Me and Him

I was enjoying my day off and doing some painting. I had paint all over me as usual lol. Wearing old clothes, hair tied up and all. I heard a knock at the door and I figured it was one of my neighbors. I made my way to the door and opened it and to my surprise it was a stranger, a very handsome stranger. 

I couldn’t speak and he was stuttering lol. He kinda laughed and said I damn near forgot what I was doing at your door. He said you are absolutely beautiful then asked me where a certain road was. Of course I didn’t know but asked him to come in…he didn’t hesitate lol. We googled it and found it. So he walked towards the door and I followed. Before he opened it he turned to me and said look I’ve never done anything like this before and just kinda stared at me. I asked what do you mean? He walked up to me and said..’this’..he put one hand on the back of my head and pulled me to his face then kissed the shit out of me. Omg. We kissed it seemed like forever. He guided me toward the couch and he laid down, I laughed and asked what are you doing? Lol. He reached for my hand and pulled me to him and guided me to lay down beside him. I was nervous, didn’t know him at all. All he did was hug me up and hold me while gently kissing me and kissing on my neck. And that lasted for awhile. 

I really didn’t want him to leave but he insisted but said he would come back by after he met up with someone about buying a boat or something. About an hour later he was back at my door….yay! 

We kissed more, lots more of course lol. We talked and laughed and ended up cooking up some food, made a damn mess I tell ya. He slowed danced with me to skid rows 18 & life song haha, it’s what was playing so we went with it. It was hot as fuck. Kissing down my neck to my chest. Hands everywhere😏. We made our way to my room. He laid me down on my bed and pulled up my shirt a tad bit and kissed my belly then back to kissing me. Clothes started coming off. I couldn’t hardly do anything to him because he couldn’t keep his mouth off of me….I didn’t mind. The things he did with that tongue was eyes rolling in the back of my head goodness. Yum yum!

He was beautiful to me. So damn handsome and in ALL areas. We had sex for hours until we were exhausted. We both were sleepy and he just cuddled me up and I fell asleep in his arms. I figured he’d be gone by morning and I’d never see him again. 

When I woke up he wasn’t next to me. ‘Figures’ is what I said out loud. Then I heard him say what baby girl and I could smell breakfast….😳😳😳😳. Wth? Am I fucking dreaming??? I lit a cigarette and went and peed catching a glimpse of him in nothing, just nakedness! Holy shit. I came out of the bathroom and went into the kitchen and he kissed my neck then took my cigarette and smoked it while stirring food hehehe. I just stood there staring at him, all of him. I couldn’t resist I had to touch that body. I was behind him reaching around ya know and he’s dancing to rap and backs that ass up all on me 😂😂. Loved it. He said ‘I couldn’t touch this’ looking down haha. 

So we eat all the crazy stuff he had cooked then take a bath together. Lots of fooling around and goofing off, so fun. My hair soaking wet and our bodies still damp we head right back into my bed and go at again, and then one more time after that! He held me and talked about himself for a bit. But he had to go to work, he was already kinda really late lol. He got dressed, kissed me, then told me he’d see me that night. After he left I laid on my bed in total just ahhhhhhh. He felt so amazing and was so awesome…..he did come back that night and fucked the shit outta me again and spent another night with me😍. 

This is what I want in real life! Yes it’s fiction. But I want someone who is like me, goofy like me and all. So….did it sound real? I’m curious lol. Comment and let me know. 

Love, Lori💋


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