Didn’t know what to title it lol. Tired of saying gm and gn. Everybody have a good day today? Mine was a little better today, so far anyway. I went to a festival today and had a blast. I love watching people dancing and having a good time and meeting new people and others…😁. Haha. I felt alive, I haven’t felt that in a while. Felt like myself I loved it. 

I’m in the tub at the moment because I was building me a gate to put in my house to keep my dog under control lol & I was sweating like a pig outside. And summer ain’t even hit that hard yet. Oh and I didn’t mow either I said fuck it lol. And now it’s raining ugh. 

I tried to do a video earlier but every time I tried to speak about certain things I started crying so I deleted it. Didn’t want to bore you with that. I’ll write some of it below lol. 

Ok so here’s what I tried to say in video. I enjoy some of the perks of being single but loneliness is really setting in. Real bad. I don’t want to just start dating everyone either. I simply want someone that is worth it. That falls in love with me not just loves at me. Only has eyes for me and me only! Won’t cheat on me if their life depended on it kinda guy an I have to be able to trust fully. With all that said, what I couldn’t say without crying was…why am I not enough??? Is it physical, my boobs or butt not big enough??? Is it my personality??? What is it about me that makes guys cheat on me??? I don’t understand at all. I give my all and do anything and get attached to them just enough to get hurt. That alone makes me afraid of getting close anymore. So I’m in a bad spot….I want it but I don’t want it. If only they knew how much it hurt and how much it makes you feel so stupid they probably would quit doing it. I guess they have to get attached and get cheated on before they’ll understand it huh? 

Ok that’s all I’m saying lol for now. It’s just hard to go through my day while feeling like I’m a nothing and not attractive enough to keep eyes on me only. Oh well whatever fuck it huh? That’s what I say about 100 times a day…Fuck It….my favorite phrase. I’m going to get that tattooed on me somewhere lol. 

It did feel good to be making stuff with wood again I do admit but it was hot. It’s kinda hard though since I don’t have that many tools lol. 

Well I love you people and hope you have a good rest of the day! 

Love, Lori 


Good Evening You’ins😊

Well I hope y’all had a great day today! I’m off this weekend and absolutely loving it! Not doing much but hey I ain’t working heh heh. 

I’ve actually had a bad day but trying to ignore it. I’m sitting on my front porch right now trying to clear my mind. I’m thankful for the one person that has checked on me all day to make sure I’m alright because she knows I’m struggling and shits happening that’s out of my control and damn near a nervous breakdown. Out of the few people I know, only one loves me and cares enough to show it. My kids, I love em but not even they have called. It hurts to be alone when you just want to be held because everything is fucking up right before your eyes. 

But anyway, I’m not gonna be all sad and shit, just makes it worse on me. 

However I guess I gotta do a little bit of work tomorrow…I gotta freaking mow again! UGH!!! Push mowing sucks ass let me tell ya! 😩😩😩😩😩😩

I found out today what’s really wrong with my truck. I stopped by a garage I’ve used for years and he said my ball joints are bad and my sway bar linkage needs replaced, that they’re really bad. BUT he wants to charge me $680 to do it all. I don’t think so especially when the parts add up to about $80….πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”….last time I checked I’m still not a stupid bitch. Hmph! 

That’s pretty much all I got right now. Maybe later or tomorrow I’ll write more. Have a good night everyone! 

Love, Lori❀️

Uncensored Sensations πŸ‘…

I thought I’d write something that ain’t so damn depressing. Not a story just some turns ons. We all like being turned on. Those hot passionate moments that work up to the explosion within our bodies that we share with someone. Do I have your attention? I sure hope so. πŸ’œ

Words spoken to you that have your undivided attention. Words that make your pussy so wet it’s soaking your panties or your dick so hard it’s busting through your pants by just reading those words. Not touched yet. 

Sexual passion is absolutely the most intensifying experience. Passion and fire between two people that can’t be put out. Just burns and burns. Orgasms like you’ve never had before in your life. It’s mind blowing how intense it can be. 

The gentle kiss that is so soft and wet sends chills through your body. Feelings you don’t want to stop. The feel of each other’s tongues so warm and tasteful. Lips sucked on so gently. Nibbling the lips because you are so aroused. Kissing the neck with lips and gentle strokes of the tongue. Licking and sucking on the ear lobe so gently. 

The touch of fingertips move down your arm. Warm wet sucking and kissing on your breasts. Gently nibbling on your nipples. 

Women:Wet kiss moves down your chest to your belly. Thighs being kissed so closely to your pussy that it has you squirming. The first lick on your pussy sends your body racing. Lick after lick. Gentle sucking on your clit. Pussy swelling and throbbing uncontrollably. Clit swelling as it’s being sucked and flicked with the tongue harder and harder. Oh the feel of the tongue sliding down your pussy and then enters you so deep moving like a caterpillar. Sliding in and out. Tongue swirling all around the often forgotten pleasurable area just a tad away from your pussy. Your whole pussy being sucked on gently then harder. Fingers enter you and hit the right spots that send you arching your back with pleasure. The tip of the dick slides up and down your very wet pussy. Then enters your pussy…slowly but deep. Thrust after thrust it becomes faster and faster. So fast, so deep, the dick is so hard. Your clawing and screaming. Shaking and squirting your pussy juice all over the place. The feel of the dick is mesmerizing, so good so hard. The final is an explosion so great your sent straight to sleep from such pure pleasure. Laying there soaking wet with pussy still pulsing from the pounding. 

