What A Woman Needs In The Bedroom

Whether married or single every woman has needs. Needs that have to be met. Yes men have needs as well but women are more complicated than some men. Like me for example, I need to feel wanted….all the time. Even being single I still need to feel it. Most people do. 

Not all women are the same, some just like the normal simple sex and love and that’s ok. But women like me need a lot more! 

I’m going to speak the rest referring to ‘myself’ because well it’s all what I like and want and need deeply. And I know there’s a lot of women who can agree with me on most of it if not all. 

A major quality is trustworthiness. Whether it’s a one night stand or a partner. If I can’t trust you, you will not get all that I have to offer nor will you get me tied up. There needs to be passion, an insane fire burning between us. Wanting each other so badly. 

I need romance, I never get it so I desire it like hell. Is it that hard to buy a fake rose or light a candle or something? Give an actual massage, slow oily massage that’s sexy. 

Undress me slowly, unwrap me like a present. Press your body to mine. Make me feel wanted, show me and tell me you love my body. I want to feel protected and like I’m all yours if only temporarily. 

Let me get close to you, don’t keep me at your arms length….don’t fear being yourself with me. 

Be confident in everything you’re doing to me and with me. It is a major turn on.  

Kiss me and kiss me a lot, slow and wet with lots of tongue. And kiss me like you mean it and that you’re into me. 

Do foreplay with me, do it longer than 5 minutes to just quick fuck me. 

Use eye contact like hell, make me look at you! It’s intense and very passionate. It makes me feel wanted and cared for and not just a quick fuck, like your enjoying me more than you have anyone else. 

I like being submissive, I like being controlled. Pick me up, push me against a wall. I’ll melt in your hands. 

Kiss my lips and kiss me all the way down and eat me out. Kiss my inner thighs. Eat like it’s the best supper you’ve ever had. Don’t rush it. And don’t forget the pussy ain’t the only thing I want licked. Not all but some of us women do like our ass being ate out as well. 

Men please learn the g-spot, a-spot, u-spot and the deep spot. They are all very arousing to us. Not everyone has heard of them all. I do lots of reading so I learn a lot lol. 

Spank me, whisper my name and dirty shit in my ear. Restrain my wrists with your hands and don’t be a pussy. Moan with me. 

Play with my clit while your fucking me, it’s highly sensitive. Just please enjoy me, all of me. 

Don’t run off or go to sleep right away. Women need to be held and cuddled. It’s not crazy it’s an awesome feeling. It makes us feel highly incredible about ourselves because we feel like we have made you feel awesomely amazing. 

I like being fingered while being kissed. It just does something to me like crazy. 

Well y’all this was the best writing I could do without whining about my current sucking life. I was reading earlier about us women and I thought I’d write my likes because a lot of us women like the same things it’s just I’m not afraid to ask for it or do them. And since I write, I will write about it in detail lol. It’s what I love❤️. 

I did read something about men watching too much porn and it ruining their sex life because they start expecting women to act like those actors. May be true idk. I watch porn and it helps me to get better actually. I may not be able to do everything they do which is probably fake anyhow but I learn things and perform better. 

Well goodnight y’all. Have a good night and great day tomorrow! 



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