Morning ☀️

Morning y’all! I’m up early again. I hope we all have a good day today. And I hope it don’t rain, my yard is looking like hell. Can’t even hardly walk to the dogs without sinking…yuck. Can’t keep my truck clean neither lol. 

Well I’m on round 3 of trying to put purple in my hair. It’s starting to get on my nerves. The first try I tried that kool aid thing….I got GREEN! I only did it on a test strip underneath but it was clearly green, that was a fail. Second time last night I used actual dye and it was so light I couldn’t even hardly see it. So this this morning I did it again and I’m gonna leave it on a little longer, we’ll see in a bit I guess. If it don’t take this time I give up…maybe haha. 

It’s video day for me and oldest to record for YouTube channel. Hope my hair gets purple for the video dang it lol. I’m wearing my boots and I’m gonna try to look nice instead of just slouchy like I’m good for hehe. 

I didn’t do much of nothing yesterday. I purposely just sat around and took a break. It’s hard for me to sit still so I’m always tired. But when I do that all I do is think. I evaluate myself and my life and my future and so on. I don’t feel like that great of an awesome person but I’m not a horrible person either. I tend to get a little bitchy and can become a smartass in like 2 seconds depending on situation and people haha. But still I ain’t that bad. And I’m not living in a nice ass house anymore nor do I have much money but at least I’m not living in my truck ya know. And I don’t have a shit ton of food but I have food an I’m not going hungry anymore which is awesome! Y’all just don’t know how bad it sucked to live in my truck and make one bag of chips, a loaf of bread and a small jar of peanut butter last a week. No breakfast no lunch no snacks. It sucked ass! But I’m past that and so glad. 

I wish I could get as lucky as some people and just fall into money haha! I’m so tired and so tired of working my ass off. Maybe someday who knows?🤔

I know I haven’t got that story I’m working on here yet. I make it up as I go and I done went and complicated it so I have to keep working on it to make it work. It’s not nothing all great it’s just trying to piece it together right. 

I gotta go tend to my hair….again! 😜 It better work this time or I may just cut it all off and look like a boy and dye it blue and look all crazy and ugly 😂😂😂😂. 

Love ya guys!



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