A Night Drive



Wendy & Chris have been friends through messaging only. One day Wendy asked him if he wanted to ride with her to a job interview that was a long drive away & the interview was late in the evening. Chris agreed. It was the first time meeting in person. Chris hopped in her truck & off they went talking about some of the things they’ve joked & laughed about before. Chris told Wendy that she was even more beautiful in person, she blushed. Wendy cranked up the stereo & they danced & jammed out flying down the interstate. She was his sexy self dancing in her front seat.


They arrived to the interview site & Wendy went inside & left Chris in the truck for forty minutes lol. She finally came out, hopped back in the truck & they were off again. Chris said well what do we do now? Wendy smiled & suggested to just keep driving around? Chris agreed with her. After a little while it started getting dark but they didn’t notice much because they were laughing & talking so much. They got along great & both were attracted to each other. Wendy turned onto a side road which lead to a lake. Chris moved over to hug her & thanked her for inviting him along. He kissed the side of her face while his hand was on her thigh. Wendy immediately became aroused. They were doing like thirty miles an hour now lol. He brushed back her hair & kissed her on the neck several times real slow with his hand sliding up just under her little skirt. Wendy let out a little hard breath & a light moan…he had her tore up! He whispered, do you like that & she nodded yes with a little mhmm moan. They glanced in each others eyes while he slid his hand under her panties. He put his hold hand on her pussy & gently grabbed at it & whispered damn! With his hand still cupping her pussy he slid his middle finger in between her lips, she was so wet & warm. He kept rubbing her pussy with that middle finger, twirling it around her clit which was throbbing. Wendy damn near ran off the road & Chris didn’t stop. He rubbed his fingers up & down her wet pussy & continued kissing on her neck. When they arrived at the lake, Wendy left the truck running & a sexy little rap song came on.

They both got out of the truck, Chris met her on the drivers side. Wendy was moving her hips all sexy like & Chris moved in to grind on her, dancing with her. He was so hard & she could feel him through his pants. Arms around each, doing some very sexy moving & grinding along with lots of kissing. There wasn’t no one around but them so Chris dropped to his knees. He raised up her skirt just enough. He kissed her pussy through her panties & poked his tongue in between her pussy lips. Wendy was soaking wet. He slid her panties down & with her legs closed he licked her pussy like ice cream & sucking her lips into his mouth, kissed her pussy like he was french kissing it. Kisses then a flick of the tongue hard on her clit. He started sucking hard on her clit until she was shaking with pleasure. Chris stood up, kissing her & slid two fingers inside & finger fucked her hard. She was so wet now you could hear her juices popping.

He raised up her shirt & bra, playing with her titties while sucking on them & then pulled her close to him. Wendy was kissing on his neck & rubbing her fingers through his hair. Chris was caressing & rubbing on her ass, then slid the tip of his middle finger inside her ass. She liked it!! He kept fingering her ass with one hand then reached down & started fingering her pussy with the other hand. Wendy couldn’t hardly stand without leaning on the door. Chris picked her up & sat her in the seat & guided her to lay back. He licked & sucked on her pussy, sliding his tongue inside of her as deep as he could. He pushed her legs up so he could lick her asshole as well. She was just so delicious, all of her he thought.

Wendy gets back out of the truck & unbuttons his pants & pulls his dick out. Omg she thought, he has such a nice dick. She started sucking on him & licking on him like crazy. She would suck as deep as she could go, then come back off him slow & tight. Chris had one hand on the truck & one on the door watching her & trying not to cum. He had never been sucked on that good like that before, he loved it. Wendy stood up, turned around & bent over for him. He walked up to her with his hard dick, he slid the tip of his dick inside her pussy & let a little moan because she felt so damn good. Then Wendy straightened up & turned around, pulled her clothes the rest of the way off & walked towards the lake. Chris just stood there watching her with his hard dick out of his pants. He took his clothes off as well & followed her.

Wendy sat down on the bank & put her legs in the water just below her knees. Chris stepped in the water in front of her & knelt down. He rubbed her thighs & fingered her pussy for a little while. His hands on her knees he spread her pretty legs wide open & had moved up closer to her, & slid his dick all the way inside of her pussy. Laying over her, kissing her while slowly fucking her. Water gently slapping. Stars in the sky for Wendy to gaze at while being pleasured be him.


