You feel that? I do! Exercising is great! 

Hey y’all!!!!! 😁 I just wanna say again that joining the gym and exercising everyday has made feel somewhat better. It gives me something to do too lol. I put these pics on my Facebook but I’m gonna put them in this post because I feel better and I’m proud of myself even if I’m the only one that’s proud of me. ❤️

I love it. I think I look better now than I ever have since I was a teenager…I was a cute teen😜!!! 

I don’t wanna look like no body builder just toned up real good! I can’t wait to get some boobs tho, I’ll look a lot better. And feel a lot better about myself too. 

So I finally got done cleaning and rearranging everything so my son and his fiancé can move in. Boy am I tired and my back is killing me…guess where I the tub!!! 

I just realized I have no idea what I’m wearing to the wedding….omg!!! And it’s 4 days away!!!! I gotta calm down haha. So excited and happy for them! 

But ya know what for myself I don’t wanna get married, that shit scares me. 😳 I’ll just stick to myself and date occasionally, maybe. I gotta create and write more stories for y’all. Gotta keep it interesting right?! I’ll do my best I promise! 

Love ya guys! I’ll try to get dirty on here tonight!!

Love Lori💋


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