Good Morning 💐

I think it’s gonna be a beautiful day according to the weather. I sure hope so 😊.  I hope everybody has a great day, I have to work some today but hey at least I’m working. Thankful I have two jobs now. But I will be getting rid of the full time job soon. I’ve had enough of being unhappy there and being done wrong when I’m innocent. 

I’ve decided that I’m gonna quit focusing on people so much. I’m no longer allowing them to steal my joy. It’s stupid, it just lets them win, destroy you, use the shit out of you and son on. Don’t wanna be in my life? Fine, I don’t give a shit no more. I ain’t begging for nobody’s attention or friendship any longer. I’m busting my ass for my future and I will not allow anyone to bring me down or make me feel like I’m worthless or beneath them. Not saying I’m better than anyone either, I just choose to do something with my life instead of sitting around making others miserable. 

It’s the simple shit you notice too and it’s stupid I know but it is what it is. They don’t like your posts on Facebook anymore, they don’t message you anymore, if you message them you either get no response or it’ll take an hour or a day before they respond back…if they do. When you notice I don’t contact you anymore, it’s because you ignore me and like I said I ain’t begging for shit. This is ain’t for one person this is for several of y’all. I’m sorry but they ain’t nobody that makes me a priority except myself. That’s why I’m going to focus on me instead of people so much. I’ve considered only using Facebook for the blog and vlog from now on. I’ve got some haters and I’ll just let them weed their self out. I’m not pissed y’all just fed up and over it. I’ve tried so hard to make friends with people just to be stabbed in the back an used and lied to like hell. I’m done. What’s sad is people that have never met me build me and compliment me more than people that do and have met me. I’m thankful for them. But I’ve never done nothing to none of the people I’m around a lot and they damn well know it. Karma is truly a Biatch….remember that. 

Those that want to be in my life ….they show me that they do and that’s great. But if not…I don’t care anymore, go on then…please. But just note that when I’m on top of that mountain, don’t come to me wanting a piece of my pie after treating me like shit. If your not true to me now, well fuck you🖕🏻. You will not be a part of my life then neither. 

Ok I’m done with that…well for now hahahaha😁. I think being outside all day yesterday in the pollen and air has gotten to me. Allergies suck! I’ll be alright though, I already started taking my pills this morning. And I’ve got sore muscles everywhere from doing that project yesterday too. Y’all can watch the video, its on my timeline somewhere. (I’ll post a link at the bottom). My next project is probably gonna be me making something out of those four tires I have that don’t fit nothing lol. 

Well my son and his wife are probably gonna move out soon so I’ve got to hold onto money tight. Until finances improve greatly I’m going to just live where I am. It’ll cost me more to move than to just stay still. I’m going to buy one of those ac/heat units, maybe two of them. I refuse to burn up or freeze to death anymore. They’re expensive but they will make my life so much easier. I gotta do something with the kitchen. My plan is to just cheaply mask it basically. Just roll out some linoleum to cover ugly floor and throw some paint on the rest. Finish bathroom and then paint porch and the tin on top of porch. Should mask it pretty good after the few changes, enough anyway to make it comfortable and look a tad better. 

I love soaking in the tub this early…ah hell I like it anytime! 😂❤️. If it had jets I’d never get out! LOL.

Well for those of you that ain’t hating on me  lol, I’ll talk to you later on here. Have a great day! 

Love, Lori🌺


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