A handful of her hair in his hand with a tight grip, he started fucking her harder. Wendy was moaning & grabbing his arms so tightly, closing her eyes with head tilted back being pounded hard by him. She cums so hard! Chris moved down to lick on her pussy a little more, then pounded her some more.

Wendy raised up & climbed on his lap pushing his butt to the ground. She was grinding on him slow then fast, over & over making herself cum so hard all over him. They kept rolling on top of each other taking turns & enjoying each other so much they couldn’t hardly stand it. In the doggy style position Chris could no longer hold back, she felt so good & that ass looked so delicious. He grabbed her hips & pounded her so hard until they both came together with screams & moans echoing on that dark lake. They laid beside each other staring at the stars & talking about just whatever.

They got dressed & got back in the truck. A few miles down the road they happened to look at each other & laughed. They couldn’t believe they fucked the first time they seen each other in person. They told each other how good the other one felt. Wendy told Chris to move over closer to her & to pull his dick out. He snickered but did what she said. Driving down the road she played with his dick & his balls while they talked & listened to music. He thought damn this feels so good, he turned toward her & slid his fingers in her pussy & finger fucked the shit out of her! She let off the gas & the truck was rolling to a stop as she neared cumming. The truck was over the line & in the middle of road when Wendy started cumming, he had her cumming so hard she squirted all over his hand. Chris was instantly hard again. She pulled over to the side of the road, threw the truck in park & straddle him right there on the shoulder of the road. Wendy fucked the shit out of him as hard as she could. Chris was moaning this time. He got up & pushed her upper body over the seat, fucked her pussy hard then slow…..then slowly slid his dick in her ass. She didn’t seem to mind at all so he pounded her ass until he exploded inside of her!!!

They both fell into the front seat exhausted as hell! Put whatever clothes were moved back into place & cuddle up. They fell asleep together right there on the side of a road lol. Traffic flying by the next morning woke them up. They sat straight up looking around because it was daylight & laughed. They took off toward home yawning & smiling at each other. To say the least they kept seeing each other….a lot!

The End



House Inspector (naughty)

Mature only-18+only!!! Under 18 is not allowed!

Paula was laying in the couch watching a movie when there was a knock at her door. She wasn’t expecting anyone so she wondered who it could be. She opened the door and to her surprise stood a very good looking man. She asked if she could help him. He said he needed to inspect the house inside and out for the homeowners since she rented the place. He said he’d inspect the outside first then would need to inspect the inside right quick. She said ok with a nervous crack in her voice.

Paula hadn’t been with a man in so long she almost forgot what it was like. She thought to herself why am I thinking of sex with him and laughed to herself. She waited and finally he knocked again. She opened the door and turned to walk back to the couch and told him make himself at home. The inspector..’Todd’, said ok thanks as he watched her walk staring hard at her ass. Paula had no idea but if she did she would’ve attacked him right there.

Todd got done with the rest of the house and had the living room to go and he’d be done. Paula sat up and apologized for being all lazy like. He chuckled and said don’t mind me, you look real good laying there all comfy. Paula smiled, then realized he just said she looked good….omg she thought! She couldn’t speak another word, she just sat there staring at him. He kept glancing at her and caught her several times lol. He sat down beside her on the couch and asked if she minded, of course she said no lol. He was flipping through paperwork and he asked her if she was single. Paula could feel her heartbeat pounding her body. She said yes I am single unfortunately. Todd looked at her and smiled and said well it’s not unfortunate for me. Paula about fell off her couch.

He asked questions and she answered some. He started to leave saying well I guess I will get out of your house before you kick me out. Paula blurted out, you could stay all day and I wouldn’t mind. Todd sat his stuff down and walked back over and sat down really close to her. He asked her are you sure because I really want to stay? She was shaking because his leg was touching her leg, she finally said yes.

He turned a little toward her and stared into her eyes….she was falling apart. He told her all the beautiful nothings every girl wants to hear. Then leaned in to kiss her, she kissed back. They kissed slow and passionately then kissed a little deeper. Paula pulled back and said I’m sorry I don’t even know you. Todd caressed her face and said you do now. He touched her thigh and Paula freaked on the inside because her pussy immediately got soaking wet. She couldn’t stop it. She couldn’t stop what they started, there was no way.

