Naughty Girl…(very dirty)

…..At the office….

Trace was working hard on a project. Sitting on his couch in his office for a little bit of comfort instead of his chair. He calls for his secretary to come and assist him. Dee, his secretary comes in the office and pulls up a chair in front of him. Dee always dressed sexy..maybe a little too sexy. None of the office guys didn’t mind at all, hell some of the women didn’t either. Dee sat down in the chair and crossed her long sexy legs. Trace noticed. They were discussing and sharing paperwork back and forth. 

Trace was noticing Dee was just really sexy today. The way she moved and spoke, and dressed. Dee dropped a piece of paper in the floor and uncrossed her sexy legs to pick it up. Right then Trace noticed the see-through panties. He thought to himself how fucking sexy! Such a gorgeous woman. His concentration was gone from the work and all on her. Dee asked him if wanted to stop and continue the next day, he said no we can finish up today.


Trace half way leaned back into the couch staring at her legs and letting his eyes skim over her entire body. His eyes landed staring at her thighs trying so hard to see her pussy again. All he could imagine was his mouth on her pussy with her so wet and moaning as he sucked on her pussy. Pussy juice all over his face…..And Dee interrupts him, Trace are you listening? He snaps out of it and says yes repeat that please. 

Trace suggested Dee remove her heels and that the couch was much more comfortable. She agreed. As she sat down on one leg, legs slightly spread facing him. Trace’s eyes were clearly looking at what she thought when she caught him staring. With Trace still staring, she smiled and thought she’d give him something to stare it. She spread her legs a little more which caused her skirt to slide up her legs. Then she just fell back on the couch and said I’m just so exhausted from all this paperwork. When she laid back she opened her legs a little more which was exposing her pussy through her see-through panties. Trace was damn near drooling. He looked up at her and she was staring back smiling at him. He realized she caught him and they laughed for a moment. 

Trace couldn’t even focus. Dee continued to lay there spreading her legs a little more. Trace was completely mesmerized by her. She asked him if he liked what he sees. He placed his hand on her knee and said yes, you are so sexy. Dee slowly ran her hand down her body to her panties and pulled her panties to one side and asked him if he liked the way her pussy looked as she spread her pussy lips apart. Trace’s cock was immediately hard as a rock. 

Trace pulled her bent leg straight and guided it behind him, opening her beautiful wings that cover her pretty pussy up. Dee started rubbing on her pussy and Trace started rubbing her thighs and joined her rubbing on her pussy. Trace bent over to softly kiss her pussy several times. He slid down on the couch to where he could bury his face in her. He kissed her pussy all over and the inside of her thighs. Trace then slid his tongue in between her pussy lips and swirled his tongue around her clit. Dee was slightly moving her hips and lightly moaning. He ran his tongue up and down her pussy and sucked light then hard on her clit. Then put his tongue inside of her pussy as far as he could get it in there. Enjoying the way she tasted and felt. He continued licking and sucking on her pussy for awhile, pushing her legs up and kissing and licking her ass as well. Rimming her ass. Dee was soaking wet now and so turned on. She had never been licked so good and never on her ass. She loved it. 

Trace used two fingers and started finger fucking her while sucking on her clit really hard. Dee grabbed his hair and started rubbing her pussy all over his face slow then fast until she cummed all over his face. 

Trace pulled her panties and skirt off while she removed her shirt and bra. He couldn’t believe how gorgeous she was and that how he was lucky to be intimate with her. He kissed her body all over. Sucking on her nipples and nibbling them. Kissing on her neck, her ears, and then kissed her with a sexy passionate very wet kiss. 

Trace raised up to remove his shirt and then unbutton his pants as he unzipped his pants, Dee sat up and pulled his pants down. Pulled his boxers down and lightly licked on his dick all over. Licked his balls and sucked one at time into her mouth. Then started sucking on his dick, deep throating him while he had his hands on her head and slightly fucking her mouth. Trace barely could stay on his knees in front of her it felt so good. He finished taking his pants off and slowly climbed on top of her. While kissing her, Trace rubbed his dick up and down on her wet juicy pussy.

He guided his dick inside of her pussy. Slowly entering until he was fully inside her. Slow deep thrusts to start then he thrusted her faster and faster and deeper and harder. Dee was squeezing and clawing his back the harder he thrusted her pussy. 

Trace flipped her over onto her knees with ass in the air, he cuffed her pussy with his mouth, sucking up her cum. Then slid his dick back into her pussy pounding her hard again until she was screaming. He slowed down and had both her ass cheeks in his hands and slipped a thumb into her ass while fucking her. He moved his thumb a little slower than he was going. She seemed to love it. 

They repositioned and she was straddling him on the couch. She sat down on his dick and rolled her hips while moving up and down. His hands all over her. Dee grabbed the back of the couch behind his head and started sliding on him fast until she cummed so hard. Trace threw his head back and was pulling on her hips helping her move even faster. Dee, cummed yet again. Then she slid her pussy off of his dick and guided his dick into her ass. Trace was feeling so good he could barely speak. Dee moved up and down until he was deep inside her ass then she bounced up and down pretty fast on him. They both were moaning and Trace was moving his hips and thrusting his dick in her hard while she was bouncing up and down. They reached an awesome climax together leaving them both shaking and sweating and just completely relaxed. 

They kissed and agreed that they would definitely be seeing each other again for sure. They got dressed and decided to call it a day. As they left his office there were still a couple of people still working in the office who heard it all. They just looked at Trace and Dee with big smiles on their face. They calmly and maturely walked out of the office into the elevator. They kissed all the way down to the parking garage floor. And parted to go to there vehicles. Both were still smiling and feeling great about what had just happened between them. Such passion and ecstasy with extreme pleasure.

The End

Lori πŸ’‹ 


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