Midday News 😁

Hope everybody is having a good day. Mines going pretty good I reckon. I feel good anyway, all that matters right? Lol. 

I’m sitting here eating a plate of food we ordered, I was about to starve to death. Haha

Y’all I absolutely cannot express how much better I feel. I started feeling this way before finances got better too. I went through a lot of shit, y’all know that. You may not know exactly what but you read how upset I was and I was verrry upset. Very hurt to an extreme measure. I thought I was going to stroke out or have a heart attack for real. But after that night, I woke up the next morning and I was in a different mode. Like a switch was turned on/off. I no longer can tolerate bullshit from anyone and I like that. I stopped worrying about who likes me or how I’m gonna make it or whatever. I’m here, I’m me and that’s all I know. Now I think well if anyone wants  to be in my life that’s great but I won’t beg or chase anyone. Not being mean at all, it’s just I’ve went through some people that I never thought was so cold hearted. I just quit. If your good to me I’ll move mountains for you, I’d do anything for anybody. It’s just who I am. 

I am however madly in love……with my couch! Lol. I am though hahaha!! And I’m loving the changes and everything in my life. It’s nice. I’m laughing at everything anymore, even at home by myself Lol. I’m just a happy go lucky person now a days😊.

And those posts I’ve been writing about a Mrs.Badass…I think I’m going to keep that story on going. I kinda like how it’s going and I’m able to come up with new adventures every post. 

But I gotta go, I’m at work. Have a great day!😄

Love, Lori💕


Peaceful ..💜

Good morning people! I hope everyone has a great day today. 

I gotta say that the saying money can’t buy happiness is a lie. In my case it has took away a lot of my stress. I’m not making huge money but my bills are covered and then some. I’m loving it! 

Not only do I maintain the ‘IDGAF’ attitude feeling that came over me for what like a week or better now?….I also have a few dollars now which brings even more peace on me. I haven’t been this relaxed in such a long time, like years. It’s an awesome feeling. 

No…money won’t bring me a man, a real one. I’m sure I could attract some lowlifes but it ain’t happening. Lol. Money don’t fix family problems either. But let me tell ya that it does take away the stress and that alone makes it easier for me to deal with everything else. 

Three jobs are wearing me down for sure lol. I’m going to the second job today…maybe haha. But anyway if I don’t make some good money at it today I will be turning in my key to the restaurant….I’ll be done with that one. It’s mostly just wasting my time where I could be resting up for the other two jobs. With this new attitude that’s come over me, I have been removing whatever don’t make me happy including people. Life’s too short for bullshit. I only want things and people that can make me smile around me. 

I have been laughing a lot more too lately. Feels nice. Real nice. I’m seriously considering quitting that job before I even go in. It’s making me unhappy and it’s got to go. 

Oh let me tell ya what happened last night! My neighbors damn dog with muddy ass feet ran into my house last night! And it’s a big dog too, a german shepherd. I was mad as hell! Mud every damn wear including my bed!! I just washed my bedding too and had to again at 1am this morning. I liked to have never got that dog out. Let’s put it this way…if I still had my stressed out attitude I would have personally jerked my neighbor out of their house and beat the shit out of them because they won’t keep their dog out of my yard!! No joke! Then called cops on them this morning to start filing tons of complaints. I CAN be an asshole lol. BUT after I got the dog out I just went and cleaned my house back up, I growled a little but I was able to calm down almost instantaneously…..I was amazed at myself!!!! Loving being at peace for a change. 

Have a great day!!!!

Love, Lori💋


      A day off yay!!!! I’m taking it anyway. I’m tired as hell. I took two Benadryls last night due to a really bad headache from allergies. Knocked me out cold lol. I didn’t wake up til about 9 this morning. I never sleep that late but it felt great. 

      I had a rough day yesterday at my full time job, damn near walked out. I literally worked the entire 12 hours. Didn’t get done til 7:35 last night. Didn’t eat lunch, didn’t have time. That’s bs! Two of the bosses were smartasses too. Really sick of it so much that right now I’m having to tell myself ‘you have to go in friday Lori’ Lol. But I don’t wanna. 

     Well I went and done something for myself. I ordered me a new living room suit, supposed to be delivered today. It’s not gonna hurt me too bad to pay for it. Dammit I deserve to have something nice for a change. Now I’m gonna have to turn my satellite back on now that I have a nice couch to lay on that don’t break my back. I’m slowly beginning to furnish my house and a frig is the next thing I’m after. I’m tired of picking up the freezer door off the floor ever time I open it ugh! 

