Middle Of The Night Tasting 

Grace was a beautiful little lady who just recently got a new boyfriend…Kyle. Kyle was a looker for sure and so far he treated Grace like a queen. They took turns spending the night at each other’s place. 

Not only was Kyle soooo good in bed, but Grace has learned he has this new thing he loves doing. But he only wants to do it while she’s asleep in the wee hours of the morning. He wants to wake her up by doing it. I guess it has become a fetish/fantasy for him maybe. The first time it happened was a few weeks back and Grace was woke up by intense pleasure. 

Kyle had went to the store before she came over for the night and he bought several different things like strawberry and chocolate syrup for ice creams and jars of different fruits like cherries, peaches, etc, and cool whip. But he put them up and didn’t say nothing. After Grace fell asleep Kyle stayed awake. At around 2 am Kyle went into the kitchen and grabbed the chocolate syrup and cool whip then got back into bed. 

Kyle slowly uncovered Grace who was already naked. He gently pulled on her side until she rolled over onto her back. He waited and made sure she stayed asleep. He threw the blanket off the bed and stood at the end of the bed leaned over her lower half of her body licking her pussy lips so gently. Her legs were closed so instead of opening them to wake her he just poured the chocolate syrup on her pussy with legs closed. He used his fingers to put the cool whip on right around her clit area. He sat the stuff aside and easily laid on her legs and began licking on her pussy again eating up the cool whip off of her. 

He ran his tongue all over her pussy and pushed his tongue in between her pussy lips licking up the chocolate that slipped its way in between her lips. She moved one leg a little bit and he gently pushed that leg to open her up a little more. After succeeding he pours more of the chocolate syrup and soaks her pussy. Kyle went right back to licking her pussy. He slipped his tongue in and out of her rather fast. Then started sucking on her pussy like it was a peach and sucked with quite a bit of pressure. This caused her to start waking up. 

Kyle never slacked off and Grace opened her eyes and realized she was getting some early morning loving but didn’t know she had chocolate all over her pussy. She grabbed the hair on his head and started grinding on his face while he sucked and licked harder. 

After she came he raised up his head and she seen the chocolate on his face and asked what is on you? He told her and she giggled but it kinda turned her on. Kyle dropped a few drops on each nipple and sucked on them until it was all gone. Grace was loving this shit. 

Kyle got on his knees on the bed and poured the chocolate on his dick and straddled Grace putting his dick in her mouth for her to suck on it. As she did Kyle was slowly stroking his dick in and out of her mouth while she did the tongue work licking his dick going out then inside her mouth over and over. He put his hands on her head and pulled her head towards him as he pushed his dick in her mouth. They were both so turned on by this new little additive it was crazy. After every playtime tasting they fucked so hard they’d pass out immediately after. 

Every few nights Grace was awoken by Kyle with something new being eaten off of her pussy. It wasn’t that he didn’t love her taste it was a fantasy he was living out with her. And Grace enjoyed it all with him. Whatever he licked off of her she got to lick off of him. 

Her favorite one was when he used cherries. He barely bit into one and rubbed the cherry all over her body with the juice from the cherry jar all over her and put it in her mouth while kissing her. It was highly erotic. 

Such a simple thing that sparked up a big thing with their already great sex life, just made it more amazing! 

Grace had to keep a stock pile of sheets lol, they could care less about ruining the sheets and possibly ruining the moment by laying out towels and shit. So hot, so erotic! So worth it! 



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