Paula had on just a tank top and loose shorts, no panties, no bra. Todd got in the floor in front of her. He could tell she was nervous and softly told her to relax. She laid back on the couch and Todd grabbed her legs and pulled her toward him. He kissed her thighs all over. He kissed her pussy through her shorts several times. Paula was watching him and she was speechless. He gently slid her shorts aside, smiled and said mmmm no panties. Paula smiled back. He kissed her pussy all over gently. Licked her pussy lips then flickered his tongue on her clit ever so lightly. Paula thought she was gonna die from the pleasure.

Todd slowly ran his tongue in between her lips and slowly come to sucking on her pussy, sucking her clit harder. He slipped his tongue inside her very wet pussy, licking it all up. He went on for about an hour it felt like to Paula but it was fine by her. He slowly made his way up kissing her stomach then sucking each breast so softly, it was making her nuts it felt so good. Kissing her neck, nibbling her ears then kissing her mouth again. Paula was touching his chest and rubbing his thighs. Todd stood up and took off everything but his boxers and Paula could see the man was damn packing! She was actually a little afraid lol but wanted it to hurt so good. He pulled her to set up on the edge of the couch. He pulled his boxers down and his huge dick so hard was there in her face. Paula told him he was gorgeous as she wrapped her hand around his dick.

Paula slowly began sucking on him up to a faster point where he had his hands on the back of her head, carefully but stroking in and out of her mouth. They were both very in tune with one another. What Paula didn’t know was that Todd hadn’t been with anyone in awhile either after his last breakup. He was nervous too but she never seen it.

Todd stood Paula up in front of him and was sliding his dick on her wet pussy while wildly kissing her. Todd laid her down on the couch and jumped right on top of her saying I want to feel you as he was putting the tip inside of her. She was wet and warm and snug. Todd almost lost his senses at that point because she felt so good. He pounded her for awhile before sitting back and letting her ride him and damn could she ride he thought. She grinds better than he’s ever had a woman to do before. He couldn’t get enough of her. Paula climbed up and put her pussy in his face while grabbing his hair and started grinding on his face. Todd loved it and thought where the hell has this been all my life?

They moved into her bedroom. Todd had her legs pinned up high and pounded her until she squirted her juices all over his dick, then he released and cummed with her! He fell on the bed beside her, cleaned up and they both passed out. They woke up about an hour later laughing and cuddling up to each other. Todd was fingering her while she was kissing on his neck making her wet again. She grabbed his dick and started stroking him until he was rock hard. They 69 for a little bit before Paula was being pounded doggy style. The second time was a quickie and then they were starved after all that hard work from fucking each other. Plus Paula could barely walk……

They ended up becoming a couple and the sex only got wilder from that point!!!


Good Afternoon!

I have to say that I’m very upset at some people today. People just ain’t what they used to be when I was younger. Nowadays no one seems to have a heart. It’s rare anymore to come across someone that does & more than likely they’re from my era. Not saying there ain’t good people from anytime, it’s just rare.

I swear I can skip on a bill, a bill okay & I can’t stop thinking about it, let along screw someone over or leave someone hanging that’s in need. I just don’t get it. It kills me to drive past someone broke down but because of how people are you can’t just trust they’re not going to attack your ass. It’s crazy. I just say a prayer as I drive by, on that I don’t know what else to do?

Anyway, how do people sleep at night knowing they boldly & cold heartedly screwed someone over or turned their head on someone in need? How????

I normally don’t have much but I’ll help when & with what I can. If I was rich I wouldn’t be rich long because I’d be giving it to everyone lol…..’Oh, you need groceries?….a bill paid?….a house?…Okay’. That’d be me lol.

Seriously though how do they live with themselves? Does something snap inside them & they just become heartless or are they born like that? I’ve tried my best to be heartless but it’s not in me & believe me there’s some that deserve nothing but for me to a cold hearted bitch to them! Oh I how I could fuck them over but I can’t. Can’t do it. So how can they? Huh?

Well as for me & my 3 kids & grandson (yes I’m claiming my daughter n law as mine) I’ll have our backs regardless to the best of my ability.

Yes I’m still working hard towards my blog being my main career because all I want to do is write & write about anything lol. I love it. I’ve wrote stuff all my life. I have notebooks everywhere where I’ve wrote this n that’s. I know it’s hard being a writer, I’ve been patient & will continue until it takes off. Meanwhile I’m not slowing down period. I have children’s book wrote already & I’m working on another one about a couple of teenagers which I put part of that book in one of my posts, not sure which one though.