    I have found a way to make quite a bit of extra money so now I can actually do things I’ve been wanting to do. I’m not rich but too me it feels like. Anything beyond my paycheck makes me feel rich lol. Probably going to drop the part time job. I’m wasting more in gas and time than I make in money for it to be worth my while. I’ve got too much on me to do anyways. At least I’ll go back to having some days off here and there. 

    I’m not going to use the money to move though. For one..I hate moving! Two..don’t want to move until I can maybe rent to own a home. I should be able to NOW make it a little more comfortable living here. I’m going to get two of those window air/heat units before it gets old again. Hopefully I won’t have to battle with freezing to death. I do have to get another ac now before we hit that nasty ga heat of the summer. 

   Well I want my morning bath but I don’t think I get too. Sitting here waiting on living room suit so I can’t 😩. 

   I know I haven’t wrote in a day or two but I’ve been wide open with three jobs and dogs to take care of, etc, and trying to find an hour or two to sleep lol. 

   It really feels nice to be able to do something for myself. I’ve tried to not get ‘the love of money’ planted in my head but it takes money to survive. So you gotta have  it a little bit. And after I find me a frig I’m taking my truck to somewhere to have whatever needs fixed in the front end. I know tie rod ends are bad for sure and I’ve been hearing my brakes growling every time I stop too. Too much squeaking going on, driving me nuts! 

   I gotta say for the first time in forever I have the feeling of contentment. It feels nice. I have food in the frig, gas in the truck,  dogs have food, few bucks in my pocket, and a few great people in my life whom I love dearly.  It even overrides the hatred I have for the ft job. I’m loving it! Not being angry or stressed 24/7 makes a big difference in your life. 

Talk to you guys later. Have a great day! 

Love ya, Lori

Good Morning

Back to work week for most today except me I don’t ever stop lol. Really just about burnt out already too. Hope y’all have a good day. 

I know it seems I’m writing a lot lately but that’s a good thing. When I’m feeling better that’s what I do. If you see a few days go by and I haven’t posted nothing, most likely something’s wrong. I still feel alright. But now I’m on fire to better myself like hell. So sick of all this working, hell I’m hardly ever home anymore. And to me that seems kinda stupid, to be at work all the time to just barely make it. No life whatsoever. I have no excitement in my life and I literally can’t blow money on a pack of gum without it causing me trouble next week. Sick of this shit. I am working on it, changing everything for myself and it seems to be slowly working out for me. I refuse to give up. And like I said at the beginning of the year…I will be successful this year and I will be better off financially. It’s hard I ain’t gonna lie. I just wanna give up sometimes and hide but I’m too damn stubborn for that! 

I’ve got like this weird moment or something that happened. I may just be taking another step towards getting out of the sad single shit I’ve been in. It was literally like my eyes were opened and I could see more clearly….situations and people and stuff. Idk it’s weird. I still don’t give a shit no more lol. Now I really don’t seeing everything for what it is haha. I still love who I love and like who or what I like but everything and everybody else it’s just….fuck it. I may be coming across as meaner too, probably should dye my hair blue and red with pigtails, it’d be fitting right now 😂. 

Well I’m gonna leave this one short because I’ll end up writing in circles or bitching hahaha! 

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Lori 

Words For Those Who Need It❤️

   First of all, I don’t want nobody thinking I’m talking about anybody directly. I just feel like saying a few words to hopefully encourage some that seem to be in the same shit I’ve been in and still in. I see it in their words they write. I can sense and feel their pain. And no it’s not sympathy, that’s what you do when you can’t really relate to another’s pain or problems but you feel bad for them. I can feel their pain. 

It seems to be mostly single people like me. I am new to being single and I have struggled as you all have read throughout my posts. I became single June 15th 2016. So a little under a year. Let me emphasize…..I have Neverrrr been alone before. I left my moms arms straight into a mans arms. Never experienced life being single or alone. I’m adapting a little better than I was, I mostly keep myself busy. But when I lay down at night, that’s when it sucks for me. I’m being still and realizing I’m alone and no one to talk to. No one to hold me through the night. To feel safe in a mans arms. To feel loved and to Oh So Feel Wanted So Very Badly! 

  Me nor any of you can give up just because we’re single. It doesn’t mean we suck as a person, it means we just haven’t fount no one that is ours yet. Sure we all do the dating thing, going through who knows how many searching for a soul mate. But I stopped looking. I quit fooling with it. I’m tired of getting my heart broke over fuckboys, they ain’t worth my time. And yes I know for you guys your sick of the sorry ass sluts out there that have no idea how to be a woman. 

