Hey I don’t have a story but I have those thoughts in my head lol…steamy ones! 

Sorry can’t help myself. When I’m alone and in the mood but nobody to satisfy me well, I start thinking things 😘. 

I do hope y’all had a great day today though!

Ok…..Morning Quicky 

She was in the shower & all lathered up with soap. She was rubbing her breasts & gently pinching her nipples. She put more soap on her fingers & rubbed it on her pussy so soft & gentle. Sliding her fingers up & down her pussy then slipping them inside of her….as she fingered herself faster & faster until almost climax, her boyfriend stepped in & grabbed her hand stopping her, leaving her shaking & wanting to cum so bad.

 She was so wet & her pussy was throbbing. Her boyfriend rinsed the soap off of her & got on his knees in front of her. Slowly licking her pussy lips then licking on & around her clit. As he started sucking on her clit she could barely stand. He cupped his mouth on her & moved all over her pussy sucking in wherever his mouth was like a vacuum cleaner. Putting his tongue inside her, tasting her juice, moving his tongue like a caterpillar in & out. She could no longer stand, she laid down on the tub floor & he just went with her never taking his mouth off of her. She was so delicious. 

The shower spraying on them, he pours soap all over her & rubs her all over making her so slippery. With her legs up he puts he dick inside of her soapy pussy…so wet & warm. As he enters her entirely he closes his eyes & lowers his head at how good she feels. Slowly stroking her pussy that is wrapped around his dick. He watches as he enters her pussy & pulls almost all the way back out then looks into her eyes & starts pounding her pussy. She is screaming with pleasure. 

He turns her over onto her knees & puts his dick inside her ass. Grabbing her hips as handles & pounds the fuck out of her ass, her nails were scratching the tub floor. They both climax to an extreme & then he cuddles her up & holds her, kissing her & tells her good morning baby, have a great day at work. Then leaves the shower after cleaning up & she just lays there caught up in the moment of all the pleasure she just received. 
💋Hope you enjoyed it! I did! 😜




2 thoughts on “💋💋💋

  1. I guarantee you did enjoy it. I did enjoy that am gonna have to try it. But my girlfriend doesn’t like anal and I do. Say i hurt her. I say she is butt hurt bless her. Lol

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