck or play. 

Lori Hensley 


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