  Yes I get messages from different men that I talk to on occasion but I’m not fucking them, I don’t want nor need to. I don’t want a disease nor end up raped or dead or get another broken heart. I don’t send pics to them no more, I don’t like talking dirty with them no more. The way I see it is I’m a pretty good damn person and should be respected as such. I know I post a lot of crazy shit and sexual stuff everywhere but that’s who I am. I’m not posting nudes of myself everywhere. I’m not fucking everything that says hi to me. I don’t have low self esteem, I don’t have to fuck everyone to feel better about myself. The only thing about me is I don’t like my boobs. BUT men don’t seem to give a shit but I do, that’s why I will get that boob job done, it’s for me not them. 

  Other than my little boob problem which is not really a problem it’s just that I want more, don’t feel like you ain’t pretty or handsome enough. Because in the right persons eyes you are Fucking Perfect! ❤️

  I know from experience crying all the time does no good at all. Yes sometimes let it out but get up and go on, find something to do. Hang out with people. Try something new like a hobby or travel or something. If you can’t stand the quite, turn on the radio or tv. You are responsible for making you happy. You have to train your brain. Your not depressed, nor ugly, nor do you suck as a human being. It’s what feeling lonely does to us. It fucks with our minds. 

  I’ve always wanted to be successful at something but I always gave up for some reason, I guess because I thought it was selfish of me while in a relationship. Stupid huh? Yep! You don’t know every detail I’ve been through nor do I know y’all’s but it don’t matter. The past is over, let it be and make a new life for yourself. But please don’t be wanting to die. I know how you feel on that. I still feel unwanted to a certain point but I’ve been learning to ignore that feeling because it hurts like fucking hell! For the past week I’ve been doing a shit ton better than what I was. If someone wants me they’ll have to prove it and come get me. I refuse to beg for someone to want me anymore. That’s nonsense and it will leave you worse off than what you was. Fuck em. 

  Yes I wanna fall asleep in a mans arms and wake up to him every single day and to know that he only wants me and only has eyes for me. To have sex with him anytime I want and kiss him anytime I want. To know he loves me and to be able to trust him. But I refuse to ponder on it like I did. It was only killing me. You can’t do it either, we’re all human, we want a lot of the same things and think and feel mostly alike. Don’t do it to yourself….your worth more than that! 

  Have I been with men since I’ve been single? Yes. Did I want all of the above out of them? Yes….and that’s where I fucked up. Not all you meet are faithful nor do they really want you, they’re just horny fuckboy assholes with no heart and see you as a notch in their belt nothing more. To me I honestly think those that keep fucking everything have low self esteem and they need their fix to feel better about themselves. Until they’re done they will never stop and most of the time they end up dying alone because they let the good women go for a hot piece of one time pussy.  And of course vice versa. 

  I’m not man hating. I’m stating facts that I had to plant in my own head that they ain’t all good and I have trust issues anyway so they end up making it worse on me. So see your not alone. I know it feels like it but your not. I had to go through the motions before I could see the truth and it sucked! 

  It’s so easy to get caught up with a man or woman’s innocent flirting. They make you think your something then ditch you like your trash. Gotta learn to stay away and be able to point them out so you don’t get hurt. 

  I don’t know if any of this is making sense or helping but I’m trying here. 

  Ok, it’s not all about not having someone. In my case I have jobs that make me so miserable I want to puke. And that adds to the problem of being alone. Being unhappy in everything. I’m doing everything I can to change that part of my life. It ain’t easy. I’m doing some things I’m not too terribly proud of BUT I’m responsible for me. I put food on my table, I have to pay my bills. Ain’t nobody gonna do it for me. Moral of that is try to change and make all areas of your life enjoyable and then it slowly starts becoming easier being alone. 

What made me write this is because I spent almost every night sitting in my bed crying with the heavy feeling that no one wants me. It’s scary to feel that way. I know all about it. Do you have any idea just how scared I get at night when something goes bump in the dark and I have to woman up and check it out??? It sucks. I get so scared sometimes it drives me crazy. But it’s ok, really it is. Took me awhile to realize it. 

Ok well I hope I helped at least one person understand your not alone and it’s not the end of the world like it feels. It will be ok and it will work out, I’m living proof of that I still fight my way through it everyday but I’m fighting not crying anymore!!!!

Love you people!! 

Love Lori 😘

Mrs. Badass Part 2

Lettie was back home from her adventure with the maid and the couple. Even though she loved her adventures she still wants her husband. He was a handsome man and very good in bed whenever she could catch his attention anyway.

Lettie waited on her husband to come home which to her surprise he came earlier than normal. She was waiting in the kitchen when he walked in. Lettie said my your home early hon. Her husband Phil, said yea the whole computer system shut down on us so we called it a day. He asked what was she doing for dinner. Lettie said probably take out or leftovers, why? Phil tells her, I know it’s been rough on you but how about we go out for dinner or order in together. Lettie picked ordering in, she wanted anytime she could have with him to be alone with him, him agreed.