Men: Wet soft kissing all over your chest moves down to your stomach. Light touches of fingertips on your chest down to your thighs. Sweet little kisses all around your dick. Kisses on your thighs. Gentle stroke of the tongue at the base of the dick that moves all the way to the top. Gentle wet swirls of the tongue around the tip of your dick. Mouth coupled on your dick sliding up and down the length down to your balls. Flicking and licking by tongue all over your balls. Warm mouth gently sucks on them and pulls them into the mouth. Releasing one then pulling in the other. Licking under your balls to that sweet spot down there that intensifies your sensations. Slipping the tongue on down to lick on yet another awesome release of sensations. Dick laying on you, mouth gently from the tip sucks in your dick and slowly enters the warm soft mouth. As the mouth moves further down you are mesmerized so greatly that your head is thrown back with pleasure. Up and down, faster and faster. Deep in the throat. Tightness is unspeakable. The tip of the dick enters the hot wet pussy that is over top of you. As pussy has sucked up your hard dick and moves like waves. Up and down, back and forth and around…your speechless. Hard and fast is what the pussy gives as you explode inside of it, filling it up to the rim. Laying there so relaxed your numb.  

     I hope you enjoyed this. I did, tore myself up all to hell. Damn I’m alone this sucks lol. But that’s what I love about writing. You can let your imagination run wild. Other than my personal posts, these are my favorites to write about. I don’t know how many women are actually this sexually active as I am but I can’t turn it off even if I’m not feeling too good. I eat, sleep, and breathe it everyday. Only in the past months have I got to experience pleasures I used to only think about. It’s definitely mind blowing. I might share some adventures with you later on. 

I thank every single one of you that takes the time to read my words. I appreciate it. I’m loving sharing what I only thought of or wrote in notebooks that no one ever read except me for years. Thankyou❀️

Well goodnight/good morning, it’s 12:30 lol. I hope this starts your day off better than my depressing posts. Happy Cumming!! 

Love, LoriπŸ’‹

Night CapΒ 

I’m writing now for tonight & in the morning. I got shit to do then work in the am. 

Yes I’m still feeling bad. Can’t shake it. I know blah blah I like being single but the sucky part is that it’s lonely. The later it gets the more it sucks of every single day. Yes I love being single, it has lots of perks but damn it gets so f’king lonely. I hardly ever get company. I don’t get cuddled or get the I love/care about you feeling. I need it dammit lol. I want to feel like I mean something to somebody and I will not beg.  

Me…writing started when I was in the early teens. It became an outlet and I still to this day use it for that. I have a hard time saying what needs to be said in person. I’ve always been that way due to a lot of shit happening to me, I just break down and shut down. 

I know I don’t let just anybody in my life but if I do your actually lucky because I just don’t do it normally. I keep to myself for the most part. I swear they’re are stages of being single, one minute I’m like hell yeah then the next minute I want to be fucking held at night. I don’t think I’m asking for too much??? 

So am I over thinking or overreacting on this? Do I seem crazy to y’all? Because I feel like I’m going crazy. Honestly…I hate myself for the ability to care for people anymore. I hardly ever get it retuned back to me. I’ve tried so hard to just simply not give a fuck about those that don’t even think of me throughout the day but it don’t work. My circle has definitely gotten a lot smaller over the past few months. If they hurt me or use me or play two-faced to me, I’ve been dropping them from my life. 

I guess I should shut up about it all before I say shit I shouldn’t. Because most are still on my fb and stuff. Well thanks for reading my nonsense and letting me vent! Lol 

Well I gotta get back to being on track with this heart of mine…I think I derailed somewhere because I was doing great for a little while. It was so freeing to not worry. But I think loneliness takes over and makes it hard for me to breathe sometimes. 

Good night people, love ya’s! 


Good Evening….πŸ˜”

How’s everyone today? Hopefully y’all are having a good day. I’m trying too but it’s not working out for me. It’s a nice day out though. I was out n about earlier just getting out of the house. Didn’t last long. 

It’s really funny how something or someone can change your mind and cause you not to want anything to do with it anymore. Yea I’m having a _____day….idk what to call it, it’s just there. 

I know I hate my heart for one, I really do. I hate that I can love the shit out of people so easily and get nothing but shit on in return. There I said how I’m feeling, don’t get used to it. Y’all know I don’t like specifics on my feelings. I can say anything about what’s pissed me off or whatever but how I feel is so personal to me. I’m so afraid of letting feelings out on anything. But anyway…I’ll get over it like I always do. My heart will probably be the death of me, I just don’t see how it can take all this aching. Just can’t make people love/like ya…f’k it. 

Yesterday a guy from my fb friends gave me a ton of wood, as soon as I get some tools it’s so on. That will probably help take shit of my mind too. That and I love making stuff. A lot of stuff. 

