What A Woman Needs In The Bedroom

Whether married or single every woman has needs. Needs that have to be met. Yes men have needs as well but women are more complicated than some men. Like me for example, I need to feel wanted….all the time. Even being single I still need to feel it. Most people do. 

Not all women are the same, some just like the normal simple sex and love and that’s ok. But women like me need a lot more! 

I’m going to speak the rest referring to ‘myself’ because well it’s all what I like and want and need deeply. And I know there’s a lot of women who can agree with me on most of it if not all. 

A major quality is trustworthiness. Whether it’s a one night stand or a partner. If I can’t trust you, you will not get all that I have to offer nor will you get me tied up. There needs to be passion, an insane fire burning between us. Wanting each other so badly. 

I need romance, I never get it so I desire it like hell. Is it that hard to buy a fake rose or light a candle or something? Give an actual massage, slow oily massage that’s sexy. 

Undress me slowly, unwrap me like a present. Press your body to mine. Make me feel wanted, show me and tell me you love my body. I want to feel protected and like I’m all yours if only temporarily. 

Let me get close to you, don’t keep me at your arms length….don’t fear being yourself with me. 

Be confident in everything you’re doing to me and with me. It is a major turn on.  

Kiss me and kiss me a lot, slow and wet with lots of tongue. And kiss me like you mean it and that you’re into me. 

Do foreplay with me, do it longer than 5 minutes to just quick fuck me. 

Use eye contact like hell, make me look at you! It’s intense and very passionate. It makes me feel wanted and cared for and not just a quick fuck, like your enjoying me more than you have anyone else. 

I like being submissive, I like being controlled. Pick me up, push me against a wall. I’ll melt in your hands. 

Kiss my lips and kiss me all the way down and eat me out. Kiss my inner thighs. Eat like it’s the best supper you’ve ever had. Don’t rush it. And don’t forget the pussy ain’t the only thing I want licked. Not all but some of us women do like our ass being ate out as well. 

Men please learn the g-spot, a-spot, u-spot and the deep spot. They are all very arousing to us. Not everyone has heard of them all. I do lots of reading so I learn a lot lol. 

Spank me, whisper my name and dirty shit in my ear. Restrain my wrists with your hands and don’t be a pussy. Moan with me. 

Play with my clit while your fucking me, it’s highly sensitive. Just please enjoy me, all of me. 

Don’t run off or go to sleep right away. Women need to be held and cuddled. It’s not crazy it’s an awesome feeling. It makes us feel highly incredible about ourselves because we feel like we have made you feel awesomely amazing. 

I like being fingered while being kissed. It just does something to me like crazy. 

Well y’all this was the best writing I could do without whining about my current sucking life. I was reading earlier about us women and I thought I’d write my likes because a lot of us women like the same things it’s just I’m not afraid to ask for it or do them. And since I write, I will write about it in detail lol. It’s what I love❤️. 

I did read something about men watching too much porn and it ruining their sex life because they start expecting women to act like those actors. May be true idk. I watch porn and it helps me to get better actually. I may not be able to do everything they do which is probably fake anyhow but I learn things and perform better. 

Well goodnight y’all. Have a good night and great day tomorrow! 



Taking a break for a bit

I’m sorry but I can’t write anymore of this sad depressing shit I’m going through. Which means I can’t write. If I can come up with a positive story or something I will post that. But the more I write about it the more I think about it all. And I just spent close to 6 hours of being in complete terror. 

I guess it was panic attacks, that’s what it seemed/sounded like. I’ve never had one like that before an it scared the hell out of me. My bed is pushed up against two walls, in the corner and I sat in that corner almost the entire time. Scared, numb, shaking, crying, smothering, freaking out all at the same time. I was crying for somebody or anybody to show up. This shit is getting real and affecting me real bad. That’s why I’m taking a break. Something’s gotta give somewhere or I’m putting all my shit back in a storage unit and living out of my truck…fuck this life. 

I made a video earlier today before the panic attack. The link is below, hope it works right. See y’all later


Good Evening Everyone 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! My facebook is flooded with posts and pics of kids graduating and families having fun. It’s so sweet to see all the fun and love. Just awesome! 

I have to say it’s sad for me, sorry but it is. My kids are grown and they do their own thing. I’m sitting here alone looking at it all on facebook and I just started bawling. It hurts so bad to have to sit here alone. It’s like I don’t have family anymore. 

It hurts so bad at just the thought of wanting to wrap my arms around someone and cuddle up to them…to be held. Ya just don’t understand how bad I need it. 

I seriously can’t wait until I’m over all this emotional shit. I’m getting tired of hurting and actually tired of writing about it. And I’m sure y’all are tired of hearing it. Lol

I’m sitting here watching Netflix and done made myself sick with pie and ice cream. Ugh. It’s only 9 and I’m ready to go to bed already. If I’m asleep I don’t hurt and don’t know I’m alone, seems like the best thing to do lol. 