Well have a great day, had to write before I exploded lol.


Sex Talk Round 5


Hello people! How are you doing? I was trying to figure out what to write about for another sex talk round & the other day I seen an ad. An ad that had my attention lol.

The cost is too much for me but if I could I think I’d buy one….a real life male sex doll. I’m alone so why not? What’s sad is that the first thought that come to me was I could cuddle up to it at night, not have sex with it lol.

Although yes I would definitely fuck the shit out of it too though haha! At first I thought it might be weird because it don’t move so it would be like a dead person lol. I’m guessing that’s where you have to put your imagination to work & give him a name & smack his ass!

I haven’t read all the details but what if he has a tongue? That thing would never get tired hehe. Ladies could you imagine doing whatever you wanted to do for as long as you wanted to & he’ll never get tired or complain? Haha!!

I could ride it any which way I wanted. Slow, fast, just the tip or just take it all.

I’m not talking about the cheap plastic pieces of crap, I’m talking about the real expensive ones. They feel real & have a happy trail lol. You can make them hold their dick (pretending of course lol) like he’s putting it inside of you. Or put his hands anywhere on your body like your hips when you’re grinding him…omg lol.

I’d name my Paul Walker…just saying.

I’d put Paul in the tub with me. Soap up his dick & splash water all over the place. I could sit him on the couch & lay my head in his lap while I watch tv, I would say I’d suck on him but I don’t think he’ll notice lol. But I could adjust his fingers to be inside of me, hmmm? Right? Heehee. My own little fake boyfriend.

Or put Paul in my truck on the passenger side. Drive to a semi secluded place where there might be someone to catch me. Could you imagine if a cop caught me? Hahaha! I bet I wouldn’t get a ticket or a night in jail lol. He would think I was crazy & let me go or want to watch since the guy ain’t real, or what about if he tags me from behind while I’m fucking the doll? That’d be hot! Just kidding.

Ok so is this WHERE the makers want my imagination to go? Because I got a lot more! No I’m not sick in the head just horny a lot hehe. I bet I’d be a good saleswoman for those companies! I’d make every woman out there have to have one, ya know keep him in your closet for when your man works too late & you need laid?! Hell you could just fuck him right there in the closet. Put his ass in a chair & climb on board. Yep, done went & made myself horny now. I can’t write anything sexual without getting tore up, I really can’t.

I love sex toys & I do believe one of those dolls would be my favorite hands down.

Now they have female versions as well guys. A fake female wouldn’t be no good to me, she’s gotta be alive lol. Anyway. Men, the doll don’t bitch…ding ding ding…a winner huh? Lol! She doesn’t get loose, & she will always let you have that ass!

If your significant other won’t allow one at home & you want it but don’t want to cheat, put one in your office. A piece of pussy or a blowjob at lunch & you ain’t cheating for real might feel pretty damn good! Now if she has a tongue you could even make her lick your ass too….hmmm? I know a lot of men say they like that too.

Hey what if you & your partner both had a doll. And you were side by side in the bed fucking your own dolls? It’d be like swinging except the swinging part haha. But think about it. Wouldn’t it be hot to watch your partner do the things they enjoy? Think of what you’d learn about them? I’d say the dolls wouldn’t get cummed on, I’d say the couple would be tore all to hell & fuck the shit out of each other. Just saying!

Until next time, bye!


The First Time Story (intense sex)

Updated: This is nothing more than a joke. I was & am a joke. It was only real to me. I’ve recently realized I’ve been took for a fool. Only I felt things. Only I enjoyed him. Only I couldn’t get enough. Only me. I’ve been left with a fire burning that I can’t put out. I’m so tired of being hurt over & over & being blamed for it. I can’t function right now. I got attached & shouldn’t have but my heart is a fool. I’m a fool. I’m such a damn stupid fool. I’m an idiot for thinking someone gave two fucks about me. Come to find out, no one does. Not him. Not them, no one.

I can’t comprehend any of this. I can’t understand how people have no feelings or concern for how they make others feel. They fuck up & just ignore you & let you go. Not adult enough to admit fault but no problem laying all the blame on you & make you appear childish & insecure. 