They sat in the living room to eat. The fireplace was blazing. Lettie got up and sat down next to Phil. She looked at him in his eyes and said you know I love you and I do admit I miss you. I appreciate everything you do for me but there’s an area that really needs your attention….Me.

Phil didn’t say a word, he turned and leaned in to kiss her. They kissed for a long time. So passionate and intense. Phil slowly starting unbuttoning her top kissing her neck to her shoulder. Pulling clothes out of the way as he kissed down to her breasts. He caressed and sucked on them so gently. Lettie was in heaven. Phil took the rest of her clothes off and guided her to the floor in front of the fireplace. He kissed her body all over, fingering her while he was sucking and licking on her pussy.

Phil walked off for a minute and came back with body oil and towels. He laid the towels out on the floor for Lettie to lay on. Phil put an excessive amount of oil all over the front of her body. She was glistening in the fireplace light. He massaged every part of her body from her neck to her toes. He massaged slow but firm enough for it to feel amazing. Lettie was still on her back at this point. Phil massaged her breasts and then clawed down her stomach to her thighs. He poured a little more oil directly on her pussy then slipped his fingers inside of her slowly then back out. Phil guided her to flip over. As she did, he removed his clothes.

He dripped oil down her back to her ass. Phil straddled her massaging her shoulders and back. Lettie could feel his hard dick up against her ass, she loved how big he was. Phil massaged down to her ass and massaged her ass cheeks hard as he scooted back to take in the view. He ran his thumbs up and down her ass. Slipped one thumb in her ass, in and out slowly. Then slipped both thumbs inside her ass, fingering harder and harder then removed them. Lettie was soooo relaxed and happy she was spending time with her husband and even having sex with him.

Phil rubbed his dick on her pussy and ass while kissing the back of her neck. Slid his dick deep inside of her oily and wet pussy. It felt amazing for both of them. Phil fucked her slow then real hard and fast over and over. He pulled out of her pussy and started sliding his dick in between her ass cheeks. Then he slowly put the head of his dick inside her ass. Letting was moaning and had already cummed so hard she was sweating and shaking. Phil wouldn’t let her do anything since he neglected her for so long. Phil kept sliding his dick inside her ass a little at a time with every stroke. Once he was all the way in he fucked her harder in her ass than he did her pussy. Lettie was screaming with pleasure. Phil never let up until he filled her up. They both were feeling really damn good. Phil laid beside her there in the floor and they slept there all night. Such hot passion and intense pleasure.

The next morning Lettie woke up, she was laying there alone in the floor covered up. Phil had already left for work and soon back to his old routine of neglect. Lettie would much rather prefer to only be with her husband but she only gets those times with him maybe once or twice every two to three months. She still continues her adventures, searching for what she needs but rarely receives from her husband.

The End…..Part 3 coming up soon

She’s Unknown

She’s been through enough. 

Yeah she’s had some good times     and has some good memories.    

She’s had more than her fair share of bad though.   

She believes its all to be able to       help others, to know and feel           what life can truly throw at you. 

Yeah she’s a woman but she’s like no other. 

She’s not your typical gal. 

She likes girly stuff but she’s far     from girly, she’d rather hang out   with the guys.  

She doesn’t have a lot of girlfriends because they have done her wrong over the years. 

She’s single now. Some days she loves it, other days not so much. 

Going to bed alone is the hardest. 

She wants so badly to be held and feel safe in a mans arms, to be loved and cherished. 

One day, she keeps telling herself… That she will be loved. 

She has so much to offer, yet nobody seems to notice, no one seems to want all of her. 

She’s so faithful it’ll make you sick. It drives men crazy because she won’t just hook up with them. 

Anyone can tell you your beautiful or tell you they love you, but it only really counts when its shown. 

When treated right, she’ll give you her all, she’ll hand you the world the best she can. 

Yeah she has an attitude, she’s a strong woman, what did you expect? 

She’ll work hard right beside you no matter what it is. 

She’ll be your lady in public, but be your freak in bed. 

Almost everyone she has known or knows has done her dirty. 

No she don’t trust easily because people always remind her and show her why she shouldn’t. 

She works and works hard at everything she does. 

She’s not afraid to break a nail or get dirty, she can handle it. 

But at the end of the day when she can take off her cape of strength, she’s helpless alone in her woman cave craving for a mans true love.

You want a woman like this?  Then prove it, get her or one like her, because theres really not that many of them around. 

She’s basically unknown. Not too many people know of her true worth and love. 

I thank you and love you people for following me and reading my blog!  

Love, Lori