Have y’all ever considered just deleting yourself from all of social media? I have and do now. I can still blog and vlog but I’m talking about fb, twitter, instagram, etc. I’m on all of them. The way I see it is if I’m not on there I’m not meeting or talking to too many people so that way there’s a less chance I’ll get hurt. And get away from the bullshit as well. In my head it seems like it would be more peaceful but I’m highly addicted idk if I could really do it. I know here soon when I take off I’m only turning my phone on long enough to tell my boys and gf I’m alive then turning it right back off. I know it’s all sad-ish today but that’s how I feel. 

And I think my truck is gonna lay down on me before I get the money up to fix it. Now it’s jerking when it changes gears every now n then. It’s always like that, get one good thing going and everything else blows the fuck up. Whatever, I’m doing all I can do. 

I guess that’s all I got other than more whining so I won’t keep going with it lol. 

Love ya, Lori 

Good Morning Vietnam….LOL I’m just jk!!

Sorry haha that’s the first thing that popped in my head when I was typing out good morning. I love that movie and how Robin Williams says that lol! 

Anyways……I’m fixing to go to bed but wanted to do my morning post cause I won’t have time in the morning. Gots shit to do lol. Can’t wait til my new frig gets here. I’m just gonna stand there and look at it! Haha. So excited. Loving that a few things are a little better for me. Been just barely surviving for awhile now. I know some have it a lot worse than me and I had it pretty bad. I don’t wish none of that on my worse enemy. 

It’s strange how you go through so much and you take so much shit from everyone and no one has your back then all of a sudden tables starting turning. I’ve seen several now, enemies I guess you’d say who stood at the top of their mountain and laughed and looked down on me while I was drowning in life for almost a year.  Well…Karma is a fucking bitch. No I wouldn’t personally wish it on nobody but I can’t control karma or life. And even though I was ridiculed I still will never stand at the top and do anyone the way I was done. It’s not in me, I can’t do that. I just pray for them and move on. And honestly if I knew they were starving like I was, my ass would be there with fucking food. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing somebody I know whether I liked them or not went to bed as hungry as I used to. Let me tell ya that sucked. Belly growling so hard it feels like it’s becoming painful. Yea I know the feeling. And I couldn’t do anyone the way they’ve done me. I was raised that way and it’s in my heart. But I do feel bad for them. 

I’m so happy things are changing for the better for me. It may be small things but when you have had almost nothing it makes the little things look huge. May not mean nothing to others but means the world to me. 

And I’m putting together an exercise challenge that I’ll be doing for one week. I’ll take before and after pics. Gonna focus on butt/thighs, stomach, chest, and face exercises. Not decided on an exact number of each but it will be a lot hence it’s a challenge lol. 
I’ve dozed off about 10 times. Night y’all! 

Love, Lori 


Rainy Day 🌧

Hey everybody! Hope y’all’s day is gonna be great even though it’s raining. After this rain I’m going to have to do the dreaded push mowing my yard but hey it’s a great exercise lol! 

Well I didn’t make it to work this morning. My allergy headaches are awful. So tired of feeling blah everyday. Hope boss don’t get too upset with me. 

I guess I’m gonna try to clean my house up a bit, not doing much though. All my laundry is mostly done but I haven’t put none of it away in days haha, I’ve been lazy.  F’k it πŸ˜‚. I do however have to give my inside dog a doggy spa cleaning, she’s filthy. I may paint her nails while I’m at too lol. 

I miss my gf, she’s by herself at work cause I’m not there, I feel so bad. I love that chick. She’s been the most truest, loving & caring person I’ve been around in a long time. She’s a great person, very few like her left. Most pretend til they get what they want from you then just up and act like you don’t exist. I’ve removed those from my life. 

I have slept on my couch for the past three nights. It’s so comfy. I don’t hardly even go into my room no more lol. I sleep, eat, and  work online, all from the couch 😁. I’ve just not had anything nice in so long I can’t get enough of it. Annnd I’m getting a new frig in the morning…yay! No more freezer door falling off and hitting me lol. You have no idea how bad that can piss you off lol. 

And I’m sorry for blowing up in last post. I deleted it. I was so angry I had to let it out. But I’m alright now. I think anyways lol. I just hate how people can make you feel. And mostly it pisses me off because I feel like they have some sort of control over me because they can fuck with me, I don’t like that. I’ve never dealt with anyone controlling me very well at all. I lose my shit. I believe that’s mostly why I need to work for myself and not at these mills and shit where I feel like a robot. 

I’m waiting for headache to ease off so I can clean some. It’s easing but it won’t stay gone. 

I may nap first, seems to help headache along with taking pills. In a few weeks I’m going to get my eyes examined and get some new glasses. When I’m not having an allergy headache it’s headaches because of my eyes. Ugh.

When I was at work yesterday I was staring off over the mountains and sky. Just lost in thought. I like being single but I can’t help but to wonder what it’ll be like to come home to a man who loves me and can’t get enough of me and would be there for me no matter what. No doubts, no cheating, no lies, etc. yea well that was as far as I got anyways lol. 

May talk to y’all later this evening! Have a great day!

Live, Lori