I’ve never in my life had feelings like this for a man & its the wrong man. A man I can’t have. A man who doesn’t want me, who I’m not enough for anymore. I was warned at the beginning about him & I should have listened because now I’m a complete disaster. I’m so confused. I feel sooooo ugly, so disgusting, & unwanted. Its only one sided, its just me that’s hurting. I’ve cried for days now & can’t get rid of this gnawing pain in my stomach & chest. It hurts so bad. I’ve never experienced these feelings before & I don’t know what to do to get rid of them. How do you unattach? How do you unlove? How do you forget everything that was everything to you for so long? Everything I’m my life is falling apart at the same time. I don’t think I can handle it. I really don’t think I’m going to survive this. How can anyone allow someone else to be alone & hurt like this knowing they’re the contributor? How the hell can they fall asleep peacefully knowing someone is dying with pain because of them? I can’t go on I don’t know how……..the pain is excruciating. But yet I still want everything below in that post.

Original Post:

The first time you messaged me, I couldn’t stop smiling.

The first time I met you, I got lost in your eyes.

The first time I touched you, I wanted to touch you again.

The first time you kissed me, my senses lost their mind.

The first time I was up against you with your arms wrapped around me, I knew I wanted to be there again. Especially on our knees on the bed, you behind me wrapped around me.

The first time my hand caressed the side of your face, it became my favorite place to touch you.

The first time you touched my body, I forgot everything going on around me.

The first time our naked bodies were one, I…I…I couldn’t breathe.

The first time you were inside of me, I felt such passion that it overwhelmed me.

The first time you left my side, I was scared I’d never see you again. I had to have more & more.

The uncontrollable shaking & trembling followed by orgasms that damn near cause me to pass out. (That’s a fucking orgasm right there!)

Domination so pleasurable I forget the world even exists at that moment. Being submissive is a gift to you & you only. It is highly erotic for me as I sense it is for you as well. How I wish I could return the favor to dominate. Things I wanna do to you but can’t find the nerve to do or even to discuss about it. Nothing scares me except that, why I wonder?

I may not return the same excitement for you but just know I tried too.

Passion so great like I’ve never felt in my life. Mesmerizing intense feelings.

What am I to do with me though? When you’re not around? I fear it is ending.

Every thought, every feeling, every moment is still as strong as the first time.

Have any of you ever met someone that just absolutely blew your mind? Body? How do you contain it? To me it’s like over blowing up a ballon with helium & it’s only allowed to bounce off the ceiling inside, it can’t fly high in the sky & soar & eventually explode. I can’t even really explain it. I feel like a little kid who got a big ole lollipop for the first time, just ooohing & ahhhing over it wanting to show & tell…….Looky what I got!! Haha. I’m serious though. It’s freaking amazing!

It’s bitter sweet. It’s erotic. It’s passion. Sex without passion isn’t worth having, it’s a waste of time. You can tell the difference between passion & simply just attracted. Attraction ends up not being that great but doable. Passion ends up making you want more & more like an addiction. ( I am addddddicted).

Sweating, hair all fucked up, room smells of sex, squeezing, moaning. Devilish looks in your eyes towards each other. Licking, sucking, nibbling. Kissing, tasting, touching, stroking, pounding until you both pass out wondering if it’s a heart attack.

Paddled like a corrupt school girl who’s been really bad. Ass cheeks stinging but it’s an intense stinging that causes wetness. I do enjoy it.

Oral for more than 10 mins….I think hell yes! You do it as if I’m a delicious peach. Exploding on your face would be the next nicest thing…you know, be my first.

I had to write it all out like this because there’s not one word to just sum it all up. A bit long & a tad detailed. But it’s all true.

Who wouldn’t want all that? All the time? Every time? I sure as hell do!



Good afternoon. I have no title for this post, I really don’t lol.

Man I just got to say that I’m loving my new ‘work’ schedule lol. No morning alarms is absolutely awesome! And it’s very freeing. But I still have to work though haha.

You know that last post I did where I said what I needed to say from my heart & got all that off my chest? Well, I set it to private. I panicked because I thought that ‘someone’ might see it & read it. I refuse to throw myself out there & look like a fool…on purpose anyways lol. I know I should leave it public but I’m not quite ready for that but I’m not deleting it. That way when I am I can repost it later.

I posted a meme on Facebook that said ‘I want to be someone’s favorite’, that kinda hit me funny. I thought about it & how good it would feel to be someone’s favorite little thing ya know. Just that can’t get enough of me kinda feeling but I don’t get that from anyone. Sucks. I can offer it but it isn’t wanted by the one I want to give it to so oh well, plus one sided ain’t fun no way.

