Feeling Frisky?….Always!

Warning…..dirtiness with My GuyπŸ˜›πŸ˜˜


How often do we feel like getting frisky? Well for me..it’s quite often. I think sometimes I may be an oddball haha. Not a slut just that I know what I like and I want lots of it all the time! I often hold back because I don’t want to give someone a heart attack😳😜.
I’m not shy about anything really, it’s more like I think I may be too much ya know like 50 shades of Lori….I’m joking!!! Lol. But yea really I think that, that I want too much. I can’t help it, I always think about sex and always thinking something up crazy or new or just make up a story I think I’d like to be in. And FYI the fiction stories I write is me wanting to be the woman in them. I think that is the sexiest way to write and the best way to feel like a part of what I’m writing about. If I can’t feel anything from the stories then how can I expect y’all too? Ya know?! Even with the real stuff I try to express it as much as I can. 

I know I haven’t talked about my guy lately. But I want to tell you a little bit in this post. I’m not knocking other men or men I’ve been with at all. But when you click with someone and both your interests are very alike sexually, it’s extremely passionate and hot as hell! 

Haha I love this one….In the heat of the moment and going at it good knowing at any second a cop or someone could tap on the window. It just makes it more intense! But when his mouth is on me I forget about my surroundings because he feels so good! Like I don’t want him to stop….ever lol. He takes away my stress and problems in a heartbeat, as soon as his tongue touches my  pussy my eyes are rolling in the back of my head and I could care less about anything at that moment. Sometimes I can’t even make a sound it feels so good ( hope he don’t think he’s doing nothing bad), it just takes my breath away and I just want to enjoy it. I could lay there for hours while he licked and kissed on me. Every single time he slides his dick inside of me it feels amazing. I literally have to take a moment and close my eyes and I know I’m smiling lol, he fills me up and then some, slow to start when entering, both of us enjoying it! Damn it boy!!!!!! I know people have great sex with certain partners here and there and it’s really not as often as you think, some suck at it. But when you have great sex with someone and you stay attracted and they’re into what your into it’s fucking awesome. And I have to say that my guy giving me what I wanted the last time even though it was that time of the month when most guys shiver at the thoughts of sex during a period was soooo good. I needed and wanted it bad! Omg, I’m always so horny during my period and getting to have sex at that time….well let’s just say I loved it!!! No acting all grossed out and shit was appreciated greatly. Men do things like that for women, little sissy boys don’t. I love it when it feels like my heart skips a beat during sex, that means it’s really good! And my favorite thing to say is it was so good I couldn’t even moan or scream right, that’s what I tell my gf haha! 

I wish I could express it in the words but I can’t. I know the words ain’t the same as the actions. I know I’ve expressed it before as like sucking on an awesome piece of fruit like a peach or something. That’s how I feel when he’s sucking on my pussy. My guy makes me feel like I’m delicious and that makes me even more turned on. I wish I could make him feel as good orally as he does me but I don’t think it’s possible. Oh how sexy and erotic it is to literally be bent over his lap and be spanked bare ass! I love that shit. I hate boring and he is definitely not boring!! Did I mention his kiss? Fuck he’s so good at kissing and kissing me all over! 

I can’t remember if I’ve shared this or not. I don’t think I did but I will again anyway even if I did lol. Of course I tell my gf all the hot, sweaty, sticky, juicy stuff heehee 😁. Anyway, half naked, arms and legs tied to a chair, I can’t go nowhere. All my trust is in his hands as I’m helpless. I was a smartass earlier in the day or the day before, can’t remember but he made me pay or it! I’m tied to this chair to where I’m bent over it. My guy gets on his knees and licks my pussy from behind [so damn hot!!!]…do you know how good that feels???? Mmmm. Then he’s in front of me on the other side of the chair and puts his dick in my mouth, I can’t touch with my hands just my mouth…delicious. Then he gets back behind me and just guess how he makes me pay…..He takes my ass! He enters me and hits it hard and cuts me no slack! Reminds me who’s ass that is! He feels good I don’t care what hole he’s in. Even though I was being punished I was feeling so damn fucking good! I’m getting wet just writing about him. I know we are really good friends with reallllly good benefits but I hope he knows how good he makes me feel and how much I appreciate everything he does for me. I know I’m bitchy at times but what woman ain’t? But in my case if I’m bitchy I get punished 😈. Good for me!! 

Sometimes I feel really frisky and want some crazy shit but I don’t wanna scare nobody off ya know Haha! No I’m not saying much of it on here either, not even sure if I would like a couple of things I think about but I’ll keep it to myself lol. But something I would like is to be tied to a wall, hands up above my head, legs restrained to where he can still do everything from any angle to any hole. Maybe tied in the center of a room like from the ceiling so that he could walk all around me, with me blindfolded. Not sure how but he’ll need access to my mouth as well. Ain’t saying nothing else unless some stuff happens lol. 

What do y’all do? Hmm? I know I ain’t the only person into crazy kinky stuff now. Share it, put it in the comments so we all can learn from it. We’re all adults here. I don’t judge no how. I wanna hear your stories or lifestyle (adult stuff-no animals or kids tho), sorry that’s sick shit. That I will judge on sorry, it’s not normal.  

Talk to y’all later! Love youins!! Like and subscribe to know exactly when I post. 

Love Lori 😈😈😈


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