Drove A Rig Today

First time really driving a rig today and I absolutely loved it. I can’t wait til I’m licensed. I know me being a female it’s gonna be rough on me getting shit from men drivers but I ain’t afraid. I’m a bigger bitch who will probably out drive most. I can drive anything lol.

 Regardless I can’t wait. It is really the perfect job for me because I have no reason to sit here in this house alone and struggling like I do. I know I won’t be rich but the potential is great. I’ll get to travel around while getting paid for it. Plus it’ll keep me busy to where I can’t fool around with a relationship. Nobody wants me like that no how. 

I’m still hurting from the shit I got from guys yesterday. I feel so damn bad about myself even more now. And I don’t believe the good comments anymore. I see me in the mirror and I don’t like what I see, I don’t know what they see at all. How can they be so fucking mean like that to me though? Why? Hurt me…ignore me…why? 

Anyway back to the truck thing. It felt awesome driving something that big but I did kinda feel like an ant haha. I think my biggest fear is turning one over. Ugh scares me lol. But…all that power and hugeness 😜😜. I really do like it, I can’t wait til the day I hand over my house keys and get the hell out of here. 

Annnnd I’m going to my gf’s wedding later. I gotta do something with all this hair of mine lol. I’m so happy for her! ❀️ 

Well gotta go …..have a great day!



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