I’m not around people as much anymore as I was so I’ve been cleaning my house lol. Yes I’m kinda bored but I’ll adapt to it, I just don’t wanna swell back up & get fat again….back to the gym!!

I basically have went off the grid by working at home. It’s what I wanted to do & I like it so far. But being off grid is doing me good. I’m not around (& now that I can’t get fired for speaking it) those two faced bitches I worked with! Omg I hate plant jobs, nothing but drama everyday! It’s worse than high school. So many fake ass people & whores…lots of those! I lost a friend there because I guess she was jealous & thought I would sleep with her men or something. Made up shit I was spreading rumors about her & telling everyone I was jealous of her…hahahahaha! Now that’s funny! Sorry not jealous of nobody, never have been. Most people suck & at that she has a miserable life, why would I want it? LOL! Okay I’ll shut up now & behave I guess. Ohhhh & not to mention, it was a sorry ass company to work for too!

Everything I’ve been through & all the assholes I’ve dealt with have changed me. I used to be somewhat of a bitch before, I’m female-duh lol. But now I don’t take nor believe anybody’s shit. I have no tolerance whatsoever. I say what I want to say & to whom I want to say it to, I don’t give a damn anymore. I’ve been treated like shit by most of everyone so now I just say fuck it. Fuck me over=goodbye, can’t do me right=goodbye. Ain’t no sense in putting up with anything simply because I don’t have to….

Yesterday my heart was heavy but I sat outside on the tailgate of my truck for awhile just thinking. I kept tearing up but refused to allow myself to cry. I actually stared into the trees watching squirrels & listened to the birds. The little things. I deal with that feeling of not being wanted & it sucks. Not feeling good enough, ever. I have a shit ton to offer but yet I feel so small, & no one wants it anyway.

I definitely have time to think that’s for sure. It’s actually helping, I’m realizing who I am & what I want. The part that hurts is knowing what isn’t good for me anymore & changing it. Blah lol.

Have a great day!



I have experienced a few battles in the last couple of years up to now that I’ve set myself free from. It truly is a powerful feeling to be free from junk. Let me tell ya though, on each battle I was absolutely terrified of the change. Scared of the steps I had to take to free myself. To me I’m getting closer to where I want to be, might be scary but if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be real or mean anything right?

I started this post yesterday but I got such a bad headache I couldn’t hardly look at the screen.

I’ve always liked the little things in life & paying attention to them seems relaxing. I do have big dreams but who doesn’t? Yes I’m still working towards them not just dreaming & talking about them.

Doing my thing is so freeing I just can’t express how great it feels. I’ve already had several people looking at me like I’ve lost my mind hahahaha…..I assure you I have not lol. I know what I’m doing & I trust myself, I may not trust another soul out there but I trust myself.

Annnd I have to mention something, something that’s caught my eye on facebook. I noticed there is a lot of women posting posts & memes about how lonely & heartbroken they are. I’m in the same boat but I’ve come to realize that I’m damn worth it & if they can’t realize that before they lose me well…fk em! They’ll notice my ass walking away, I don’t care anymore. And I wish these other women realized that as well. The whole everybody hiding their relationship status so they can hook up with as many as they can get is destroying people that are falling for them & obviously they don’t care. I said that because I seen a friend on my list post about how he got unfriended because he commented a holiday wish to her & her husband….she deleted the comment & him, she didn’t want the other guys knowing she’s married. And this kinda thing is breaking these women’s hearts that are falling for what they think is a good guy when in fact even if he’s single he probably has a dozen women on the side to play game on. (Women are just as guilty of the game by the way).

Sorry I might have went a little far on that subject haha. It’s just that, that’s how it is today. Everyone is sleeping with everyone & I’m over here like hmmm not me, I must be the only one that doesn’t hook up with just whatever will have me. Lol. I just think I’m more than that, more important than just a number or a notch in someone’s belt, just saying.

But anyway I’ll quit bitching lol. I’m not upset just writing about what I saw & it makes you think that the world is really crazy.

I do want to say that I’m learning to love myself more & more everyday. I realized that when I decided to put my foot down & started changing my life & to no longer tolerate bullshit from jobs, things, or people. It…is…freeing! Love it!

Well have a great day people!!!!