Anyway I’m not gonna keep writing because I’m all sad and shit and I’ll just keep going with it. Have a great night everyone! 


Good Men 😍

This should be a shocker for you. Me writing something good about men instead of bashing them lol. All that bashing is purely from hurting so much. But I also still know there is some very good men out there, even ones that turn kinda bad are still good men. 

And what I mean by that is they have tried everything with their spouse they can to get the sexual & emotional needs that they have met. When their needs are not met some will go find it elsewhere. No it isn’t right at all BUT if their spouse truly loved them they wouldn’t be in need. 

Yes some men are just flat out whores and can’t get enough of every girl in town but I’m not gonna talk about them right now…that’s the ones I love to bash lol. 

But seriously though. If your man is asking you to do this or that, he’s needing something from you…you. You can’t just live with him and stop having sex with him. Men need lots of sex and if your not prepared for that you probably shouldn’t be in a relationship to start with. 

They always say women need lots of attention, kinda true but have you ever thought about your man? Guess what, so does he. All those little things women like,  men do to. Running your fingers through their hair making them sleepy. Massages. Foot rubs. Cuddled up to them & rubbing on their junk. Gifts….men like to be pampered too, doesn’t make them feminine at all. The men are always thought of as…they work, they fix things, you feed them, then bend over rushing them to get their nut so you can get them to go to bed. WRONG. 

Some men work very hard and very long hours. You think they want to be away from home all day? Nope. But a lot of women sit at home and let their men bust their ass for them and then they bitch because he wants a small piece of pussy from them before bed. And at some point some will start noticing other women. 

What about you being home all day even if you have small kids, why is there no supper for him? And no pussy? And no massage? Women wonder why they’re getting cheated on. I know some men cheat period, I’m one of those victims. No matter what you do, your not good enough to keep his dick usage only at home. They are no good. Until they are truly hurt by a woman they’re in love with they will never understand how much it hurts you. 

So have you thought about it? Whats your excuse? Too lazy? Too tired from chasing y’all’s kids all day? Tired from work? Well so is he. Men are the head of the household period, sorry to disappoint you women. I’m female and I believe that. I’ve worked and chased two little boys and had a meal cooked every single night, and fed every animal we had. It was my place. Not his. His place is well being the man of the house. He should be given that spot, you shouldn’t be ordering him around, it’s mutual. Just learn your place and let him have his place. You think I felt like giving oral after my busy days? Hell no, but I did. Why? Because it was my place. Yes I was took care of as well. You can’t ignore them. 

You want to hear ‘Your beautiful honey’? He wants and needs to hear how handsome he is and what a good man he is too. Ever think about that? Keep ignoring him and someone else will take your place where his needs are being neglected. She may take your whole spot if you ain’t careful. 

So what he wants something freaky you ain’t into. It won’t hurt you to compromise here and there will it? You expect him to not get laid for a week or two at a time don’t ya? You can compromise with him. Never give him ass?….give it up. Hardly ever suck his dick?….suck the skin off his dick. Never wanna be on top?….grind the fuck out of him….make him moan like hell. 

If you feel you shouldn’t have to cook or please him in anyway, you should leave him and let him find a good woman your robbing his time of. 

I know some of you men think I hate men, I don’t. I just have a problem with the cheating thing when I’m giving my all and I’m not enough. But, it’s the whores that’s doing it to me and I know that.

If you just really don’t want your good man….there’s women like me that will be glad and thankful to have them. Straighten that ass up or you will take a chance on losing him or him just simply getting some sweet pussy elsewhere because he can’t even remember what you feel like.🤔🤔. 

Gotta Love The Good Men!!!!!!!!! ❤️


My Lazy Day 𗀽

Thought I would write some since I’m doing absolutely nothing but laying here staring out the window lol. It’s really relaxing and peaceful though. Kinda hot but oh well, I got my fan blowing on me. 

I have so much racing through my mind it’s crazy. I don’t know how I’m gonna make it either and quite frankly I don’t give a damn today. I got up, took a bath and got fixed up for nothing other than to lay around. Story of my life ugh. Whatever I’ll just keep myself occupied I suppose-I’m getting used to it. 

Don’t ya kinda have this love/hate feeling when you catch somebody lying to you? Like your glad you found out but at the same time you’re extremely disappointed? Honestly for me it doesn’t surprise me anymore, I mostly look at it like ‘That all you got m’f ???’. That’s ok though, they can do what they do but will not do it to me again. I’ve reached an enormous level of Fuck It & Fuck You that you would not believe. Finding out things/lies/deception is bad enough but when they expect you to believe them it’s another. 

I’m still loving the private journal app I have. It feels so good to say things I can’t tell anyone at all. And to cuss out every mother fucker I want too!!! Ahhhhh so relieving!! It’s actually too relieving because certain people are becoming more clear to me by me venting which means they may lose their spot in my life. Yea my phones will have to be buried with me no doubt. I know too much and say too much and oh at the screenshots that are proof of lies. 

And those people have caused me to not want or care anymore. 

They don’t give a rats ass about my feelings. Why should I care about their needs? 

Enough of that junk for today. 

I love my new puppy, she’s so tiny and cute. She does have a big mouth though lol, done woke me up from my nap. But I’m so lonely I have to have animals at least around me. They force me to have to get up and take care of them which is good for me because I would lay here and die. Oh and I’m getting a bunny too, excited about that too! 

It’s funny how animals excite me more than humans. I can trust them. And they love me unconditionally. 

I really need…..ya know𗀄,I’m jk. I used to get banged like hell all the time. I don’t anymore. Guess others are better than me. I used to feel wanted and cared for but that’s all gone now. 

Yes it’s a poor little me day. It’s my day why not? LOL 

Y’all have great rest of the day. I’m gonna continue to be lazy. 


Different Outlook On People

Good Morning people! I’m hoping for a better day at work. Hell I’m hoping for a better job or the winning lottery numbers haha! Well y’all I woke up this morning with an attitude from hell. I even told myself off lol. I decided I don’t care who what or when try’s to get in my way of my happiness I will get rid of people and things. I’ve spent too many nights crying and worrying. I no longer give a DAMN if I’m being lied too, used like hell, talked about, made fun of, etc. They can do what they do but the thing is, is that I will win in the end. They will just go away. Life has a way of sorting shit out for you. I’m too busy and too mature to deal with other people’s bullshit. Ain’t not a damn one are paying any of my bills so the way I see it is they ain’t worth being on mind or keeping me awake at night. 

I get blindsided at times and all wrapped up in feelings but the truth is I’m too damn good for most. Not conceited…..Truth! I’m just as important as anyone else. And some are purposely making me feel like shit and make me think twice about myself. Fuck You! Screwing me over behind my back, lying like hell to me thinking I won’t find out. News flash…I’ve already found out shit on a couple of people that have no clue I know anything. But point is I don’t care anymore. Unless you make a special point to be in my life you probably won’t be much longer because I will not beg or plead for anyone to stay. But once I’m done, I’m fucking done.

Ok with all that said hahaha… yes I’m good this morning. A little moody but I’m making it. I’m just sick n tired of begging people to notice me and really tired of financial troubles. I’ve got to put my foot down and do something about it all. If your not making me happy, you’ll know because you’ll not hear from me anymore. 

Well I gotta get to work….ugh😩. Last day then I’m free for the weekend yay!! Have a great day everyone!

Love, Lori😝

Morning 😊

It’s early but I’m up lol. I went to sleep earlier than normal last night regardless of how I was feeling and all the junk on my mind. It took me from 7:30 -9:30 though before I fell asleep lol.  So much racing through my mind. Some people I know act like I don’t have no problems or that their problems are worse and it pisses me off. 

Let me tell ya if something don’t give or I don’t run into some big money quick I’m in serious damn trouble. It’s suffocating me. 

And I’ve had several people tell me to let these toxic assholes in my life just go….get em outta my life. They’re right I need to. All they do is lie and hurt me anyways. What good are they to have around. If I’m sad or mad more than happy, then they’re obviously not doing anything right or good for me. 

But it’s early and I don’t wanna think about all that right now really. I’m just gonna go with the day and try to ‘Not try so hard’ if you get it. Overthinking just gives me a headache anyway. 

Besides everything coming at me….I started a diary and I kinda like it because I can actually write down my true feelings about people and stuff and write their names down. Feels kinda good to basically dog them and cuss them out. If certain people get ahold of my phone they’re gonna be pissed haha. But I do like it. I can be my true self in that diary. I say all the things I can’t say on here. 

And I started an exercise challenge Monday and it goes til next Monday. Hoping for some good results. Only two days and I’m so sore all over I can’t hardly move lol. But I gotta do something for myself, money and men are driving me insane! If I could get richer and just drop the men I’d be a lot damn happier. I’m really only wanting one of them but it’s one sided I think. Oh well…what do I say? Lol…fuck it. I’ll be missed I promise you, from what I can tell I’m missed by the others. I guess people like to take me for granted until I walk the fuck off then they realize oh shit she’s gone. It ain’t real easy to find someone to take care of you, fuck the shit out of you, and remain faithful as well. I’m one of a kind and apparently there’s not too many like me. Go ahead let me go….I don’t go back, remember that. 

Hahaha wow I went right on with that…sorrrrry. 😁! I am gonna attempt to write another episode of Ms.Badass today. I don’t know if I’ll have time it really depends on how my job runs today but I’ll try. 

Well I gotta get out of the tub lol. I’m turning into a raisin. I hope everyone has a great day today! 

Love, Lori😎